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announcement tomorrow
majority of top 10 nodes have already joined
linkpool have dropped all branding off stake.link in order to "white label" their product
how will lpl holders benefit? was assuming that some of the lpl would be provided founding nodes as an incentive/way to decentralize the stake.link product
but that would allow them to get revenue on all of linkpool's service which wouldn't make sense
there could be another token tied to stake.link which can then feed into lpl and distribute from there
in any case, they're definitely not going to give a product they've created away for free

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very excited for tomorrow poolbros

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>they're definitely not going to give a product they've created away for free
What do you think the snapshot was for?

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not sure, what do you think?

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jonny better not horse around

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linkpool is going to rug all you faggots and announce a new token for stake.link , LPL will continue to be an illiquid shitcoin that nobody wants

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Poorly designed tokenomic. I would not be surprise they have to introduced another token

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All the linkpool tokens are vortexed on bancor v3. Kek

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If they do lpl holders get a 1-1 airdrop. We are nkt getting rugged that’d just be terrible business optics

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A new token makes the most sense. Trading volume is still peanuts. They're the type to pump and sell the news, historically, yet aren't trying to now.

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a monkey NFT for all the idiots that funded their endeavours. they will proceed on developing stake.link

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What time is the announcement? It's already 5th dec where I am.

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Prolly 3am like stakings release

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stakefish secured

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13 nodes confirmed now + probable dextrac

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will likely be within next 24 hours, 30 max
interesting that means that more have joined just in last few days (jonny said it would be 12)

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I thought he said it wouldn't be 11 or 13. Ie. He pulled your leg and it's really 13+. He did say the scope was bigger than anyone talked about.

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what is this from?
I have 140 LPL and 1000 LINK - what's the best strat?

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cool site what's plan for staking?

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You stake your LPL token


Though expect absolute fuck all with 140LPL but hold it regardless.

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after you have lpl and stake it, whats the deal with this staking announcement - will poolboys be able to stake link on linkpool now or what. could the rate be better than the 4.7 official link apr

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You could always stake LPL, it gives you a % cut off of the node revenue. However, the token also guaranteed you an allocation to stake with top nodes as retail (NEET NODES)
. No one knows the ratio yet but expect it to be tiny early on. Its expected to reach maybe 0.4 LINK per LPL ( 4LPL 1 LINK etc)


POOL team always had some extra derivatives up their sleeve. One such being stake.link. They built a framework for liquid staking and have onboarded a lot of the top nodes as anon above has shown.

There will probably be some lending mechanism for people such as myself who have more LPL than link and when it reaches a certain ratio, Id be at max stake but still have room for more.

So someone else can borrow my space and stake their link with top node frame work and get a return (As well as me), NODE secures more value and obviously has least amount of slash risk.

Look, its gonna take years but this is a money printer for those of us who have stacked and held last couple of years and before. Welcome to Web3

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im honestly clueless i just listen to you crazy kids on this board and copy. if i have tons of link and wallets should i save some of that link for linkpool liquid staking or should i just lock them in to the official one (if theres space in the pool) no idea who these nodes are never heard of them and dont know whwat they do lmao

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There's almost certainly not going to be space in the pool unless they honour everyone's stake and allot extra which is extremely unlikely. I mean, stake official if you can otherwise youre gonna need LPL.

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Personally im against all forms of usury as it is a sin. So hopefully no auto usury with stake .link

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They can do a 1-1 airdrop, ditch the old token and simply apply new conditions to the new one. For instance, instead of all revenue getting split up, they could do subtract gas costs from there or only distribute pure profit, or just say these are community tokens and they all get 10% of the revenue while the platform itself gets 90%, instead of 75/25%+ as is right now.

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Depends how you define it but everyone wins here. You get to stake your link. Node gets more collateral. Node gets more revenue. Lpl holders get more revenue. No lock in (unless agrees upon) mathematically proofed reserves.

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If i loan my.lpla out i will only accept a % based off the fee earned by the staker. I hate jewish make money of nothing sinful satanic scam .

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That's literally what it is you christard. It's a good thing your religion is dropping so many numbers.

Not to derail the topic but the main teaching of Jesus was that the world is a shitty place, don't be a shitty person and make it worse. Focus on the good. Anyway that's enough from me. Goodnight anon

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The only thing that matters is death. I suggest yiu repent if you foolish, because death comes quickly and life is short. Eternity is forever and you don't want to be in the fire.

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>Focus on the go
You can't know what good is unless you have a absolute good, that is God. Pic related. And you're also wrong on what Christ taught.

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>They can do a 1-1 airdrop, ditch the old token and simply apply new conditions to the new one.

>LPL instadumps dumps to zero
>new token gets airdropped
what are the financial and tax implications of this

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If they do a new token it will be a stake link token. Lpl is still linkpool. We shall see. Also when announcement

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they did the snapshot at 12:00 UTC which is in 20 mins... could be when they announce. thats noon UK time too

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No thats a retard tier take. If they want to ditch the old token for a new one they would just have done it via token migration.

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A new token replacing LPL would unironically be one of the best things happening to the community, imagine thinking a company can scale giving away 30% of their revenue. If we want those numbers to raise, we need a bunch of node operators getting in, but they can't properly incentivize node operators with a revenue distribution model. It's literally impossible

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stake.link is halal because you won't be lending your linkLPLA but staking in a pool with linkLPLA and LINK, and after the pool is filled on one of the sides, it won't allow to stake more of that token.

