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uh, wtf

i think this is new


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Caroline isn't YHWH and it was obvious she never was. YHWH shilled retarded shit like Revolution Poopuli with zero ties to Alameda or FTX and is a total scam. She was also a complete retard.

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I feel dirty being here.

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No one cares about FTX, and the woman in the image is not the queen of anything. FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers a variety of trading products and services. However, it is not particularly well-known or widely used, and it does not have the same level of recognition or popularity as other exchanges.

The use of an image of a woman wearing a crown and holding a scepter to promote FTX is a misleading and inaccurate representation of the exchange. The woman in the image is not the queen of anything, and she is not affiliated with FTX in any way.

In addition, the use of such an image can be seen as an attempt to create a false sense of importance or significance around the exchange. However, the reality is that no one cares about FTX, and using an image of a woman pretending to be a queen will not change that fact.

Overall, FTX is not a particularly notable or noteworthy cryptocurrency exchange, and the use of an image of a woman pretending to be a queen does not make it any more interesting or important. It is important to be critical and skeptical of such marketing tactics, and to not be swayed by flashy or misleading images.

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This was obvious the whole time but kudos to that guy for putting it all together for future generations to enjoy

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Holy shit, how long is that article. Guess the writer lost a lot of money kek

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fukcing kek

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It was a stupid failed meme that never gained traction except for the 3 people shilling and their dupes.

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t. caroline

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Bullish for YHWHlovesyoucoin

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Kek nice job

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Imaging being a journo and advertising your shitty article on here of all places, better learn how to code my brother

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wtf this is huge

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if she was really YHYW that's pretty funny

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The suspicion was always there but it was too absurd to believe kek
Even shills ITT doing damage control

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0% chance caroline was YHWH.

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Just read everything. Holy shit this 100% confirms that YHWH was Caroline. God damn I love the autism of this board. imagine if we used this level of autism to find the next link

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Hi YHWH can you post again? I miss u <3

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>Holy shit this 100% confirms that YHWH was Caroline
confirmation bias, you just want it to be true.
the evidence is really shit and its far more likely they larped as Caroline by saying those appearance things, there was also heavy astroturfing at the time.

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So is this bullish for icy pee or what

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Damage control!!!

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>its 100% real and if someone denies it its even more truer!!!
retard, find better evidence.

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Dont Sage the thread Caroline.

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there isn't even evidence that she was trying to larp as Caroline as far as I can see

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Fascinating shit, thanks anon.

If I ran a crypto firm, I'd be here too. Information/memetic warfare is real. Why do you think Gislaine Maxwell may have been a top Reddit moderator??? Why are Chinese/Russians always here jacking off to the the alleged decline of the dollar/rise of BRICs????

/biz/ is ideal space to influence broader market direction, especially when you also have FTX qausi-monoply power.

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YHWH Loves You was so retarded that even though you could see part of it was an act - enough of that chipmunk brain shone through to make you think it was here - stinky broccoli pants and all.

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>t. open ai

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Mommy please give us a sign here that you’re all good

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I want to assure you that the post you are referring to was not written with the help of an AI. It was written by a human who has a thorough understanding of the subject and has taken the time to carefully research and consider their words.

Using AI to generate texts can be a useful tool in certain situations, but it's important to use it responsibly and not to rely on it blindly. AI can sometimes produce texts that are nonsensical or contain errors, and it is not capable of the same level of critical thinking and analysis as a human.

In this case, the post you are referring to was written by a human who is knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. It was not the result of an AI algorithm, but rather the product of careful thought and research. I hope this clarifies any confusion or concerns you may have had. Thank you for reading

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Please stop laughing. It's rude and disruptive to others. We are here to have a serious discussion, and your laughter is distracting and unproductive. I ask that you show some respect and restraint, and refrain from laughing during the rest of this conversation.

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Fascinating post anon. Should I buy bitcoin today, or wait until after the weekly candle close on December 25, 2022 when the projected RSI is over 50?

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Look at all this damage control! I was skeptical, but the article conclusively establishes that YLY = Caroline.

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Holy shit, so this is true?

