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Unironically confirms that V1 staking is half a decade away minimum

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Gonna have to try harder than that anon

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It's much worse than that, anon.
most anons here don't work in software, so don't really know how these versioning numbering schemes work, but the dirty little secret is that after v0.9 we don't have v1.0...we have v0.10, then v0.11, v0.12...at this rate v1.0 will be out some time around 2146, right when Bitcoin runs out of new blocks - probably not a coincidence!

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Buy bsv idiots, link is not needed and never was. It's a premined scam token to make its creators wealthy built on a protocol which is fundamentally broken, so it can not even work ever.

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If there was a “stake for 10 years” option then 20k of my 30k stack would go in it.
It would basically be like knowing you were going to get a rich relative’s inheritance in a decade. You could just take jobs that interested you, pursue hobbies that interested you, and even if you didn’t have much money in the short term you’d know that your retirement was completely sorted, your kids were sorted, your future was secure. It would be complete peace of mind hanging over you at all times.
And imagine how furious the fudders would be if you locked for that long lmao.

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i'm pretty sure all bsv shill posts are satire at this point
i have trouble believing that anyone is genuinely that retarded

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And why is that? It is bitcoin and csw is satoshi, it's a commonly known thing at this point, you should widen your views a bit.

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Hey anon can you send me the new script on the discord I'm not up to date

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Here’s exactly what you would do:
You’d panic sell the 10K LINK at $55 knowing that you round-tripped from $1.5M to $200K last bull run. You need money to survive and you sure as fuck aren’t gonna repeat your mistakes from last cycle.
You’d then helplessly watch the price go to $1K before crashing back to $100 for years, and you’d be tortured 24/7 autistically watching the charts and wondering if it will ever go back up again while desperately stowing away your 5% staking gains in case it doesn’t. It would then go up again, this time to $5K, and crash back to $500, and you’re still totally powerless beyond squirreling away that piss poor yield. Finally your 20K would unlock and you’d immediately sell 10K and take your $5M payday and pray the remaining 10K is enough to make you giga rich. So now you’ve got 10K LINK and what? $6-7M?
Meanwhile the Chads who sell close to the top of a cycle and rebuy close to the bottom have 10x as much money and 5x as much Chainlink. You’ll be salty as hell for the rest of your life and constantly paranoid that LINK is going to plummet and ruin you because $6-7M will be increasingly less valuable over time

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hahah fudders are in shambles
wonder what the script will be tomorrow

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Dear Customer,

Your State-issued Staking Access Gauge (SAG) has detected waning efficacy in your current Staking Status©. Unstaked Status© will remain inactive until one (1) year after your tokens© are booked in for mandatory service. Please be advised that you must schedule your internationally approved and mandated Staking® procedure within 72hrs to avoid penalties and/or d̶e̶t̶e̶n̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ compulsory attendance at your local Q̶u̶a̶r̶a̶n̶t̶i̶n̶e̶ ̶F̶a̶c̶i̶l̶i̶t̶y̶ Staking-Habitat© (v.01).

Failure to comply with updating your Staking Status© may result in your Social Access™ being temporarily restricted indefinitely. Hospital Access and Voting Attendance may be temporarily restricted indefinitely. Social Gathering and Personal Contact may be temporarily restricted indefinitely. Travel Movement Restrictions (TMRs) will be restricted to the following locations:
>1: Home
>2: [null]

To autoschedule your Internationally approved and mandated Staking® appointment, please select from the following options:
>1: Instant™
>2: Special Unit #STAKING-2030™ Worldwide Home Delivery

Please keep the SAG biodata app link open as the appointment is being processed, to ensure your current Health and Bio-Identity details are correctly submitted to the Chainlink Blockchain (ticker: LINK)

Thank you Global Citizen,

*no refunds

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You're all retarded, Sergey gave you years of sub 1$ to get a 10k+ stack. All you had to do was accumulate to get to 10k. It was telegraphed by the hive mind, that was the number. Then you could've staked 7k and have 3k to take profits in case of a huge mania. Who would even sell for a 2x, a 3x from now on? It's so retarded but what can you expect from idiots who leave all their shit on exchanges in case they need to act quickly or some shit. But okay i guess it's a good idea to pander to the poorfags and brainlets to not alienate 90% of the crypto space.

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you had 2 years to buy and mine BTC on your shitty athlon x2
you missed the boat, cope

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You know who would consider all of that torture? Someone very, very greedy.

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I was on the fence about staking. This post has convinced me to stake. Thanks anon, your quality post reminds me of '18

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> So now you’ve got 10K LINK and what? $6-7M?
This is fud in 2022

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>half a decade
anon I...

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