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Allah is Jehova is Satan. Now get out of europe and go back to africa please.

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I'm not muslim, but the person I'm replying to is

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Im not Muslim. But traditional Catholic sedevacantist. Even among catholics i am more "extremely". All forms of usury le bad ok. I will see the announcement.

Remember lads donate and help the needy whatever you can. Making it is about where you end up after death.

>A mans life is like vapour

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Keep coping poolies, should have bought LINK

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Why are you praying to a God who wants blood sacrifice? A God who asked abhraham to kill his own son bc that son grew vegetables as an offer instead of killing an animal? That God seems like a sadistic maniac to me fren...

Btw i dont want to bash your Religion, it honestly is a question i often think about.

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I got 35000 LPL for around 500$ wtf are u talking about.

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>grew vegetables
Esau didn't grow vegetables.
Also Abraham was a test of faith and a type. "God will provide the sacrifice". Which He did as His own Son Jesus who is God.

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Oh sorry I meant Ishmael. He was from a concubine and was not considered the legitimate Son.

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>son grew vegetables as an offer instead of killing an anima
Im not sure where you're getting your information from but it's completely incorrect.


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isaac grew vegetables and god wanted him dead bc of it, thats my understanding


so you are saying god asked abraham to kill isaac and not ishmael bc isaac was his only true son? and this is some sort of test of faith? would you kill your own son if god asked this of you? i dunno fren, seems pretty fucked up

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There is not any mention of isaac growing vegetables. Nor any suggestion that this is why he was to be offered.

The chapter i linked above will you help you understand how it went.

God rewards those with faith. If God says anti-Christ is going to arrest you and severely torture you then should he patient and resign yourself to it. And known you will be crowned with glory. (provided you have the one faith and not in mortal sin)

Abraham knew God wouldn't kill his son, that's why he says "God will provide". I recommend reading the chapter.

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>ishmael bc isaac was his only true son
Yes the scriptures are clear. Ishmael was from a concubine and not the main wife.

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Though ishmael still had a good reward, it was Jacob, isaacs son who would be Israel.

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I will read the chapter when i get home, thank you.

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Enjoy, the Lord be with you.

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What time is the announcement? any idea bros?

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18 minutes

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big news, linkpool is part of the stake.link alliance!!! who saw that one coming?!

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I have about 6k link and 5k LPL. Should I stake what I can with LP and go with 0.1 staking for the rest? Or should I go all in 0.1 and "rent out" my staking rights on LP?

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I have 6k link and 8k LPL, I think I'll stake 5k with official link staking and then rent out my LPL allowance while I continue to buy. that 5k will live forever, the rest i'll treat as more liquid income. you have optionality here: LPL won't let you stake your full amount, not even close to it for quite a while. so stake what you can, and rent out your allowance until LPL allows for the full 0.4 link per lpl, then reevaluate

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...is that it?

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no dummy :3

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...w-what's next? this can't be the 'big announcement'

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>anything related to chainlink
>big announcement
come on man, it's been 5 years of this shit and you still don't get it.

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ratio is 2:1
I got ~3500 SDL for my ~7k LPL

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where the FUCK do I agree to terms and conditions???

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it was like a metamask popup type sign

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the team is flooding the board so no one can discuss this shit thourgouly. There is a reason they pushed this blog a back a day before

>> No.52744450

it didn't pop up for me what the fuck do I do now I literally can't migrate my tokens wtf jonny

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so, is this good or bad?

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WOW based nft with utility

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>private stake.link discussion channels
>pee pee poo poo
>$1000 EOY
>DN;NS(not staking)

>> No.52744524

>Community members not holding SDL will be able to join the pool when the early access period ends to fill any remaining capacity on a first-come, first-serve basis.
better get in tomorrows because some nobody will do it instead of you the day after
LPL only needed on first day

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did you get the nft already as well? or is that still in the works?

>> No.52744540

so all the faggots who bought into the snap shot get the NFT as well. God dam i hate the team so fucking much

>> No.52744575

>did you get the nft already as well? or is that still in the works?

it's gonna be a while, johnneh lad is still sat in his mums basement drinking special brew and drawing a horse with crayons. he'll upload it to teh blockchain soon, lad.

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bros do you realize? we are now invested in 15 node ops

>> No.52744607

worked on another browser holy shit I almost had a fucking heart attack

>> No.52744626

except we were lead to believe that LP did most of the work on staking contracts and now we see it was a team effort.

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Also this is how theyre going to parcel build equity out so it their partners dont just get instadumped
Pretty smart actually

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This is the facts, we never got diluted we just own a share of everything now. People too stupid to understand that if we just owned L-L and l-L was their own separate entity they’d be competing with all the other node providers, personally I think owning a portion of everything is better

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are you retards reading the TOS?

>> No.52744852

At first glance it looks like a 50% haircut to be part of project that is 20x bigger

>> No.52744860

I'm too deep into this shit to pull out now
it's all or nothing for me

>> No.52744872

that's it, SEC is getting wind of this
enough of this horse rimming operation, time to giddy up and get out here

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anon there is a reason why they pushed this blog back to the day before staking.

>> No.52745028

so what, they're just covering their asses like every other platform does

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who remembers?

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are you refrencing defi scams? i dont wanna be locked into this shit just to be shorted into the ground

>> No.52745128

mm so we lose access to their revenue, which was proabably far to generous to be honest
but still, that's rough
also great, a taxable event on the migration

>> No.52745131

Do we need to migrate immediately or do we have some time? My hard wallet is at a family members house.