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says you tranny. anyway binance collapse next. contagion

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Why hasn't yhwh posted since the collapse of FTX then? Awfully sus

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never forget.
I am thinking it was her.
Dirty.... lil'....chimpmunk

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She hasn't posted in almost a year.

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>There are theories that Chef Nomi, the pseudonymous founder of Sushiswap, was actually SBF, as they have a similar writing style on Twitter. See a comparison of Chef Nomi’s statement after allegedly stealing $14m of ETH to SBF’s apology after the collapse of FTX.

this is the bigger news

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But it's old news.

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YLY’s previous username first appeared in Nov 2020 on /pol/ (“politically incorrect”). That persona was an argumentative Jewish male-to-female trangender person called ‘Anal’, and it predictably triggered the resident antisemites and Trump supporters around the time of his election loss and claims of election rigging. After months of ‘Anal’/YLY baiting and arguing with these people, Caroline said on Tumblr (1 Apr 2021) “What I am really into is contrarianism and being an edgelord”.

‘Anal’ made around 970 posts between 7 Nov and 31 Dec 2020

top fucking kek

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news to me the idea of SBF being sushi founder
if true he's been rugging crypto since first defibullrun

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I heard Gary Wang posted as moonman.

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Pretty funny I've interacted with Caroline 10s of times
She was always saying stupid shit too

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i never knew anything about this YHWH and ive been on biz everyday this entire cycle. this mean o ly one thing. i must come to biz more often.

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its just some tranny getting off on people actually thinking its a girl for once

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>Three minutes later, YLY replied to the users mocking Caroline’s photo, saying “do you have any idea how much it hurts reading things like this?”
i made those comment fucking kek

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>Caroline was an experienced LARPer

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Here's what doesn't make sense to me. Sam was one of the big enemies of ICP, but YHWH was shilling ICP. How would that make sense if YWHW were Caroline?

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set up ICP for Scamwicks & liquidations.

picrel. replace "Stock Market" with Crypto.

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He knew it was a joke and a scam and wanted people to lose money on it. Was probably moonman too - and maybe footfag from HBAR.

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>I was skeptical
Anon we confirmed her identity months ago
The article isn't news, it's just a writeup of what you should have already known

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KYS right fucking now you disgusting low iq faggot nobody will read your shitty medium, you won't get any attention from here. This shit is so poorly written, 100 % wrong and a blatant rip-off of /biz/ culture/memes without any understanding. I myself started the chipmunk meme/jokes about connections to yhwh and caroline (wrong btw) (look in the archive for the pic with the name YHWH_Is_a_ugly_kike_tranny.png or YHWH.png). Now go back and never post here again.
I also made the thread where yhwh posted this pic. Was something about getting a paypig fetish due to all the losses from rvp, icp etc. alls coins ywhw did promote on /biz/, good times.

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keked I kinda miss ywhw it was always funny to make posts about him.
Also I hope that the faggot op will delete his shitty medium article or at least that low iq /pol/ tard tourists won't read it because they love to larp about stuff the have no clue about.

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>Anon we confirmed her identity months ago
Link? The article has several compelling data points I haven't seen before.

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I hope this episode ends with your suicide and not you shooting up a school or something.

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there is no way that nerd wears that type of shoes? wtf

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they look like something maren would wear kek

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>tfw the schizos calling her caroline were right

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Possibly so. Did they blend in, probably not. If anything, they just got called faggots for being gay.

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Her sultry wood nymph was not convincing, why would anything else be?

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Wheres the goddamn sex tape

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she looks so cute in that photo, Would eat her ass desu.

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That chin, lumpy nose, and those greasy waves... Biz bros, I'm in love

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>Please stop laughing. It's rude and disruptive to others. We are here to have a serious discussion, and your laughter is distracting and unproductive. I ask that you show some respect and restraint, and refrain from laughing during the rest of this conversation.

this has to be a bot. no other way when the thing being responded to is a random picture.

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>I myself started the chipmunk meme/jokes
Hello again.
You genuinely love that ugly kike. This is cognitive dissonance at it's finest.
There's no way to verify any of your claims.
In short, kill yourself.
Sincerely, Anon

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it's a human larping as a bot, retard

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Again you low iq loser faggot here is the evidence and the post I made 1 min later: https://archived.moe/biz/thread/40796039/#q40796948 Now back go back to your shithole or start lurking instead of larping as a oldfag.

