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Will it moon when the recession hits?

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No safe haven run?

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in a recession where do people get money from to buy gold? same with bitcoin... they have both been going down on fears of a recession for months

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people are forced to sell assets like gold, btc, property, etc.. in recessions

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When the pivot happens gold and silver will rise though, as predictable as the tide.

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If hyperinflation occurs because of a recession then yes.

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america will collapse long before muh pivot reddit bot

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you do know that gold is being dug out of the dirt every year? it will never moon you dumbfuck.
if prices goes up, the industry will intensify effort to dig more gold out of the mines.
nearly all gold that is above ground is still there, its not destroyed or chemically changed into a form that is unuseable anymore.
goldbugs truly are the most retarded gorillas out there.

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This thread is now my property. I will take it with me in my grave when I die.

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no, it will be declared a “strategic resource” and seized

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Do your worst, i am ready.

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Sorry but you are simply a retard who is not important.

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As if I didn't knew before. But it takes one to know one.

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there are private companies that specifically purchase decommissioned gold mines with the intention of using new technology to extract additional gold from them as soon as it becomes economically feasible:


Gold is like oil or any other resource. Gains holding them are subject to elastic supply. If you look at shale oil the last decade, overcorrection in supply can cause glut and commodities markets to crash.

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Will be worthless, so worthless they are developing new tech just to extract it!

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did either of us say "worthless" you imbecile? OP asked if it will ever "moon" and we say no. But go ahead and shove gold bars up your ass if it brings you joy.

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The tranny fatty fappy rabbi crappy jabby groomy farty glowy banny niggy faggy trappy lefty shitty janny on biz must go

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Gold to silver ratio is ~79, buy silver instead.

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Rocks not needed. Diamonds are a much harder and shinier metal anyway and you can grow those in a lab. Ur shits an outdated dinosaur

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Gold is a metal, diamond is a gemstone, neither are rocks.

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Consider there are quadrillions in derivatives and trillions upon trillions of dollars that only exist in the realm of speculation.

When the dollar dies literally every commodity is going on a moon mission because they aren't smoke and mirrors bullshit.

The issue becomes how does one buy them or sell them without a medium of exchange. PMs are that medium in the event of a currency collapse so that commodities can still be traded and everything else is built around that. PMs will be valued at whatever is required for facilitate trade of literally every asset considering that trading is limited by the value of PMs.

Again it requires the dollar to die first.

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We're already 2 years into a recession and it's still the same price it was 20 years ago

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ok bud

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Nah, at least not in terms of real value. Maybe it will in terms of some hyperinflationary fiat, but if you're measuring it with a stable metric, gold never "moons." Its always worth about the same. The point of gold is that it never crashes. So, when everything else is crashing, it typically does become more valuable.

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The gold cartel won't let it happen.

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Backed up the truck in 2003 - 2004 and still waiting for it to moon.
Markets rigged. WW3 lite in Ukraine and worldwide inflation, but Gold & silver hasn't budged.

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How valuable it becomes is mostly tied to how far away actual value has gotten from labor and debt.

>Build a million houses
>Fund them by printing money that is just debt that is to be passed on to future generations that can never pay it back
>People stop accepting debt for their labor or their possessions
>However much gold is on the market has to be able to cover the trading of those million houses in addition to whatever else has to be traded
>The debt medium is now gone and the only things people have of value are physical goods and their services
>Whose combined value must essentially be equal to the value of PMs on the market in order for trade to happen

It says more about how far away we have gotten from actual labor value and the value of goods that gold and commodities in general will be so valuable.

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gold is not the same thing as oil. it has a different kind and level of demand.

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I do refresh the website of a local gold mint in my large town and i do that since basically a year.

So a few pro tips i noticed during the day to day observations and relevant daily news.

the last ATH was basically when the war started in UKR on 24 Feb this year.
i was too novice back then to get the idea of what to do, but i shouldve sold the gold bars i bought last year the exact day it went ATH for a nice profit - i am definitely doing that the next ATH run so im hoping for some small nuke somewhere or something similar - if it hits similar levels of 24-25 Feb of gold price then im all out from my bars 100%.

next thing is that basically recently the gold just goes sideways so wait for the very dip based on last 6-9 months of charts buy the bars and wait for next year - it will be worth.

so also the very interestning thing i saw the last few recent weeks. is that gold bars of 10, 20, 50 grams 24K are all sold out - its crazy ive never seen it before happening, all the normies are gold rushing like never before, that didnt even happen during the 24 Feb thing, so the street is already full of bars and interestingly enough the news outlets are very quiet about that as compared to all other bull runs or bear falls, really makes me wonder of whats going to happen.

also from the US political POV they have to start up the printer next year and kick the can down the road for the next faggot to pick up, which translates to inflation in next year. the alternative would be to Tighten the printer next year but that would cause the inevitable recession and they cant have that happend due to elections in 2024. so their only choice is to kick the can down the road and look for a solution after 2024 thats the only logical way from a politics perspective

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No. Thanks to the miracle of paper gold you can now print gold just like ass wipe grade modern currency. This way your worthless dollars are never exposed as worthless in relation to something physical and real because now even physical and real things can be faked. Thanks Jews.

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Theyre both minerals retard. Theyre geological minerals. Diamonds are the hardest mineral in the universe

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In the 70s you could get gold for 32 an oz

In 90s you could get gold for 250 an oz.

Today you get gold for 2000 an oz.

If those trends hold then by 2040 gold wil be 25,000 an oz.

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Opposite - deflation will happen -

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Inflation adjusted he’s right

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>Gold is like oil or any other resource.

Except you can make oil from organic matter with algae. Short of pelting mercury with nuetrons you cant make gold.

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Gold is more reliant on percieved strength in the monetary system than recessions.

Given people are crying and the feds fund rate hasnt even gotten back to what it was in the 90s the Feds will slash the rate soon. Given that the rising fed funds rate hasnt really tamped down the gild price it signals alot of strength for gold

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Inflation adjusted, gold peaked in 1981 and prices aren’t even close to reaching that - 40 years later….


Sure, have a few ounces (2-3% of portfolios max) but that’s it

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>Short of pelting mercury with nuetrons you cant make gold
based alchemy chad

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This. It's very stable and grows over time. I am super heavy into metals and crypto. My crypto has done SUUPER well and SUUUUPER shit.

I got into metals about 4-6 years ago and it's way up and not moving much. Silver will hit 100-250 and gold will hit 5-10k.