>> No.52745155

you cant get out because there is a lock up period with migration. They didnt give a hard date either so who know when. Chainlink and link pool really thought about tokenomics to keep peoples bass locked in rather then working on tokenomics for the eco system

>> No.52745189

You should wait to see how high SDL pumps on Sushi before you decide to lock it up on stake.link for 9-12 months. The pool isn't even live yet.

>> No.52745203

Im not talking about locking it up but rather just migrating the tokens

>> No.52745224

>killing your Golden Goose
Reread the story anon and put time into perspective

>> No.52745231

considering the fact that you can still convert old LPL shares to LPL tokens to this day, i'd assume you'll have enough time to migrate anon

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>mm so we lose access to their revenue
no we don't

>> No.52745316

literally a ponzi preying on chaintards. the announcement tomorrow will be there are bankrupt, thanks for playing. i mean just look at the logo kek

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Gtfo and learn English retard you ESL poor fags are literal cancer. Once you've learnt English, please proceed to do the the world a favour and kill your self, that'd be one less idiot taking up oxygen

>> No.52745394

so this is basically LIDO for chainlink

>> No.52745421

doesn't say how much that fee is and it's on "rewards" not revenue
lpl was very generous in the fee they gave to stakers

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POOLS LIVE BOYS. trading pool that is

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Good lord it’s going straight to 20 dollars isn’t it. Then back down to 4 when I can unstake. Why don’t I ever think of these things

>> No.52745733

>>This is the facts, we never got diluted we just own a share of everything now.

our tokens got diluted in half. it literally says in the blog post that we get half the amount of tokens. /pool/bros... it's over.

>> No.52745800

Linkpool sisters, we just got diluted out the ass. SDL total supply 260,000,000. Sad that the team resorted to the CRO grift tacticks

>> No.52745833

shouldve held $gravel coin

>> No.52745843

for the next 6 months though, we are the ones with the SDL liquidity though. everyone elses is locked

>> No.52745870

anon chainlink is going to be in beta for the next five years. There will be shit rewards to go around. this is fucking trash. The past six years have been a waste of fucking time and i gave sergey and that horse rimming cock sucker my money to play ceo start up.

>> No.52745886

bad for LPL golems
good for the Chainlink ecosystem

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sdl sisters we are mooning
not a red candle in our history

>> No.52745963

also now just realizing that this is unironically the last LPL thread
love you bros
we are SDL sisters now

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Are we going to make it?

>> No.52746000

so what's the TLDR of this? what does this mean for my staked 25k LPLA? is there a swap yet or what?

>> No.52746083

if you held 25k lpl you now have 12k.

>> No.52746098

just go to stake.link, enter the SDL pool, and click the button to swap your LPL or LPLA to SDL. it's very easy.

>> No.52746101

you get less sdl, its aird dropped to node providers and its a governance token. you also get fees from a protocol thats going to be in beta for the next six years

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>Saddle (ticker: SDL)
nice jonneh, saddle up lads

>> No.52746155

We already have

>> No.52746252


>> No.52746284

What do I do with my SDL I’m retarded

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sdl sisters we need buyers. saddle up like paul revere and hit the road to spread the word

>> No.52746378

Nice my lpl has lost half it's value + change
Awesome snapshot

>> No.52746380

Fuck dude that's a feel right there. Like when we switched from LP and became the LPL sisters.

>> No.52746416

yo that's way oversold right now. lpl should correct downwards as well.

>> No.52746467

it's fucking over

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toastin in the last real lpl bread

>> No.52746557

its been great posting with you pool boys, nobody ever speculated this incredible amazing awesome cool permanent unwanted no choice migration

>> No.52746580


wait, so the token swap is 1:0.5 ...and the token i'm swapping for is the same price as the old one? And this is the first liquid market for an illiquid token that was barely propped up by it's illiquidity?

...So i've got to swap my LPL tokens for this shit? I've been forced into yet another instadumped tax event by a horsefucker? Johnny hustles my money in half yet again? johnny? johnny? JOHNNY? EXPLAIN.

>> No.52746594

>huge announcement pool bros your tokens just took a 50% haircut, happy holidays!

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Does this mean there will be a pool on Sushi for staked SDL, so you'll still be able to sell your SDL if you decide to stake and have it locked up for 9-12 months?

>> No.52746668

what kind of fuckery is this? hahahahahahahaha

>new token
>old token loses 50% value in a short amount of time
>recipe for disaster

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA straight out of every scammers book, NEW TOKEN

>> No.52746678

I am confused of what’s going on right now in regards to lpl switching to sdl. People are saying that we get no sharing of revenue from node operators now and staking is just like inflationary farming like any other shitcoin now and that our tokens are worth 20% of what they use to be worth

>> No.52746696
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gentlemen, it was an honor

>> No.52746782

It’s fud. For the coming year there’s only liquidity from lpl holders who swapped tokens. Effective token supply will be half of that if lpl (~16M). Instead of link slurps your sdl allows to stake link on all node operators and have it be liquid.

Imo currently it’s a dump fest since some lpl holders fell for the fud or want to use the existing liquidity to sell. Then over next days as staking goes live we will see a run up to buy sdl to do liquid staking. As such I think this is a buy the capitulation opportunity

>> No.52746791

i liked the old tokenswap that sent the price up 10x much better. sold 3/4 of my stack from $15 down to $11, but at least i was able to buy a house and pay my taxes. now i get yet another (((taxable event))), goddammit.

