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Discreet was designed to bring together every meaningful innovation since the inception of blockchain into a single powerful platform, with a focus on true privacy, speed and scalability. Discreet aims to address the shortcomings of previous privacy coins, and ensure long-term privacy for its users. The project combines state-of-the-art privacy technology that allows users to create fully confidential contracts directly on the Discreet blockchain, with programmability and a novel consensus..

quick rundown:
>utxo based on-chain private contracts
>63 ring size vs. monero 16
>aleph (aurem) confidential proof of stake (84k tx/s achieved on 16 nodes in 4 continents)
>supports transparent tx
>approval for listing on Bittrex
source: https://twitter.com/FrederikMarkor/status/1532998936188837888
>rumors of top 5 exchanges (kraken, binance incubator)
>presale open for a couple of weeks more

for the uninitiated:
(presale still ongoing)




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>why is the presale on BSC if its a layer-1
the bsc stuff works as a ledger to keep track of whats owed on mainnet once its launched, BDIS on BSC can be converted to DIST on mainnet launch in 2023

>when listing on CEX
along with mainnet, Bittrex confirmed, Binance likely.

scandinavian, no stinky jeets

>why is it superior
SCRT is DRM-tier privacy, and they got hacked lol https://sgx.fail/

>what is Aurem (consensus)
confidential proof of stake (anonymized staking) with hotseat comittee

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hot broad

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You forgot to link the explorer, OP is a faggot again.


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Honestly, I can't wait until Discript launches, I've been reading up on the whitepaper and a few friends of mine are planning to build the first AMM for it, betting on it being a larger coin once the it gets broader adoption via CEX listings. If you're a dev and would like to join our little enclave write in the unofficial TG and I'll DM ya.

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what is a guesstimate for the price once mainnet is released and it gets a fiat pair?

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no one knows for sure, some comparisons was made with AVAX and 60$+ seemed realistic, but the circ supply will only equal that of AVAX in like 7 years from now according to whitepaper

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This shit will become digital cash check purple id

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DIST very good token, good team of european devs fully doxx

token fully locked up, no dev wallets, this coin ready to moon with good privacys guarantee on block chain

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>check purple id

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only need to buy 8.100 DIST to make it to on VIP LIST

don’t sleep 4channel get into DIST ICO today, many mooncap waiting

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bitrexx good exchange to host DIST- charges us no fees to partner with bitrexx

which means many more saving pasted on to ICO holder and dev team

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checked. There was talks of a DIST stablecoin, hopefully not fucking a t*ther contract.

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please no buyings of this coin, more value for current holders on launch. kthx

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come by DIST 4channel, don’t sleep on good token for bear market. this token has own coin and block chain that gives privacys for transfer. no one can track you or have back door like other shit privacy coins

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when u buy DIST you get in VIP LIST

you get preference for privacys transcripts and transfers. front of line for VIP DIST holders in presales

DIST good token, many moons coming for ticket to lambo land

But do it in privacy with DIST coin

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What does this do that monero doesn't?

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oh holy cows anon,. you got repeated integers. you are gonna make it with DIST. kek and pepe frog have blessed forum and DIST with numbers!

lets us get more numbers wagmi

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get out monero shill

you know monero obsolete tech with block chain advances , paid FUDDER bringing up shit coin

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Jannies get on this flooding shit, derailing the thread, I've seen it happen so many fucking times now

Also oooo

I think like 4 minutes of reading would answer this question for you instead of spoonfeeding? It's essentially Monero with scripting and instant finality.

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fren how switch IDs when posting?

im in telegram asking how to switch IDs so we can keep promoting token

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dont sleep on DIST 4channel wambo lambo

moonie moon with this token,.


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I'm genuinely curious. This post makes me think this is a shitcoin considering the posts in this thread and how I haven't heard of this until now. Presales don't really help that case.
I'll look into the documentation later today
Lol. Lmao.

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we all know what he plans to achieve, but its so laughably transparent, jannies sleeping. there's a summary on the website if you're not into reading the entire whitepaper.

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yes and check our githuit very active with developing and roadmaps.

we don’t outsource and devs either all in europe, good team fully doxx

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COMFY GENERAL. I threw 3.5 bnb into this during the bear market before they even had a network, honestly forgot about it until biz reminded me it existed, now were on testnet and its the thing I'm batting the most on

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this token is very comfy

good presale very fair, no lock up, no dev wallet

this coin good for privacy on block chain

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we need more pepe frog posting to keep traction of forum here, community like pepe frog

we need meme competition of DIST and pepe frog

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can you explain to me how the _devlockdate variable now + 267 days gets attached to the wallet transaction so that sometime in the future the vm can determine when to unlock tokens? pls no bully.

