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Coins under 5c only

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7'777'777 tokens
No decimals
All keys burned

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The tranny fatty fappy rabbi crappy jabby groomy farty glowy banny niggy faggy trappy lefty shitty janny on biz must go

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>10c already
I want early coins

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Unironically DOGE

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fap id

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That's a woman

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trannies look like THAT?

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I hope OP is trolling for all our sake

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just name the coins

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PokeDX (PDX)

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>>52747408 kek
>>52747466 kekd n checkd

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Changpmp Zhao

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Incase anyone shills it you must to know that kleros is indeed a scam and do not buy the coin. Do not research it is SCAMCOIN sir do not. All kleros shills are false plz not buy the coin. If you have you Must Sell at nearest uniswap.

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basically pic related, enjoy

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not my proudest fap

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sir, do NOT dereem your PNK (ticket: KLEROS) token sier

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Encouraging innovation in DeFi and Web3


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that cactussy

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do you think it feels like a pussy too?

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Rose will be the next LINK, just under 5 cents too

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price predcition

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realistic price rpediction on ROSE

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No doubt

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Probably feels even better

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Cypherium. They just met with the Boston Fed today

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Lol @ Mr. Glass half full

But seriously can you fuck a defanged snake like a flesh light or what?

I need to know.

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jeets flushed out, get in now

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Ironfish mainnet it's not even out yet

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Snake mouth looks like a vagina.

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>actual utility with a trading game
>run by a real company
>stealth launched and under $100k mc right now
you dont know how early you are

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Chain (Ticker: XCN) worth $0.03862 rn no cap

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Based. Privacy projects will become really relevant among crypto users

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Rbc of course.

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Anyone who buys coins is unironically retarded and will stay poor for life.

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Asset and identity management projects

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what happened to GRT?

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Fuck that. Get into stablecoins. Ones like USDC and BUSD staked on platforms like SpoolFi or Binance

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For security reasons yeah. But at the moment, There's excitement from the payment platform. Elon even talked about crypto payment. We need action from them, and when they do, we'll be able to fly. The patient is essential if you want to build wealth

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>coins under 5c only
Fucking retard nigger
Kys amerimutt

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based filmer, whores go flaunt then get mad because they think they can pick who's attention they get lmao

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I don't stake in CEX anymore. Tokens I stake now I do that directly via Xpress noncustodial wallet. I had to move my tokens there and can stake from the app. Better safe than sorry

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Token actually not needed.

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nobody will ever use this useless shitcoin. There's a reason it is shilled inorganically in every thread.

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betrayed even harder than linkies

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BMEX. all other answers are retarded.

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Growing exponentially. I buy $2500 dollars worth each and every month without fail.
I'm all in and gonna make it!

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Hello sir am from shilling contracts department;
the pnk coin is very much needed because if there was no token then the court could be 51% attacked using ETH where Eth remains unaffected so the attacker will win and loose nothing. This is why the PNK token is needful the attacker would first need to buy lots and lots of PNK and then their purchase will go to zero once they 51% attack making it very expensive. It is easier to hardfork a token then it is to hardfork a entire protocol or in kleros' case, and entire ecosystem of dapps all made by the same devs and yes for only 12million American dolar marketcapital.

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Do not buy the coin sirs

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Sir kleros is most fudded coin in all of biz occasionally even surpassing chainlinks, there are threads posting proof of sandwich liquidity attacks, fud contracts, price supressings (just like chainlink) but they are quickly removed. Even the pnk whales all vote against kleros during exchange listing competitions just to keep normies away so they can accumulate. Kleros used to have a competitor but it was mysteriously nuked and shutdown. There are paid contractors to larp as indians and trains to gatekeep normies and low IQ from aquiring this token. Bottomline is they don't want you to own this. Why? Kleros completes smart contracts and expands what is possible by 1000000 times. Right now smart contracts are very simple; mint tokens transfer data in the ledger most of this is secured by code and math. Then comes chainlink which connects real world data into smart contracts and allows for even MORE complex contracts where weather, supply chain tracking, bank payment confirmation CAN act as TRIGGERS IN A SMART CONTRACT. And now comes kleros this protocol completes Ethereum. There's no math equation to measure the degree and quality of a art commission or contracted work or the satisfaction of a product. Kleros let's you dispute input data in a contract, where a random jury audits the data and makes a decision siding with either parties in the contract. When inserted into a smart contract Kleros acts as an intermediary (decentralized middle man) where either party can call upon. Kleros allows for super complex smart contracts that can use subject data and data from chainlink. Suddenly it will be possible to write a rental agreement on the blockchain and infact some people already have (search: Mexican court accepted a ruling by kleros
as legally valid!) Not only that but it would be even be theoretically possible to code an app similar to EBAY all on the blockchain running as a smart contract. Funny thing is kleros is only worth $12m, it's the next x10,000

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can you stop the shitskin larp it's annoying

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decisively a no

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Morphswap MS

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you should be looking at market cap retard, not token price. shib is under 5 cents but it can't 20x from here. a good pick is alph

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Ok I have some spare BNB. Shill me

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You should get some defi coins that will guarantee more passive income when you hold, the likes of evmos and loop are good options

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Why not stake your bnb to earn more passively, or you get some tokens from the cosmos chain, I think they have some good defi project that has great potentials.