>> No.52746793

Is it possible to migrate LPL to SDL yet? I don't see anything on stake.link yet

>> No.52746835

Exactly! Yet another token swap, this time with massive dilution, is actually very bullish, bros. I’m buying.

>> No.52746861

poolers getting what they fucking deserve

>> No.52746909

Dilution is not as bad as it seems. Lpl was 25M tokens for 1 node operator. Now you have 260M tokens for 14 node operators. So that’s 18.5M link per node operator, and lpl community owns 12.5M so it is a 48% dilution.

>> No.52746928

Ugh my math was off. It’s 12.5M (SDL for lpl holders) / 18.5M per node so 32.5% dilution

>> No.52746953

Lads go read the blog posts, it's not many words.

>> No.52747015

you're a fucking idiot

>> No.52747021

Had this for over 3 years and I’m not selling, but surely feeling the shaft from horse boy. Anyone got any hopium?

>> No.52747031

for a project thats still in beta and with kyc nodes

>> No.52747083

thats only for after you get get sucked into the lock up period

>> No.52747096

>huuuuuge announcement guys we're migrating to a new token for the third or maybe fourth time haha enjoy happy holidays

>> No.52747182

Getting the 14 other top node operators onboard is unironically worth the token dilution.

>> No.52747328

Yes but no revenue sharing now

>> No.52747401

>Getting the 14 other top node operators onboard is unironically worth the token dilution.

My nigga in kwanzaa. the price is dumping rn. This is not worth it.

>> No.52747475

If you think all nodes wont eventually run on this youre nuts

>> No.52747479

Make sure to scoop up some FTT while you're at it

>> No.52747518

But why did they not release this 1 week before and with a better explanation of this new protocol and its economics?
Why force people to migrate 1 day before staking?

The only positive to this is Chainlink Labs' future involvement in this project because Linkpool seems to be run by incompetent people.

>> No.52747536

What ended today? Earning season
When does market dump?
after earning season
they want to mask the dump to not make it too obvious

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>> No.52747593

you wont be getting the node op revenue, only the sergey's treasury dumps. so you will get 5.1% instead of 5%. the token is good only for the liquid staking but you can forget good apy%

>> No.52747668

bye bye :,(

>> No.52747684

not trying to troll or anything but what went wrong? everyone dumped? some new token unlock?

>> No.52747691


>> No.52747693

>From a business perspective, given the current market conditions, it’s critical to secure LinkPool’s future without relying on external funding. By keeping LINK revenues from our node’s services, it simply allows the business to be sustainable and to grow with the vision of the team, with no dependence upon external parties. Distributing LINK rewards from gross revenue without taking into account gas costs, infrastructure costs, or labour costs is hugely detrimental to being a sustainable business that has a clear growth plan.
basically they fucked up years ago by being too generous and are now cutting us out.
so now we get "protocol fees" which is fuck all compared to what we used to get, ie. a cut of all the link the node earned

>> No.52747711

That’s not revenue sharing. Go to telegram the lpl team confirms that they had to get rid of revenue sharing because it wasn’t sustainable in their own words

>> No.52747756

>what went wrong? everyone dumped? some new token unlock?

>> No.52747778

5% APY is pretty nice and I get liquid staking. I bought LP years ago and it didn't cost that much. IDK what to tell you, man.
Rather than gangstalking us maybe go buy some L1 shitcoin and stake with them if you're this booty blasted.

>> No.52747796

Hang urself advocate wagie

>> No.52747812

>linkpool rugs 1 day before staking
now if staking flops I'm gonna cum in my pants
holy fuck my sides

>> No.52747819

it is what it is. just disappointing desu. and yes there are many better opportunities for better apy in crypto. im still gonna hold on to some sdl because i want to stake without the lockup

>> No.52747821

What are you retards doing? I just migrated my lpl to SDL, should I just stake it all or what?

>> No.52747826

but i will only stake like 5% of my stack

>> No.52747845

Intredasting. Mycelium has its own token it inherited from taking over tracer dao, but it doesn't really serve any purpose at the moment. I wonder if they'll use it as a gateway ticket for access to their node rewards at a layer higher than sdl. They seem pretty close with the link team based off the tracer days - it was a hackathon project from a couple of years back. But then again they only ever seem to post about arbitrum news at the moment

>> No.52747857

Sdl provides proportional whole pool revenue sharing
Now from 15 nodes
Those are references to linkpool's rev sharing with lpl holders

>> No.52747978

>buy linkpool instead of PMs
>walk into grocery store and shop for an organic beef as poorfags outside protest
>approach checkout
>emaciated woman rings up my item and gives me my total
>"that will be $289,638 and 71 cents s-sir"
>never takes her eyes off my 6oz organic beef burger patty I plan to grill later
>seems like she might have been pretty before the collapse
>"sure thing babe"
>pull out my chainlink wallet
>"heres 1/100th link, keep the change sweet tits. Just need the stores address"
>she looks confused
>says they dont take whatever that is, they only accept Fed Coin, USD since there is still a few months left to turn them in for Fed Coin, or Gold and Silver
>try to argue with her
>security comes and takes my beef away and kicks me out of the store
>walk back in and demand to see the manager
>start yelling at the woman and the manager who calls security again
>"Excuse me, what is going on here?"
>everyone stops, I turn to see what silenced them
>see a 6'2" gentlemen in a suit with a cart full of whiskey and steak packages driven by multiple young virgin women
>"y-your eminence! this man here tried to buy his burger patty with something called..link I think? he is causing a scene..im so sorry"
>the man in the suit chuckles as he looks at me
>"Here you go fren"
>tosses me a small weird looking dime, seems old
>everyone in the rooms is wide eyed, manager looks at me
>"shall I ring up your 6 oz burger patty, our dear customer" he bows his head as the woman goes to the register
>"Not so fast" speaks the well dressed man in the suit
>I turn to him confused
>"He needs to earn that Mercury Dime" he says with a twisted grin
>the girls to his side giggle to each other

>> No.52748036
File: 103 KB, 1281x466, FjP1LNDUoAAo2hE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>25k LPL allows you to stake 323 LINK in early access.
Congratulations on this pool boys, you earned it.