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good post thank you, looks organic bro

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this jeetin larp is unironically a bull signal if you understand how the presale works.

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im danish and yea pre sale is bullish for us

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It's retards from the splinter TG. Either way, phd fella joined the team today so that's promising

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>good post thank you, looks organic bro
some anons were talking about this the other day. i can't understand how this variable would have persistence? surely the vm isn't going to keep a variable in memory every time tokens are purchased. this has to be encoded in the transaction somehow, yes?

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the code is part of the contract, and if this is calculated every time the contract is called it will be reset, which means

_devlockdate = now + 267 days

Will *always* be 267 days in the future. Does that make the token permanently locked? is this shit even sellable? please explain this.

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>the code is part of the contract, and if this is calculated every time the contract is called it will be reset, which means
>_devlockdate = now + 267 days
>Will *always* be 267 days in the future. Does that make the token permanently locked? is this shit even sellable? please explain this.
did you guys fall asleep?

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Scam. They siphoned the money through their privacy network so we can't even track what it's going towards

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check. but you shut the fuck up monero shill

fuck you paid FUDDERS this token is going to moon have u check git hub? It full of activity

fuck paid FUDDER

we need more help to bump thread DIST

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>have u check git hub? It full of activity
activity like this?
>the code is part of the contract, and if this is calculated every time the contract is called it will be reset, which means
>_devlockdate = now + 267 days
>Will *always* be 267 days in the future. Does that make the token permanently locked? is this shit even sellable? please explain this.

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the code is under going many review good work in progress, but for you the devs are locked themselves as said above so they can not dump on consumers

it’s all good in danish law

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bro u may want to delete thread, respond on telegram

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>the code is under going many review good work in progress
lol, this is part of the immutable published contract, they'd have to deploy a new one. check on bscscan and you can read it yourself.

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listen the code is being worked on as we speak

DIST is a legitimate token with its own privacys block chain, it is not a scam. you are paid FUD from monero

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this is a scam. this coin has been floating around for well over a year. They pop up every couple months. Dont invest in this shit

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it certainly is funny how all the other posters stopped posting...it's almost like there IS a TG group where they are coordinating.

>> No.52700007

there is, though i derive a high amount of sick satisfaction just coming in here rambling about VINDALOOO

and there’s nothing they can do to stop it, you ought to see how mad they are in chat over the past few days of having their scam coin derailed constantly

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bump everyone needs to read about the DIST/ discrete scam network

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>you ought to see how mad they are in chat over the past few days of having their scam coin derailed constantly
this makes me happy as I've been calling out this scam in their threads since the original disg a few weeks ago.

>> No.52700239

Please come read about DIST and discrete network scam-

As told by >>52697724

>> No.52700241

Maybe hop in Telegran and see whats actually going on?

t. DIST holder

>> No.52700265

thanks for bumping the scam thread for me


>> No.52700302

>Maybe hop in Telegran
the TG i want to join isn't listed in the OP. it's the super secret jeetret TG where YOUR MOTHER IS A GROUP ILL FUCK YOUR MOTHER ON THE SPACE SHUTTLE YOU FUCK BASTERD BENCHODE

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lol, lmfao even. DR;NS

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There's 3 (three people) responsible for 50 posts in this thread trying to take it off topic and mods are doing nothing? Great board 10/10

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>Maybe hop in Telegran and see whats actually going on?
>t. DIST holder
so you hold this shit but can't/haven't answered this for yourself yet?
>what is a guesstimate for the price once mainnet is released and it gets a fiat pair?
if you do know, then you're just shilling, and making my point for me. if you don't know, then you're just a retarded fanboy and don't even understand why this is a scam. btw, you don't own any discreet, you own an IOU on the BSC casino called bdis. lol.

>> No.52700367

Maybe you shouldn’t try to shill your scam token here. Maybe the mods and jannies to their credit have a sense of humor and know that DIST is a scam.

Go shill your dead coin on twitter or r*ddit

>> No.52700390

>There's 3 (three people) responsible for 50 posts in this thread trying to take it off topic
THAT'S WHERE YOU'RE WRONG KIDDO. The thread's topic is why discreet is a pajeet scam, and on a 10/10 hot milf-worthy board like biz, you would expect the board anons to call out bullshit when they see it, so fuck you, lurk moar.

>> No.52700423

Correct because price speculation is not allowed in the TG.

>testnet launched last week
>tg has had hundreds of join in the last few weeks
Do you huff paint?

>> No.52700440


You can get any street shitter to join a. “tg” with any promise on moon mission you fucking faggots

this shit is a scam, you guys got caught. You should have deleted the thread and moved on. Just keep bumping it, please

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Please compare to aleph zero. Looks like dist is using azero consensus. Upside seems limited Vs azeros presale as well which started at single digit pennies.

