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What should I say to her?

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First off that’s a man

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Ask her if you she can give me back my $5731.83 that she stole.

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Tell her you are valid

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CAROLINE ELLISON! GIVE ME FUCKING MONEY BACK!!! Make a huge scene and keep loudly ranting about alameda research, scams, amphetmines, orgies and ftx

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Why is she being so quiet about all this, compared to Sam who is blabbing every chance he gets? Has she even done an interview lately?

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I think she's onto me

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pull her hair

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where is this op?

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what does she smell like?


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soho manhattan

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Rape her

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What sucks the hardest is that people like her continue to stay rich
Have a bankruptcy to the tune of BILLIONS is apparently, more beneficial than actually never having anything at all
Being -$10,000,000,000 means you had to have a lot of power to fuck up that hard
Being -$100 means you need to work harder next week wagie because these fines are gonna add up LOL

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is she/ was she haggling the price of her coffee?

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outgrip The Gripper?

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behead the bitch

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If I owe the bank a dollar, that's my problem, but if I owe the bank a billion dollars, that's the banks problem.

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Posting in a thread

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Not the public profile, not the face, not the parents. It is smart to keep your mouth shut.

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Woohoo I posted in a historical thread :)

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imagine being as fucking stupid as you are

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Very basado
Tell her to come around back and show the grippy

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That's the only explanation that makes sense to me. Just seems weird she would be so prudent about staying quiet while Sam is doing the complete opposite.

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Why isn't she detained or something???

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>not the parents
? Caroline's as much of a powerful cunt as SBF

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It was an honest mistake that also happened to channel nearly a half billion usd into the democratic party. Lineage aside that kind of 'donation' can buy you a lot of invisible aid in sticky situations.

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>Be famous
>Be wanted internationally
>Have very distinguishing facial features
>Be in a world where every person on Earth is nothing more than a smartphone surveillance drone for the internet hivemind
>Do not wear coof mask when it is socially acceptable to do so
>Get found instantly
This chick has balls.

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posting in historical thread

fuck jannies btw

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So the American justice system just turns a blind eye? Any trust in the system that existed before is completely gone at this point.

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My bad.

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>ctrl+f weasel
>zero results

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you do know OP just took the twitter post to get niggers like you to say that, right?

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kek you just know that anyone who going to approach her is getting jumped by 10 federal agents

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Pretty much
Thats why we need a revolution over here in burger land

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Put me in the screencap!

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The american political system is ending because the moronic satanist cabal thinks it can use surveillance to run a successful tyrant state for ever when in reality it's going to cause their civilization to burn to the ground with them included.
They are not smart people.

The factory of the world, China, will no longer be making the worlds products because the tyranny is so bad that it is impossible to live with.
Human civilization is in the process of ending thanks to surveillance and opportunistic tyrants and the elite are banking on AI and machines replacing human beings.

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toasting in an epic bread

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Its pretty wild. A bunch of overgrown babies that would rather burn everything down if they can't have it exactly their way.

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i think she's very naive

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Posting in epic bread

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Sad but true
They're doing everything they can in their power in the last futile days to hold their shit show together but it's cracking at the seems every day
When the revolution comes it won't be televised. But it will be viewable from the streets. It's going to be beautiful.
Nothing I want to see more than the Biden administration collapse in real time.

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It's literally the Bob Page meme from Deus Ex
>"We'll be GODS of a new world!"
They're psychopaths. Psychopaths are very smart in certain aspects but incredibly stupid in others, they aren't always capable of comprehending the nature of consequences for certain actions.
But they are betting on replacing humanity with machine and AI workers. They literally don't care about the risk of machines rising up and killing us all like terminator, the prospect of having ultimate power to get away with any crime is too alluring so they'll risk human extinction.

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>happened to channel nearly a half billion usd into the democratic party

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Just kill her

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I don't think the justice system will openly ignore her. There will be a publicly open and fair trial and a 'suitable' penalty.

Powerful people are able to bend and break rules in pretty much any system. You can pay or otherwise compel people to look away, mislay information, not find hard drives, give lenient penalties and generally obstruct any process.

