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How did he manage to fuck up and lose everything while having like 5 different licenses to print money?

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kike nigger got caught with not one but two hands in the cookie jar

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It was intentional goy

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Kid is just trying to delay the inevitable.
He was running a Ponzi scheme.

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a rug pull isn't a fuck up. its planned from the beginning.

you convince cryptards that fiat is "dirty" while simultaneously collecting all the fiat from them in exchange for lame ass chuck-e-cheese tokens. For some reason they eat this shit up.

Then once they stop giving you cash, and some decide to sell a bit, its a huge cascade down to the bottom because theres no actual fiat left in the system.. it's long gone.

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>lose everything
this guy will never not be rich

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chronic gambling addiction
a polycule full of chronic gambling addicts
Basically /biz/

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Greed. A crypto exchange is a money printer, literally all he had to do was just keep collecting money, instead he got greedy and leveraged, completely unnessecary.

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>manage to fuck up
lol no. It's all intentional.

he fucks up means he goes to jail.
Which he won't.
Which means it's all in the plan from the very beginning.

He'll get the money in the end & walks free and you goys can only cry him a river

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100% this

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>lose everything
?? he did not loose. you and all FTX users lost. he is fine on the beach doing conferences and buying house to his family.

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He lost nothing, it was the dumb fucks that trusted him that lost everything.