>> No.52700553

>Correct because price speculation is not allowed in the TG.
i didn't ask if you can talk about price in the TG. I asked you if you hold this shit without having first speculated yourself that the price would increase before buying it. Retard.
>testnet launched last week
October 27th was last week? You need to visit the shill material archives on that TG of yours and update your script.

>> No.52700561

>this shit is a scam
>mentions zero reasons why

>> No.52700595

See >>52699254
or the entire thread actually for how poorly this coin is being shilled here, say after day.

Or the multiple deleted threads from the past few days.

>> No.52700603

Oh no. I misspelled once. I am BTFO. It's obviously gonna be more than presale price but how much more?

>> No.52700625

So you understand it's ans IOU coin that isn't meant to be traded but you believe this fud that, btw, makes zero sense. Oh you probably made it tho, right?

>> No.52700652

dude literally everyone still on this board knows this is a scam. We have all seen this before. Literally for well over a year you guys have been shilling this shit. Just fuck off already.

>> No.52700658

>IOU coin



just admit it’s a scam you inbred

>> No.52700759

OH shit. Guys I was wrong this isn't a scam after all. Please buy bdis and try out main net after launch (rumored to be now + 267 days)

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>> No.52700852


>> No.52700861

Yes I think you've got it mate. Please do the needful.

>> No.52701040

bump for DIST scam thread

everyone be aware of DIST and or discrete network scam

>> No.52701141

Can Americans buy the pre sale? Like is it geo blocked or something

>> No.52701375

First time reading up on this shitcoin. Wtf how bad can a token be? They have this "test net" only devs can access but for some retarded reason they expect people to believe there is genuine discussion happening itt. Laughably obviously what these scammers are up to and I'm not happy about it

>> No.52701504

It's a closed testnet, not just devs you moron

>> No.52701562

Closed SCAM net bump for awareness on DIST scam

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>Can Americans buy the pre sale? Like is it geo blocked or something
lol, why would you care if americans can buy a scam? are you trying to scam them?
>It's a closed testnet, not just devs you moron
that you have to spend $1500 just for "dude trust me bro" access. why would anyone spend $1500 just to test something that only other people who spent $1500 can use? The presale is going on over 2 FUCKING YEARS and the only thing you can do on the testnet is trade your fucking scam tokens with other people who have already been scammed. get the fuck outta here with this shit.

>> No.52703551

>that you have to spend $1500 just for "dude trust me bro" access. why would anyone spend $1500 just to test something that only other people who spent $1500 can use? The presale is going on over 2 FUCKING YEARS and the only thing you can do on the testnet is trade your fucking scam tokens with other people who have already been scammed. get the fuck outta here with this shit

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>want to talk with other privacy inclined anons about the project
>it’s 2 monkeys shitting up the thread reeeeeeing
Actual rug pulls get posted every day but these people focus hours of their time shitting up a containment thread for a legitimate project for no reason. If you think it’s a scam just hide the thread and go back to /gme/ or /tlcg/ ffs. Was talking about link or eth this bad during the ico?

>> No.52706036

>comparing two legitimate tokens and companies to an astroturfed scam

ya nah, have a free bump though so your DIST / discrete network scam can stay on page one for all anons to see

>> No.52706708

Bump for DIST scam awareness

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Message for all nu-biz fags. DYOR. Project is legit it's 2 people creating/shitting up these threads afterwards to inflate their own bags. CLEAN IT THE FUCK UP JANNIES.

>> No.52706755


You’re just an ass blasted scammer who’s run a two year presale for some dead shit token with a scammy lock up period as indicated by >>52699254

If you had a good project you wouldn’t need to shill your bags here. That’s it. Just don’t advertise here. Go somewhere else faggit

>> No.52706772

>dev funds are locked for over a year
>this is a BAD thing
wow the absolute state of you shills

>> No.52706788

>still can’t address why team has a two year presale and has to contestantly shit up /biz/ with a token no one wants to buy

Just give up, go somewhere else no one here is interested in your scam coin.

>> No.52706820

Not particularly familiar with solidity, but I assume unless that function is actually being called, now+267 days would be initialised and then the clock starts ticking, the now shouldn’t change unless the contract calls the function.

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Look as the fudder squirms as he runs out of arguments. There's a testnet live Rajesh, go FUD somewhere else

>> No.52706849

Nope you should have just deleted the thread and stopped shilling your bags. The best part is you keep bumping it, the more people know it’s a scam.

just keep on being ass blasted street shitters

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>Doesn't elaborate
>Doesn't understand solidity
>Doesn't mention there's a L1

So you just ran out of arguments? HAHAHHAH. You're so bad at what you're doing.