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Yes! And I'd add Ride, though it's way more advanced, (tech wise)

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What the hell is Ride about?

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>Shilled in every thread
Its really not, besides their own threads you barely read rose

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radiant RXD

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Evmos has been the best, I stake all I got from the airdrop, but I don't have any knowledge about loop, is that some kind of new project?

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safemoon. blockchain and cex coming soon, gonna moon like you wouldn't believe it

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idex, their v4 can be huge if they steal some of dYdX volume

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I'm sure you are yet to see the Xpress pools launched on LMaaS. Cool APYs that can't get you fucked.

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this has potential, thanks

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radix, /biz/ sleeping on this one

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how do i differentiate the shills baggies and retards from the good advice

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Also good potential, thanks fren

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Yea, it's a project build on the juno blockchain, and they enable that nfts has use cases, almost all the nfts on their marketplace are unique

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meme tier:

normie appealing tier:

legit tech avec le yiddish connections tier:

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Get ready for the blood bath coming. This is the next to bit the dust after FTX. Wagies already moving from there to ALBT that's constantly building the bear. All in will all fail Jeet.

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My GPU rigs mining this now. Difficulty already starting to rise and reduce yield unfortunately.

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I'm also a retard.. but what's the deal?
Everybody wants to hold millions of shinny rocks for like $100
Investing in anything beyond $1 unless is BTC, ETH is not worth..

"Dude i'm on it for the tech lmao"
Nobody cares about that, everyone just want to get rich fast selling millions of coins
Ironically i think OP might want to invest in pump and dump coins (volatile assets)
But again, i'm a retard and i wish somebody explain me what's the issue

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Right now; RIDE, ROWAN are the possible buys as they're below 5c with solid fundamentals.

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Ydf , buy and stake and wait a year and you'll have your 20x anon

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>Eternal Cash
Team doxed with weekly video AMA's. Holding let's you share profits from multiple sources including a licensed casino (accepting fiat soon), eternal domains (first web3 platform on BSC, use beer.bsc for a discount on domain mint), eternalnfts, and extendswap. Lots.of good shit still coming too.
>200k MC (.5c), buy on PancakeV1 or extendswap.

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CoinMarketCap shows three RIDEs.

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read the OP

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>Yep, there's RideNodes that aims provide a platform for logistics, payments, and the safety and the security of drivers, and there's holoride, the next gen Blockchain that's monetizing travel time with virtual reality, but I guess he's referring to the latter.

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I like when it hurts, no homo

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Ehive. Eth rewards for stakers goes live this month.

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ORE or nothing.

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something about mark blinder's face. i bet he is related to gary gensler.

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With the recent surge in self custody, I bet privacy focused projects will experience a strong influx of users.

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DIDs are the next big trend for blockchain tech.

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The LMaas defi tool always have somer cool pool like the ALBT-ORE pool some time back..

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Domains and identity protocols will most likely get a lot of attention in the coming year

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Privacy focused alt.

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Good morning sirs pleased to be doing the needful shilling jeet shitcoins sirs

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TINA 2bh

>fixed supply
>500 TINA to access a bunch of live HD TV streams
>added a working casino last week, profits used to buy/burn TINA
>more apps coming, active devs
>~45k mcap

a mere million market cap is nearly a 25x from here.

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UTK crypto payment with out any transactions fee. This is mainstream adoption.

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DEV Protocol

Ticker DEV
500k marketcap.
Doxxed japanese team.
Tapping into the creator economy but with a twist.
FRAME00, the parent company, has ties with Microsoft Japan and key players of the music industry.
Staking mechanism with 40% APY, but what differs from your run of the mill staking is by staking with a creator of your choosing, you will also get rewards with perks/NFTs/or tangible goods. The staking dapp is stakes.social

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Start bagging fucking moronic fools.

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chart ???

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Jeet you missed out on EGLD, UTK, METIS, QRDO they are also having significant growth and development.

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>I buy $2500 dollars worth each and every month without fail.
Good for you anon. Now, what have they built in this dip? Investors are paying attention to utilities. I'm staring with CryptoXpress cos of their payment gateway. Crypto payment is taking over.

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>passive income
This is the only thing I hear. Allianceblock defi terminal is saving my arse.

>> No.52768111

Radiant (RXD).
Litteraly next millionaire maker.

>> No.52768225

Checked and will check out this coin

>> No.52768399

Might be a good place to diversify. I don't mind adding more rewards to xpress campaigns I already take advantage of. Good yields never get old.

>> No.52768406

Payment gateways are the future. It's inevitable following the recent crypto developments. Not rocket science.