>> No.52748118

wow thanks for posting, suprised they wouldnt put important info like that in the blog. looks like im staking 1k link boys!!

>> No.52748136

it is in the blog, you just need to read it, understand it and do a little bit of math.

>> No.52748188

Wow that's some nice anal fucking for the investors. This betray is honestly shocking, whole portfolios just got wiped out.

But what should be the "fair" SDL to LINK price ratio? Since all top nodes are in this new pool, you need SDL to stake LINK. All those who said that other nodes will allow them to stake without a token, don't seem to have a choice but use SDL to stake LINK.

>> No.52748200

jonneh was the biggest betrayer in the end. beware sergey jonneh is coming for you

>> No.52748203

>code is law

just write new code and dilute your investors with a token migration.. why would anyone buy crypto ever again, especially anything lpl related? We're never going to get anything more than crumbs. my fellow cucks, its all over.

>> No.52748233

oh hey look guys, my prediction came true >>52738730

>> No.52748255

LPL was always an IQ test
Just buy more LINK before you regret it

>> No.52748267

You're crazy to be staking anything in this climate, even LINK.

>> No.52748296

I will be staking 7k LINK tomorrow at 12pm EST

>> No.52748314

I have 4 eligible wallets and I'm staying 7k in each. Not even half my stack, get fucked poor fag

>> No.52748321

this is 100% sylvarant or another twitter nigger

>> No.52748346

Imagine buying another token that you use to stake Chainlink. It’s fucking retarded. Linkpool Token absolutely not needed. Kek shits worse than Bancor, what a absolute achievement

>> No.52748369

is the pool still closed ?

>> No.52748379

pools closed and in the process of demolition

>> No.52748398

good job anon

>> No.52748427


>> No.52748451
File: 86 KB, 1765x708, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holy FUCK
I am financially ruined

>> No.52748454
File: 3.24 MB, 343x498, 1662441670597344.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's pretty fucking smart

>> No.52748512

Wait what the fuck? I locked my shit for an undisclosed amount of time for barely fucking 1% or my portfolio? Hello?!?
I read both blogs, this should have been visible.
What the actual fuck.

>> No.52748534

Sorry poolies, should have listened to me when I said it was retarded to listen believe LPL was the only way to stake.

42 shilling got other innocent anons. Again. Like it always does

>> No.52748555
File: 89 KB, 1779x727, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we're going straight to fucking 0
I can't believe it...
all these years of HODLing for fucking nothing...

>> No.52748565

i cant belive this bros...

>> No.52748566

lol checked on twitter, hes fucking having a twitter spaces about how its great for linkies now

>> No.52748688

Based retards
If you do the math it works out to a 60% GREATER daily link payout for your given holdings compared to before, as you originally had 100,000,000 of just one node, now you have your new halved share of the 260,000,000, but sharing a factor of 10 more node payouts. It works out to over 50% more link rewards daily

>> No.52748703


>> No.52748737

This. I'd have sympathy, but we really did try to warn you just to buy fucking link instead. Some poolies were so fucking smug and insistent theyd be the only way to stake though so get fucked those guys. Pretty good to be poasting in the last ever LPL bread though. BYEEEEE

>> No.52748787

Johnneh fingered all ya bums

>> No.52748821

>chainlink is not monetizable so they have to go down to the startups
if no one is using the startups and the anon slave class of labor they previously used to shill is too tired there is no virtuous cycle. you fucked up big time sergey

>> No.52748824

dude they are not sharing their revenue at all, they literally said it's unsustainable to do that and the other nodes won't share a cent of their revenue, it's not even in the picture. you get some fucking platform fee, YOU ARE THE YIELD NOW! staking and unstaking will cost a fee that stakers will get, very nice... every time the pool gets bigger and you can stake 2.7 LINK more for a cheap fee of 10$ in ETH they will earn some fees from that. it's so retarded. oh and add to that, all the node operators got millions of that token just airdropped for free to dilute the fuck out of you. but it's worthless anyways so who cares.

>> No.52748834



>> No.52748837

i love how chainlinkgod uses adoption stats from startups that no one fucking uses is not bullish

>> No.52748899

Sirs you are telling me that the pools closed for years.you make trick on me there is no water in the pool..The pool is dumping my bastards

>> No.52748927


You're invested in the staking rewards of 15 node ops, instead of the revenue of one. Revenue for a node is 25k LINK a month, staking rewards is 300 LINK a month. You got fucked, rugged, and rekt.

>> No.52748928

My basterd benchod, pool is closed

>> No.52748983

So we still get some income for staking SDL but we can't stake link yet on their platform unless we own a huge amount...
Plus locking up on the normal staking for chainlink has a lock up period for the rewards....