Newfags: https://explorer.discreet.tools/
In truth, this will be the end of all privacy coins, but oh no your precious bags of what, 500$ might be diluted if others discover your secret little gem? KYS poorfag.

>> No.52706912

Talking like a street shitter and trying to post coom bait isn’t helping you. Just delete your thread and move on. No one’s buying your two year pre sale scam coin.

I’m surprised you street shitter came back. You guys took a break to come up with some new lies, it only took you six hours.

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>Street shitter
>2 year ICO
>No real arguments

Anything else you tick?

>> No.52706945

Nope I appreciate it. The longer you keep bumping the thread, the higher visibility, the more everyone knows DIST and discrete network is a scam.

no arguments here street shitter, you’re helping

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Anyone who just reads the paper and looks at the Github will know exactly what youre doing especially since you ADMITTED to it, how low IQ can you be. Looks like community has only grown, so keep bumping it. Love you.

>> No.52706966

havent checked the code but youre most likely correct.

>> No.52706968

yep good point, everyone can look at the “paper” and know it’s a scam. The two year pre sale is a scam, the token lock up is a scam.

I love it keep bumping your thread shill.

>> No.52706984

DIST many good team, not scam. no token lock up, we are changing code

we just updated code to reflect latest claims of scam, DIST is good token and team is working diligently

>> No.52706986

why would they put their real names to a scam? koerner is real and has done interviews on youtube.

>> No.52706993
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"The token lockup"
ya'know its not DIST its BDIS right? and regardless you dont understand how solidity works.


Now go back to your sewer.

>> No.52707003

why do you niggers keep shilling this before launch

>> No.52707010

yes good organic rebuttals

koerner fully doxx team, we change code, DIST good tokenomics

>> No.52707022

good copy we need more pepe frog posting to more organic but people may not click links due to all monero paid FUD in here

>> No.52707034
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L1 ICO's are how you actually make money with a bit of due diligence, ERC20 shitcoins are a casino.

so we know you're just switching IDs to FUD, cool beans.

>> No.52707046

Great another scam, filtered, always pajeets

>> No.52707048
File: 2.29 MB, 1460x1339, 1668722201184002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That pepe good enough for you scum, or would you prefer something that included the paper?

>> No.52707059

>15 pbti ranting and raving against his own shill while promoting a scam
lol what is going on in this thread, like we get it’s a scam, but hire better shills next time

>> No.52707079


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This has to be some of the most terrible FUD I've seen. Next time make some pictures, that grabs people attention. But saying "4channel Discreet very good monero bad" will just put attention on the project.

(((They're afraid)))

>> No.52707146

I think it turned people off and we should have abandon this thread yesterday. Keeping this thread at the top isn’t helping. And second we need to find that guy in telegram who is spoiling this posting for us.

>> No.52707166
File: 17 KB, 500x470, 1669665438168712.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holeeee shit the FUD from gQw04t+T and TbAhiVgQ make up 80% of this thread.

1pbtid, TG, FUD. vindicated again.

>> No.52707182
File: 590 KB, 691x598, 1669493735843210.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Distchads stay winning.

>> No.52707189

not even FUD stop being obtuse, I’m with you on telegram. like the jannies should have banned the four people who (rightfully at this point wore down the thread). But they hung us out to dry and mocked us. Now this shit still keep getting bumped by people who knows that basically we don’t know what we’re doing.

>> No.52707209
File: 431 KB, 1141x982, 1669493735843211.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this shit still keep getting bumped
And that's a good thing if you're not an 80 IQ mouthbreather, and in that case, eternally ngmi anyways.

>> No.52707230
File: 64 KB, 1280x720, 15fdw34a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based truthposter.

>> No.52707232

bumping a failed thread here isn’t helping our cause, maybe that’s why a person of the TG splintered because of this inane shit. we need to let this ride out and start over later but you guys think you can save this mess of shit by “wagmi” posting

>> No.52707250

Mods can you please sticky DIST as a scam? thanks

>> No.52707257
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You're so transparently one of them, XMR, SCRT, or whatever, it's so transparent

>> No.52707318

if that’s as the case you wouldn’t be here, you would meet with VCs vice coming here and making 30 pbti trying to do damage control because three people ruined your shill thread. remember that, you could have just met and courted VCs or other investors but you just kept making scam threads about some literal who token.

>> No.52707345

>you would meet with VCs vice coming here
??????? what

>> No.52707449

you guys could go present your project to actual VC investors instead of coming here to advertise for your scam.

>> No.52707469
File: 100 KB, 432x474, 1668690309550201.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you guys
>present your project to actual VC investors
Ah so I'm a team shill gotcha