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SHIB and DOGE reaching 40 and 80 billion dollar market caps respectively was the absolute peak of normie sentiment and you can't argue otherwise. There is literally no way the next cycle can top this. Sorry chuds, but crypto is dead forever.

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thanks for bottom signal faggot

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OK cool but what will be the next shib and doge?

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>pic related cube
low key chainlink post. well done anon. bullrun begins with staking

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I have ABSOLUTLY no idea my here's a cute dog with a bat

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there's got to be chop, echo bubbles and bear market rallies. still able to make some money.
easier to make money upwards though because of how shorting works

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well of not - unless the FED/Central banks do another round of helicopter money aka hyperinflation. I feel this was a the limits of what the system could handle without going completely belly up.

That being said. If you buy now you will with high certainty be in profits 2 years from now.

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whew thankfully bitcoin isn't crypto. Tik Tock next block

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>absolute peak of normie sentiment
so far!