I dont want to go back to waging... But i might have to now.

>> No.52748992


You get fees from stake.link , not linkpools node.

>> No.52749002


LIDO has stETH backed 1:1 to ETH. There is 260M SDL for 750,000 LINK in the staking pool.

>> No.52749003

you will get 0.1 link a year yes

>> No.52749024

no.. no no no... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

>> No.52749028

Sir pool with no water is not pool it fucking skateboarding park bastard bitch mother.
You need 25k lpl(25000$)to stake 300 something link (2100$)??
Your numbers not working sirs

>> No.52749042
File: 41 KB, 724x241, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's 5%, actually!

>> No.52749059


There is 750k LINK in the stake.link pool currently from the 14 NOPs.

There is 260M SDL.

Do the math.

>> No.52749149

So they came up with the numbers for the staking pool by asking how much LINK do node operators have / are willing to risk on v0.1 versus how much link do node operators need to extract from the slave labor class of retail retards because they do not have enough LINK to cover the contract requirements.

tldr node operators do not have enough LINK to stake. Node operators have not been buying LINK.

>> No.52749163

Sers le pool is le closed haha get fucked nopoolers sers
From matt beale fiasco to this. Should have just bought link lmao

>> No.52749231

this is best way of thinking of it
just brutally cut out just like that
this stake.link could be big in future but it will be a long way off
and yeah, nothing we can do about it, that's that

>> No.52749281

>Yes let me invest in this thing that has a clearly disguised Jewish start as their logo. What could possibly go wrong.
Develop schizophrenia or your NGMI

>> No.52749381

Okay, I said I wouldn't say anything a few days ago. After this fiasco, fuck it. Johnny is owned by Sergey. He fired Mat because Sergey didn't like his unprofessionalism (twitter post). Mat moved funds from one account to another when one ran out of gas and he got reprimanded, but Sergey told Johnny to use that as a reason to drop Mat.

>> No.52749489
File: 321 KB, 1440x1193, mmmmh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.52749521

kek, but it should be Beale's face.

>> No.52749561
File: 30 KB, 600x600, 1503475212497.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so is LPL a scam or not
i want to know if i can laugh at u fags

>> No.52749570


>> No.52749593
File: 96 KB, 750x1000, 1655062298552.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>whole portfolios just got wiped out.

Yeah, mine just did. Naturally, I'm shitposting about it happening... but yeah, it fucking hurts.

Genuinely, there has never been a worse-handled ecosystem than Chainlink in the history of crypto. From the very start, Sergey got handed everything on a plate, from SWIFT to Microsoft to Facebook to Google, and a dedicated community from day one. Literally unheard of in crypto (or even any business sector, really) to have all of this as a startup. Yet he still fumbled the bag and betrayed so fucking hard, and it reflects in the other parts of the ecosystem, like Linkpool. Very clear that Sergey really isn't fit to be a CEO.

>> No.52749613

>Mat moved funds from one account to another when one ran out of gas and he got reprimanded
Why is this bad?

>> No.52749634

let us take a moment to remember the victims of bancor... lest we forget

>> No.52749647

He didn't have permission to move those funds on his own and moving it without the team moving was against their protocol.

>> No.52749650

>let us take a moment to remember the victims of bancor... lest we forget

I missed out on what happened with that; all I know is some people got fucked in the ass hard by Bancor and it was something to do with 'staking' LINK on there. Can you give me a quick rundown?

>> No.52749679

>he didnt have permission to use the dex
to my knowledge as a retard bancor were aggressively pushing some liquidity pooling with lpl horse rimmer said no then bancor went down with celsius and marines got a 50% LINK haircut as a low iq fee

>> No.52749698

I mean why did you think it was a smart idea to just jump into it

>> No.52749779


>> No.52749792


>> No.52749796

did you pool niggers get scammed or what? i see bancor being thrown around. how bad is it? what happened?

>> No.52749924
File: 19 KB, 506x533, stu2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfwI lost $50k in net worth today and I don't feel anything

>> No.52749927

yes, we got scammed so fkng hard, instead of owning a share of one pool of nodes owned by linkpool, we now own a share of 15 different institutions, earning rewards from all of their nodes fees, and this token also acts as a governance token. all of this resulting in our rewards as a whole increasing by about 50%. we are absolutely financially destitute, pay no mind here....

>> No.52749946

The problem is official link staking cant withdraw link rewards.

Stake.link can we withdraw link rewards? Coz unless you have 10k+ link it's not worth to stake in official provided you have SDL.

Even though the SDL staking for link allotment is crap to begin with i dont mind missing out a few months of 4.75%. provided stake.link allows us to sell rewards.

Coz once the 25m link changes to 75m link the SDL allotment will be much better.

>> No.52749950

why is the price plummeting then?

>> No.52749972

I guess this will natural after bancor keep the price shitty due to low liquidity. Just gotta wait for the pain to pass and the adjustment.

Also we need this on coingecko asap
We'll actually have a ranking for once.

>> No.52749976

what do you mean? i conceded that were eternally btfo, where's your comprehension? carry on friend, nothing to see here, surely, this is a very poor investment. i'm fucked!

>> No.52749983

i’m not buying your token

>> No.52749984


>> No.52749993

>>Also we need this on coingecko asap
> We'll actually have a ranking for once.

Yeah, fantastic mate, I'll get to watch it dump to zero on a different website, sensational.

