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Can't tell if the economic outlook across the globe has gotten extremely grim over the last year or if I am just insanely depressed and becoming more of a schizo from long bouts of isolation

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Both things are 100% true.

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They're not mutually exclusive

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same here

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they're just flattening the curve

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Nah, it's rather grim.

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the normies are getting more comfortable around schizos. they recognize that i've called several of the last big happenings

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Yea it's affecting my trading decision making. Negativity I will add

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based schizo

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This Covid and Epstein woke a lot of people up. Before I had to hide to my views now people consider them like any other

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It is grim. Tbh I expect this shit to go on for a few years until they “break the back of inflation”. After that we could be in for another decade long golden bull.

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Their not mutually exclusive.

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There used to be newspapers and reputable television programs to help you with this. Ecelebs aren't much help nut I do enjoy the informative Blockworks Macro.