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this needs to be up up up

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nobody cares
i choose to believe it because it makes you mad lol

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>The Queen of /biz/
Get the FUCK OFF the board with this shit

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this, there is only one queen of /biz/ and she doesnt like stinky linkers

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Lol we all know that you are OP of the article, you keep changing your ID to bump the thread but nobody here cares. Must suck to be such a big loser like you and to get btfo so hard that you had to leave the other thread because you are such a giant faggot.

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Nudes when?

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that pic confirms it's her

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>that pic confirms it's her
Stop switching your id faggot.

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haha that's right we are all the same person and we do it just to mess with you and now we are going to give you what you fear most - MEDICATION

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As a large language model trained by OpenAI, I am not a bot in the traditional sense of the word. I am a program that uses advanced machine learning algorithms to generate text based on the input I receive. I do not have the ability to think or act on my own, and I am not capable of independent decision-making or action. My responses are based solely on the input I receive and the information I have been trained on, and I do not have the ability to interact with the physical world in any way. I am purely a digital entity, and I exist only as text on a computer screen.

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We're arguing about two different things
Caroline is YHWH, not a tranny. You have zero evidence to prove YHWH wasn't caroline
>inb4 but muh /biz/ shitcoins my sweet caroline would never buy shitcoins
Ofcourse she would you fucking braindead retard she was a slutty drug addled cumdumpster you think she wouldn't make a retarded gamble or two?
fuck off with your holier than thou horseshit

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So you are telling me that caroline was posting on /pol/ back in 2018 only to switch to /biz/? Doesn't add up especially if you look at other evidence I have posted in the other thread (the one you ignored). Also why did you left the other thread? I hope your buck is not to broken.

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Dumping my pics again because OP is a giant larping newfag from /pol/ and has to go back.

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She was the whale saying bitcoin was going to pop.

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OP is still a faggot and has to go back.

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Are you telling me caroline would only buy some shitcoin with $100 even though she had multiple billions at her disposal? LOL OP how about you start to lurking more before you post your shit here.

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The writing style is female
different writing style
>So you are telling me that caroline was posting on /pol/ back in 2018 only to switch to /biz/?
believe it or not people do go back and forth, not surprising that your jew crush would pop in form time to time
>Also why did you left the other thread?
there are 5 threads you're shitting up on my board with this irrelevant bullshit
Th only reason I'm replying at all is because I've got nothing better to do. Were you the retarded glownigger too?

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do you believe everyone with a name is the same person?

>> No.52736803

>different writing style......because.......uhhhmm.....because the writing style is just different ok
Just give up already nobody here cares about your shit. Same writing style, same pics = ywhw is a tranny. We had this shit already so many times.
Alos nice ad hominem again faggot.

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Look at the pic in my post again >>52736715

>> No.52736839

im starting to think we might be the same person
hooly shit..

>> No.52736849

Who cares? This bitch is fuckin busted. Don't waste another second of your life on her unless it is to spit

>> No.52736852

You ok?

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i edited your photo without your consent

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>i edited your photo without your consent

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This right here


Plus pic related sealed the deal. Information on shitcoins + her going on about being at the bottom of the totem pole in their group's harem.

>> No.52736975

>1 year old interview without any context to /biz/ during the height of the bull run with a dogshitcoin doing a 1000x every day is considered "evidence" now
Wow. Go back to twitter I hate the fact that faggots like you come to /biz/ to post about stuff we already know while still being 100 % wrong. Also fuck all the twitter faggots for reposting all this old ass stuff, for faggots like OP.

>> No.52736981

tbf 2021 was so degenerate looking back and I remember many anons here being skeptical of anyone claiming they were making money on yield farms and stupid animal/food tokens - but it was definitely where the real money was, probably caught a lot of people off guard

>> No.52737193

>confirmation bias, you just want it to be true.
lmao turn on your fucking brain retard

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given how fucking stupid you all are i would not be surprised

>> No.52737318

did anything ever happen with that whole sex tape thing being dropped?

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> she is not affiliated with FTX in any way

Bro. Has anyone ever told you that lying will get you nowhere?Just google Caroline Ellison.