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I'm so tired of what is becoming of our world

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Bullshit? It's been proven that they sent the fucking money to the dems. Where have you been living, under a rock?

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I read an email written by a Rothschild to a USA politician where she said (paraphrasing) "I believe we are going to cease to be the light of the world". The email was stating how surveillance is so bad that even the "Illuminati" cannot keep a secret and therefore cannot keep control.

They know they are going to lose control of the world. Every major corporate think tank has predicted the end of civilization in the next few decades along with the rise of the new AI/machine species of robots.

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Posting in a twitternigger thread
screen cap this

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henlo frens it is i, anon, posting in an epic corruption exposing justice fail thread
post email

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Notice how YWHW LOVES YOU isnt posting right now?

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>What should I say to her?
Pic related

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>post email
You have to go to deep net, like wikileaks, to find it. It was a hacked email and I didn't save it. Just saw it posted online.

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You just lied, retard.

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I would immediately crack her skull open with a glass.

This is a threat.

I would also like to use this opportunity to say that I would do some terrible things to that little green sewer rat

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I think it was the gucifer dump.
old email.

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Its worse than you thin anon. Consciousness itself is a computer outside of time that our brains just latched onto.


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You need to be hung, you fucking liberal democratic scum

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Cut her throat in front of everyone
Kikes are immune to all words

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So you are not going to apologize for outright lying? You think it's justified to lie about people you dislike, is that it?

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kek, a 1/10 who's also a gigantic whore? not good

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Theoretically you can place her under citizens arrest since she is an international fugitive.

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And now you know why income tax is slavery but taxing corporate fictions is good.

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Laws are for plebs, voting is just giving karmic consent to be raped, deal with it.

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Caroline, i love you, please we can liquidate so many plebs together.

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She's being protected by fellow Jews.

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So what a man gotta do? What a man gotta do
To be totally locked up by you?
What a man gotta say? What a man gotta pray
To be your last Good night and your first Good day?

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if you don't like make your own justice system.
no reason why not.
it's not like "they" plan on treating humanity with any decency.

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The way I see it, we're all, (as in all of humanity) completely fucked once the AI and the machines are ready. Have you see the new GPT which can write sophisticated programs and can hack computers? We are fucking counting down to the singularity. Humanity doesn't have a fucking chance.

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Obvious JDIF or Alameda damage control muscle here. You're an idiot. Honestly, it's the most blatant fact out there. The entire world knows you and your cohorts were funneling money through Alameda and FTX to fund not only the democrats but sent to Ukraine so they could launder it back towards dems. It's all out there you have no where to hide, scum. Its over for you. Your days are numbered

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please don't take this away from me, it's all I have

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which makes their pathetic attempt at establishing Orwellian tyranny seem like nothing more than a convicts last meal wish. Because that is exactly what it is.

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tell her the smell isn't imagined anymore

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put a bag on her head and drag here to the nearest saudi/middle eastern embassy, demand a 1% reward for capture (100 million)

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>You think it's justified to lie about people you dislike, is that it?

I read Saul Alinksky too faggot. What’s good for the kike is good for the goyim

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grab a pic of that grippy

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I've noticed girls with vocal fry always have rank ass breath.

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I thought I saw her at my local Safeway, but it just turned out to be a different woman who was uglier than her.
Let that sink in.

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Machines would have no incentive to rise up, that’s just a fear mongering trope from sci-fi/luddites.

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Things like China and the pissant shit in the USA like the "ministry of Truth" is fucking last wish fulfillment by the psychotic authorities of a species that is about to go extinct.
Klaus schawb just wants to know what it feels like to be a super master of earth before he gets wiped out by the machines.
Pathetic bitches. Their attempt at this Orwellian system is a confession that they have no intention of trying to survive AI and the singularity. They have given up and are playing out their power fantasies one last time.

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Tell her Sam is going to pin it all on her and he is getting away with it.

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It’s time to tell her how you feel. Love is like a butterfly. When it’s ready, it’s time to blossom. Go on, get the courage to finally talk to her. Maybe she’ll one day see you the same.

