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Did having money get you laid?

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In most cases no. I make 265k but I never leave my house for social activities, only for small errands and to go fishing by myself in an isolate place. I work out everyday in my apartment gym but I go at a time where no one can see me. I'm a chad (as the incels put it) but no one knows it because I don't interact with anyone as I don't give a flying fuck about anyone besides myself.

Having money gives you options, but you still have to take action on those options in order for them to manifest into something useful.

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>i'm a chad
no, you're a loser. chad fucks, chad dominates social interactions.

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yes i hired multiple prostitutes for 1 night

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I got laid 10x more when I had less money and worked out less. Do what you want with that information
I also dot talk to women anymore and only leave the house for work and gym

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Being redpilled got me laid not money

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Absolutely. Not at first when I was making good money but still living a poorfag. My options opened up when I bought a house, nice car, and spent more on my appearance.

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hoo yea big time i learned from a young age what vapid whores women are they really will do anything for these pieces of paper mommy and daddy give me for free

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>dumb zoomer opinion
Me choosing to not interact with people doesn't imply that I don't dominate social interactions. I make the amount of money I do because I dominate at work. I am not a code / tech faggot, I work a real job, and I don't mean trades either because I'm not a prole.

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You sound like a faggot, but probably have a mediocre face with an autistic personality

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I got my first girlfriend and got laid a couple months after I put my life savings into internet computer (ticker: ICP) at $30. The world works in mysterious ways. I want my money back.

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get a side job as a waiter youll get laid 100% guaranteed

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I manage an upscale restaurant/bar so pretty much whatever would happen in that regard would happen anyway. I’ll never go back to being a waiter though.

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>Literally does not have sex
Bwahahahah. Have sex. INCEL.

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yes but i make millions not 500k or whatever digital plumbers dream of. lambo helps, nice clothes expensive watches etc
i got fit too which is probably a req

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You only need $10k to fuck 16-20 yo girls
And no, you don't pay them for sex ever

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I make 300k and still get no decent matches on dating apps

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Now I ain't sayin she a golddigga

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what does this even mean? ive paid for some shit for girls off seeking and then we ended up dating and didnt buy them anything after, but still an entry point

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>not a code/tech faggot
no, just a faggot.

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>never has anyone see him ever, basement dweller

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Yes. I gave a small amount to a female in exchange for secks

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Nah I got laid a lot more when I was broke.

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Yes lol
> better food and nutrition
> better home decor and mattress
> finally choose to wear better clothing and become pickier about what I wear or when I upgrade wardrobe
> afford nicer gyms and personal training, with more flexible schedule to go to them
> access to better shows, nicer seats, VIP, bottle service etc
> advance in hobbies by buying better equipment that I used to never consider, as well as trying more hobbies in a period of time
But most importantly: more confident due to stable life, achieving FIRE

All while consistently saving and investing

If you’re having girl problems making more money will most likely solve it unless you’re cripplingly antisocial, insufferable, or horribly disfigured. But it can probably help even if you’re one or two of those things at the same time.

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I was already fit as hell and a cutie korean waifu but after i got a stable job and make more money I have the resources to build a harem and I have actually done that. Currently at 3 gfs which i could never afford before. I take them each out 1-3 times per week and my balls are always happily sore from getting my cock sucked and pounded by goddesses once or twice every 24 hours. Life is good when you have money

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Yes I paid her $100. Now fuck off what a waste of time question

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not anon but its simply a function of no responsibilities = low overhead = few expectations except novel fun experiences.

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it disgust me you have to ask that question

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I am starting to thinking this is larp. Women started treating me worse after I got redpilled and started dropping redpills and calling them out on their bullshit. When I was a bluepilled and le respect all womyn I can tell women felt more comfortable around me and I had more conversations and interactions with them, now I am not interested in what they have to say, it’s just a white noise to me and they catch on my disinterest and call me arrogant asshole. Meanwhile all their husbands are pussywhipped to some degree, shorter than me, but I don't see any panties dropping. It makes me believe that most women will chose a betabuxx in 99% cases.

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Getting laid is not a product of your personality as much as it is of your culture. I'm a neet in the 3rd world and I still get laid despite of this when I have enough money. Your individualistic culture has given women too much power.

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>dropping redpills and calling them out on their bullshit
you're stupid
rp can't help with that

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Achieving FIRE?

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I have never seen anyone attractive unironically call themselves Chad
You are probably an incel manlet who thinks being muscular = chad

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What’s it good for then other than making me understand that women are fundamentally uninteresting , shallow, vapid and are all the same when it comes to relationships and how they interact with men.

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you forgot the good parts of rp and only focus on the bad.
plus you're not supposed to broadcast these opinions esp. to women you're trying to fuck. you'll be known as a bitter incel which is even more repellent to women than ugliness or poverty
the good parts of rp: self improvement, mentality of abundance and not giving a fuck

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Rp = redpill? New ai learning the lingo. No, I'm not here to shill, just learn.

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Lol yes that's what it means.

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no. being virgin is a mindset.

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>the good parts of rp:
>self improvement
>mentality of abundance
>not giving a fuck
You can do first and the last without knowing about redpill. Most people self improve naturally, and you need to give a fuck to some extent to succeed socially, by signalling your status and achievements.

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This board is so fucking cringe
Look at all these shut in neets who are all jealous of chad

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>broke loser with no standards shagging 5/10 whores and finding 0 joy in it, even they are only using him
>a-at least i'm a CHAD!

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No, only working out and having drugs got me laid.

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Elliot is kinda hot ngl.

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so you got a gf and got laid after you dropped your life savings in ICP scam?
What does that tell you anon?
to get laid, you need to buy into more useless cryptos kek

showed her my Sylo wallet and I got laid
chad ways

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Its a codeword pedophiles use to communicate, ignore him

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You take steroids?

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Virgin = can't bag any bitch = no getting laid

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absolute cope kek if virginity worked like that guys on this board would have lost it to some $2,000 luxury prostitute

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I used to take HGH peptides from pure rawz.

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The wallet plus messenger app, heard telegram is working on something similar.

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sure, 50 bucks and i could ravage your moms holes.

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Both holes?

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You mean TON? It's owned by tg and they're building a DEX and other stuff..
This on the other hand is web3 powered messaging plus crypto and nft wallet support in the open metaverse.

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Yes, I even pretended to deal drugs to fuck white bitches.

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how well did that work for you?

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meta, insta and now telegram all building in the metaverse. exciting times ahead it seems.
they late to the party already, sylo is clear.

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Well, it does work. My childhood was very abusive and as a kid you dont really understand much so my escape became doin drugs/partying and then selling (mainly weed but some coke aswell). Did this for over 10y and have fucked over 100 girls by the time i was 18.

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dont need money to get laid

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Never. I was making six figs fresh out of college and my getting laid never had anything to do with it. Moreover you’re a retard if you think you need money because it’s not hard to trick girls into thinking you are rich. Also most girls do not care if you are rich anyway they respond to how you make them feel and not your “stats”. We think in terms of power levels and shit they do not.

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No. my natural charisma and confidence did...

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Nope im incel