>> No.52750007
File: 152 KB, 716x420, FjQYL4uaMAECoDS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No wonder we are dumping . Someone tell me how this is wrong? I need hopium.

>> No.52750010

all those things are for a new token (SDL), LPL was abandoned which is why it's plummeting to zero now

>> No.52750017


>> No.52750036

holy shit they aren’t like doing a swap or anything? that sounds scummy as fuck

>> No.52750049

because johnny fucked us
shut the fuck up you retarded nigger. theyve been leading us on for years that we would get cut of the revenue on all products, but now they renegged and are only offering a share of the FEES of ONE product

>> No.52750121

Must be the forth migration. Johnny keeps scamming

>> No.52750153

Wow, governance! To the moon, bros!

>> No.52750177

*up to
meaning at best

>> No.52750192


>> No.52750208
File: 84 KB, 602x602, 2BB34B18-879B-4338-9B11-7CCA7AD317F7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here’s Jonneh gorging himself on your profits

>> No.52750210

Pools closed anon.

This morning you owned a piece of LPL.

Tonight you own a piece of 12 nodes.

>> No.52750220

>Very clear that Sergey really isn't fit to be a CEO.
This isn't serg's fault.

Investing a significant amount of a portfolio in a revenue-sharing erc20 token from a company offering services on top of a network (chainlink - already highly speculative as it is) which is still in diapers and quickly developing was never a good idea. We all knew the nature of the network would be rapidly changing, which means the nature of the services offered on top of the network would be rapidly changing, along with the availability or variety of service providers on top of that network. Everything on chainlink and downstream still is rapidly changing, and will continue to be.

In the last couple of years, Linkpool has been to Chainlink what Netscape was to Internet Browsers in 1994 (ms internet explorer didn't exist). Or what Betamax was to home video in 1974 (vhs didn't exist). I got out when I made a decent chunk of money, because I knew the risk of failure in the long run was just too damn high. It's impossible to know what staking providers will pop up in the future, and what they'll offer. I tried getting this idea through to fellow LPL holders many times to no avail. The most frequent answer I got was "pool closed".

>> No.52750237

>Stake.link can we withdraw link rewards?
unironically no. not initially.

>> No.52750250

What are you over dramatic linkpool niggers crying about, you made up a tiny fraction of link holders and yet acted like insufferable smug cunts the entire time. You reap what you sew, link is fine and I’ll be staking tomorrow without your gay little pool. Midwits.

>> No.52750253

lol. ~320 link for 12k sdl? anything under 10,000 link rights per original LP is an affront to the community. johnny really does rim horses.

>> No.52750256


>> No.52750264

Alright thanks. Im probs just going to wait for stake.link.to increase allotment. I don't want to wait 12 months for my rewards. I hope stakelink wont be like that either....

>> No.52750279
File: 134 KB, 1280x1280, 1627715793596.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

well. with 750k linkies it's already abysmal with the factor 0.2...
why would anyone pay money for this ?

>> No.52750296

Check your math brother. Way less payout. Also, it's Staked rewards, not total fees (like was previous under LP).

>> No.52750367

The pool is not closed you gas lighting kike. In fact you can but sdl now for about 50 cents which translates into 25 cents per lpl

>> No.52750382

100 cents coz 1lpl is 0.5 sdl

>> No.52750392


>> No.52750424

My bad. I didnt sleep and am financially coping. Lpl was 50% of my portfolio. Jonny lied, poolers cried.

>> No.52750446

It’s ok anon, we forgive you. However we will never forgive johnny and his retinue of bears (as in the homosexual kind)

>> No.52750455

The biggest pain was the 50% cut....

>> No.52750458

what happened to these tokens? im a icp boi so i dont keep up with the link stuff

>> No.52750502
File: 28 KB, 808x447, i see pee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

basically pic related.

>> No.52750513

SDL price by end of week?
I'll go first...

>> No.52750541

0 just like lpl lmfao
chainlink fucking sucks

>> No.52750571

it's entirely correct. this will be the case for a long time, until v1 and even then it's not that much. imagine if staked LINK 100x, it would still be just 2 LINK per year. it's a joke for LPL holders but they are irrelevant, nodes get like 20 million a pop for free, just for committing 50k of staked link kek

>> No.52750584

at that price it would cost a person $150,000 to stake $2,100 worth of LINK at (((up to))) 5%. does that sounds like a reasonable deal to you?

>> No.52750626

congratulations on this seriously
well done linkpoolers. well done

>> No.52750645

All of this frankly wouldn't be so bad if the team wasn't so slimey with how they did this.

>start hyping a mystery announcement
>snapshot soon guys, get ready guy, we're so excited for Hou guys
>dumps 30% team lpl before announcement
>announcement comes, dilution, no revenue share, price down 80%

>> No.52750656

i honestly would kill myself if i were holding lpl all these years

>> No.52750674

working as intended chud based jonney seeth cuck

>> No.52750711

Its tempting ngl

>> No.52750733

can i get a greentext on what happened?

>> No.52750755
File: 13 KB, 220x229, 1561862904867.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.52750761

thanks anon. you pained a clear picture

>> No.52750763

Lpl faggots were so smug in link threads for years.
>le pool is le closed, fuck off nopoolers
Then they all got rugged

>> No.52750773
File: 90 KB, 751x499, 1670126547900836.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

imagine believing in this tech and investing all your chainlink gains into lpl at the start of the 2021 bullrun missing out on a entire bullrun, patiently waiting for staking to get released while you watch the liquidity dry up only for them to rug you with a new token at the last minute.

i think people here are legit going to kill themselves.

