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the 'gongo' indicator is the only one i use

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massive green day today : )

i'm the last post and I still stand by it

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hmm seems like you have some sort of edge here, let me check out those threads and see if i can learn more.

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there's nothing wrong with trying to learn more, it won't be my main indicator as all the work done is through charting, but it could be another way of confirmation.

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lagging indicators dont work for predictions. if you think they do you will get burned eventually. true story

the way to be successful is to learn risk management (i use 3R), learn price action/trend, and master your emotions

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i'm just wondering if this anon sees something you and I don't. I follow the trend for the most part and have my methods of price projections via fib retracements and lines. It's very effective, but i'm always afraid there's gaps in the technique. The game always changes so I want to try to be above the curve on info that might come across as useful. I will test it and see if there's any merit to the idea.

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We'll see if he's right. Daily is 99 now.

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I find it quite interesting. While we were flat lining on the 30m chart the stoch rsi was gradually rising before reaching 100% and resulting in a huge pump all well before the powell meeting which also pumped btc mind you. The two green line before the big pump also showed an area of major support (as this is an inverted chart) which verified that the pa was having a difficult time going lower thus there may be some merit to using the stoch rsi as a momentum indicator. The momentum was building up before it peaked.

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>The game always changes so I want to try to be above the curve on info that might come across as useful. I will test it and see if there's any merit to the idea.
Good stuff anon. Smart as hell. No one has it figured out completely. I've added Stoch into my repertoire, and follow these threads closely.

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this just another ways of saying learn from your own mistakes

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so btc to 18k now ?
are people really going to fall for it ?

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no I think there's some merit to it, but most people who start trading might jump in using RSI without having proper charting techniques lined up to correlate with the momentum indicator, thus they're whiplashed to oblivion. With lines first then rsi, it seems to make a whoe lot more sense than when I first used it.

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From what I can gather we're at another resistance zone, and the RSI has sunk to low levels once again at least on the 30m on the higher timeframes it's at the top but may go down. If it has any more strength, it will push past the two parallel blue lines closest to the current Price action on the chart I posted. If not then it might crab here make a lower high (or two for the 30m) and die again.

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freaking normie daytrader

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it works for it's purposes but two or more lower highs are needed to potentially confirm a reversal. if you're also adept at volume analysis it helps to verify that those are indeed lower highs.

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>lower highs
you mean two more exit pumps
so 18k it is then

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as of after hour trading the snp is going down. With that btc also goes down. Keep and eye on snp if you want to know where btc is going.

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exit pumps don't always have to go as far as 18k, but if it did it would be creating a higher high which is just a regular pump. I'm saying lower high in which the peak of each pump trends downward.

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wtf 18k is higher high ?
higher high is more like 20k+
18k is perfect for exit pump pump pump :)

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dude wtf is snp ? are you talking about s&p ?

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the local high is 17529 recent price action. 18k would make the local high a higher high. I'm not talking about long term here.

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yes s&p it moves btc.

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those mm whales can easily push the price over 18k+ lower high in a short time frame
they will do anything to liquidate the shorts
its in

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I honestly believe that there will be other whales to match them in selling if they tried. That's how the game works, they don't always work with each other, sometimes against.

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you mean like cz fuck sbf ?

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we can only speculate, but I don't bank on any of those news. I focus on volume for the most part. Hint is rising volume and small candles/ long wicked candles means there's sellers amidst, but it'll take time for the move to slow down enough to reverse.

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>but it'll take time for the move to slow down enough to reverse.
how does that work ?

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the pump today was high volume right, so the volume should decline and then if it pumps again on high volume but makes a lower high then you have a confirmation. do it one more time and it's likely confirmed that there's a solid wall against the current move up. likely but never an absolute.

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its like they can only do so so many times before they run out of steam and dump
sure there is absolute way to confirm it

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exactly, but the method of confirming it starts with a potential top/bottom. you need to figure that one out first after a pump or dump.

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I guess that depends on whose more greedy, pump or dump