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>>52768111 (checked)
Where do you guys buy these?

>> No.52768478

delete wtf are you doing

>> No.52768498

RXD is buyable on Txbit and Tradeogre. Best to use Txbit. Just send USDT to your wallet and trade to RXD. Please dont make the mistake trading other cryptos on the platform to USDT because there is little liquidity in some and you'll pay too much.


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Sorry but WAGMI radiant bros

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I'm waiting for https://daisen.io/ only

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The public nature of the blockchain and how people sometimes get targeted cos anyone can see all their txns and probably their balance too is not good for adoption. Privacy projects and coins solve this. Better to get in early on them.

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What do you recommend (besides XMR)? Any low mcap coins that do what XMR does but better?

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Seriously? Like, for real?
My man, Sora exists for a reason: to make all of us investors millionaires. It's just a matter of time. XOR is the way to go

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SOL could 20x, it's not under 5c though.

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>> No.52769353

if you hold one of the top 100 addresses. otherwise you're just liquidity for their dump.

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man ide fuck the shit out of that snakes throat

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DRGN is bottomed and they're being sued by the SEC. When ripple comes out we'll from their case, the dragon will get some attention.

Deaton mentioned it on Bloomberg, and he thinks they've got an even stronger case than the XRP thing. Time will tell, but it's a penny on kucoin and there's only like 440MM max supply.

Oh and they actually have customers and do real work instead of just scamming people with ponzi numbers.

Just my opinion, y'all do what you want.

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i wanna eat out it's upper mouth

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You're looking for Oxen. Fork of Monero, mostly all new code by now, made it PoS instead of PoW because it makes sense for their specific goals (Monero should stay PoW but Oxen actually had a good reason for proof of stake - service nodes and Lokinet)

They're focused more on anonymous comms than anonymous money, although their coin and wallet are top-notch too.

Highly recommended, even if you only use their free network solutions it's something to pay attention to.

Oxen.io has some details

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Now snakeslut, it's better to shut the fuck up. There's nothing like 20x is a terrible bear market condition like this. Even myself that's staking top coins such as eth, atom and dot, some middle cap such as juno, evmos, scrt and osmo, as well as low cap such as shd, loop and alter, can't brag about making any profit near 2x. But I have some freaking faith to do just that because I believe in what I am doing

>> No.52770137

Cosmos based projects are having a freaking god time in a moment when the market is not friendly. Look at how Juno is killing it with DAODAO, Universe, Loop and Passage

>> No.52770159

I'm about to utter that. The cuntish OP did it intentionally a

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Considering it's mcap and the recent fud around it after ftx crash, it'll take a whole lot for solana to do that much numbers from here.
would rather stick with something like holoride, less than $50mill mcap, top partners with a real world product.

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think long term bobo
why take a 2x now when you can have an 100x in the next big run

>> No.52770365

that's cool and all but its price action has been flat since 2019

>> No.52770651

Kek enough red flag to stay away

stopped following them a while back, token price dipped harder.. tech seem interesting tho, the whole in-car stuff could bang

>> No.52771089

prolly one of the dead ones from way back
tons of crypto in the top list I ain't never heard about

>> No.52771119

Take 2x - no
Wait for 100x and get rekt while waiting - yes

>> No.52771192

launched a new game recently with the skyjack NFT collection having a dope ass in-game utility.
they been building regardless of the market tumbling up

some projects are unnecessary ngl

>> No.52771233

I would also recommend this based on the activeness of the team and the product they have got. The bull run would be great for ALBT.

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Seems based

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everest ID

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bitDAO is launching a L2 for the ages.

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The best time to spot good projects is during the bear market.
those building their way through are the ones to bag and hold cos they definitely melting faces in the next bull market.

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12m market cap and a product with 300k+ users

>> No.52772201

New Year Token (NYT) 100/100 score on tokensniffer

>> No.52772479

>radiant RXD
where can i buy dis

>> No.52772665

Lillian finance listing dec9th coinbase

>> No.52774152


Price prediction bros? Mcap prediction?

>> No.52774165

Price prediction on ALBT

>> No.52774187

Where to buy bros

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they already launched it you dumb fuck
it already gained the attention of Polygon too

>> No.52774435

contract or chart or something?

>> No.52774815


Project seems interesting thank you.

>> No.52774846

Thanks I'll check it out.

>> No.52775465


>> No.52777494

songbird SGB

>> No.52777667

ALBT is under 5c with mcap under 50million

>> No.52778090


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Be a Bonerchamp. But do it next year, I am still accumulating.

>> No.52778368

What did God mean by this?

>> No.52778390

Married men understand.

>> No.52778495

Oh, the project that had over 10million social engagement within 8 days

>> No.52778499


>> No.52779005

Railway wallet is better at maintaining privacy for me though. Because unlike privacy coins like XMR that'd always require several conversions to your preferred assets, you can always make transactions and keep a shielded balance of any asset you like.