>> No.52750794
File: 205 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1670281283866.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

io saturnalia comes early the purple dawn of a new age of fairness

>> No.52750796

>dumps 30% team lpl before announcement
read this
>On October 31, we earmarked 25% of the LPL supply for a growth fund as we neared the final stages of a fundraising strategy. This growth fund allocated 2.77% of the total supply before the fundraising space began to change dramatically in early November. As a result, the remainder of the earmarked LPL was not used.
>This growth fund allocated 2.77% of the total supply before the fundraising space began to change dramatically in early November
>before the fundraising space began to change dramatically
nobody was buying their shittoken.

>> No.52750799

Private party not meant for normies or poor fags sorry fren. It is what it is.

>> No.52750842

cringe. chainlink is literally about max decentralization not private faggot pump parties with brits

>> No.52750904

Decentralization. Lmfao.

>> No.52750953


>> No.52750994


>> No.52751011

Reveal your sources anon.

>> No.52751023

unironically use the liquidity that linkpool put up for SDL on sushiswap. you can instantly swap sdl into LINK, thats them helping you to get rid of these retarded bags. it's a worthless governance token.

>> No.52751035

>you gotta buy 25k$ worth of our third party shitcoin if you wanna stake your 2000$ of chainlink
you tell me lmao.
It had a retarded premise from the start

>> No.52751092

So you niggas are getting .15 cents per year per 1000 lpl/sdl tokens that you hold?

>> No.52751139

nothing brings me more joy than seeing all these smug linkies get btfo day in and day out.

>> No.52751153

kek barely anyone bought lpl here, it was mostly smug cunts who had it from way back when (when it was still just linkpool) who just wanted to brag about their completely illiquid shitcoin because they knew they couldn't feasibly sell it anyways. That said, if the hundred or so of you do kill yourselves good riddance.

>> No.52751169

Are ya excited still, anon?

>> No.52751171

That's retarded. Holy shit linkpool team is run by brainlets

>> No.52751184

holy shit this thread is from yesterday? biz is dead as fuck now. did all the linkies kill themselves after the serger betrayal

>> No.52751186

Shouldn’t be making fun of them, link holders are no better. At any minute not that fat fuck could rug

>> No.52751193

this is fucking brutal
i mean yes, the token does give you a staking allocation that others won't have.. but man.. that nice jonny turned out to be ruthless as fuck

>> No.52751225

Who gives a fuck link holders get shit on every day whether its actual paid fud or sad fucks fudding their own token, nobody fudded lpl, you all had your little fud free circlejerks. Now you can eat shit.

>> No.52751258

I just bought 8k SDL at $.55 and it's at $.93 now
Imagine a shitcoin you can swing trade but it controlled the biggest LINK staking conglomerate. I feel weird. But I'm gonna win, stay poor insolvent poorfags

>> No.52751281

No fucking way it dumped that hard

>> No.52751283

where do you buy

>> No.52751301

Yeah way m8

>> No.52751636

>Holders: 175
Poor bastards
I wonder how many of them also got fucked on bancor
If they'd just held link...

>> No.52751687

hey dummy that's unstaked LPL

>> No.52751691
File: 93 KB, 385x390, 1614697738413.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

at $1/SDL, it has an APR of 0.014%


>> No.52751717

Hey it's the anon who knew this would happen

>> No.52751743

Bros what good is the token? They can just.mint.more.for new nodes operators.... The portion of rewards you will receive for even hodling the default 25k (now 13.5k) is nothing...

>> No.52751805

It’s a shitty governance token now. I hope it was worth it for Jonny with all the new enemies he made in mind craft. His name is forever more going to be synonymous with grift

>> No.52751810
File: 80 KB, 1000x1024, a45.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let me get this straight. You guys have to hold 12k $ usd of this shitcoin to get .24 link per year?
Is that really true?
Im honestly not the type to kick people when theyre down but i found you Lpl fags particularly obnoxious with your smug "pools closed" bullshit. So im gonna have to laugh, its kinda deserved for being cocky pricks.

>> No.52751832

You need to get rid of Samsung Keyboard

>> No.52751932

I don't know what to believe any more. If all this is true honesty I'll get my refund in full from him myself. For now let the dust settle. The truth is all these cryptos have taken massive advantage of everyone who's thrown in money. Half these antics would never ever work in the old world.

>> No.52751963

Still after the beta staking chainlink wont have a frontend for staking as a service. Either way the horse man has found a way to screw us all other.

At least the node operators have to vest for 2 years....

>> No.52751971

just unbelievable hahahahaha where my "smug" LPL faggots at? all these years we told you you're fucking niggers for holding an illiquid shitcoin and you never believed... now you got the bill hahahahahahahahahahahahaha


welcome to the IQ tests of our generation

>> No.52751992
File: 67 KB, 1534x1070, thebeautyofbeauty.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.52751998
File: 56 KB, 1284x852, beauty.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.52752028

Just goes to show that even someone who is building his life around the ecosystem can still be a retarded greedy nigger Jew. Here’s hope to running across Jonny or another other linkpool grifters on Minecraft

>> No.52752266


>> No.52752594

you're laughing
I am financially ruined and you're laughing

>> No.52752984
File: 458 KB, 1200x1363, 1662128451971257.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm willing to give blood to Satan or any Goetic demon if they fucking punish Johnny fucking hard