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"Science fiction" authors are more intelligent than you can ever hope to be. You lack the self awareness to understand that or the world you live in.

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Pin the weasel NOW!

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Still lying and name-calling without even attempting to provide evidence. Embarrassing.

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Are Jews above the law?

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When you figure out why the majority of predictions in sci-fi have manifested in reality you'll have a better understanding of what is really going on.

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Is the sky blue?

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>What should I say to her?
try something like that: where's the fucking money weaselface? give me my fucking money

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they are the law

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citizens arrest

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ask her if you can be one of the twelve guys that rails her this week

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Im sorry bros...but i would. Id have to. I couldnt help myself.

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Just rub her elbow with a tub of vaseOleen in the queue behind her and she'll know

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Post links to corporate think tank reports?

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Hey anon remember when you told me to take my meds when I said nothing would happen to these scammer kikes? Thoughts?

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Postan b4 sleepan

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Approach her politely and say that despite the all the money you lost, you harbor her no ill will and would never have anybody poison her coffee. Than ask for an autograph and a selfie.

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Kill yourself

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AI is getting good but i can always tell its fake

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>still not a shred of evidence

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>The entire world knows you and your cohorts were funneling money through Alameda and FTX to fund not only the democrats but sent to Ukraine so they could launder it back towards dems

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did you get a sniff of him?

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Kind of epic, NGL. The audacity of these Jews though.

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taxing a fiction is a fiction

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How can >people like this even show their face in public? Are they surrounded with covert bodyguards? I’d imagine there’s quite a lot of people out there who lost so much money due to kikelizards like her who’d be willing to stab her to death.

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You're just mad you didn't think of it first, incel. Historic thread is historic

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OP is not the original poster guys. Fucking retards

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fucking kek

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To think anybody would be willing to trust these goblins with their hard earned money. Absolutely kek every time I think about it. Cucks deserve everything they've lost.

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This is a person who knows they are going to get away with it

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>Steals from 1/4 of all US crypto investors
>Can walk around Soho without being jumped
We are still early

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Shoot her you dumb CIA nigger. Do your damn job

>> No.52735130

Barista confirmed it's her

The absolute audacity women have thinking no one will touch them after losing all their money

>> No.52735152

It only works because NY state laws written by Wall Street Jews forbid New Yorkers from investing in crypto, it's probably the safest place in the world to hang out as a crypto scammer.

>> No.52735153

She's Jewish and donated some money while holding billions
Not even joking

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shank her in the heart

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Ask her why she didn't get a nose job with all the money she stole

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>>Be wanted internationally
she's not wanted

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You'll never catch me

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It's things like this that make me choose self-custody for my assets anon. More reason why I store my NFTs and altcoins on my Sylo smart wallet while I save up for a ledger

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>that jacket
Is that Kanye?

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The old 4chan would've already timestamped their appearance and fucked with her by now in a legendary bread

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include me in the screencap sires

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I was here

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god look at those calves.
so shapely.

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holy fuck her feet are huge

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Put me in screenshot pls!

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>mfw she's literally rubbing her hands together

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Onlyfans is the antichrist. It turned belle delphine into a pornslut and allowed abominations like this fat faggot to ravage the internets

>> No.52736858

>give me back my two weeks worth of basic work

lmao poor fag

>> No.52736870

scratch that we'll kill every single last one of you

>> No.52736880

belle delphine is a born slut, she's been sucking cocks as a 12 years old, you stupid simp

>> No.52736930

How do you know it’s her and not just some random Jewish chick?

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it doesnt have to have true incentive, just run an 'incentive prompt'

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Nice self-own.

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tick tock

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kek best thread on biz

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bump so other anons can see nikado's greasy asshole and i dont have to suffer alone

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dios mio: the thread

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get close
close enough to pick her pocket
lean in and whisper in her ear
>Darmak and Jalad at Tanagra

>> No.52738919

Walk past her and say loudly and clearly "Rat nest hair", two three times to make sure she hears it.