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This is where real money is made in bear markets. Let's talk abt new L1’s that are going to take off when the bull market returns.

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Cardano will be #1 L1 due to decentralization, scalability and community.

Cope and seethe centralized trannies.

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none of them

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Check out AssetMantle. Listed on mexc as MNTL, already on CG/CMC and has a TON of stuff going on developing an interoperability solution for NFTs with big names like Polygon, WC3, Axelar, Gitcoin, etc. The top 4 whales dumped it over the last couple weeks, but are out now, and the team is making progress on the roadmap, providing updates, etc. picrel

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I think Kadena has potential to x100

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Solana, and ftt

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shhh...I'm still packing bags
idk, it's not staying very babena
hi sam

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kek. you’re stuck in the previous bull narratives. people who were there in 2017 thought alt blockchains were still going to be the shit next cycle and held their heavy iota ada xrp nano etc bags missing out on defi & alt L1s hype in 2020. by the time bullrun arrives ZK rollups will be ready and L1s will heavily underperform

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