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I want to get into NFTs, but it seems riskier to buy an NFT hoping to sell for a profit than if I just buy alts. So how do people profit from this?

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is he okay?

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kek, what is happening here? anyway, really not into shilling my bags, but i'm passionate about the future of nfts, so here's a gift: check out assetmantle.one. listed on mexc as mntl. they're already working with big names like w3c, polygon, axelar, gitcoin, etc.

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Yeah, the snakes turned into monster girls and he sired many cute lamia-babies.

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the NFT market is dead

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>250k reddit NFTs minted in one day on Polygon
lol ok

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it IS riskier. just dont right now IMO unless you can find an edge. really to make money you have to mint something good or buy something good before it pumps just like alts but there are way more pitfalls with NFTs if you dont know what youre doing

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if youre interested in art at all and want to collect nfts and possibly make money join the art blocks discord and just watch the block talk channel a lot for a few weeks.

art blocks is a shining star in a sea of shit, and while many of its collections are stagnant or low volume, there are trends and opportunities that arise as time goes on and tastes shift and develop. That is as good of a place as any to start watching, thinking of trade ideas, and then seeing how it would have gone in a few days (but not actually doing the trade). If you get to a point where you feel comfortable predicting which art blocks collections will run next, then you can start trading.

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the money is in selling it to b2c
i run an nft agency at engag3

if i spend 10k on ads on twitter/tiktok, i can usually make 100-200k in profit in 1-2 months

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kill yourself samefag jeet


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Only one NFT was named in coindesk's 50 most influential of 2022

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Why did Vitalik do it bros? Proof of snake?

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Some projects give out free Nfts for using their token, for being early or winning a giveaway.

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based choice. biz is sleeping on this one, as usual.

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exactly. they chase scams like icp and hex instead. most of them are betas, and it's obvious.

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now show the chart of the value of each of those NFTs vs. time