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now he completely lost it. GET LAID, charles

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China will grow larger

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it's real kek

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Like charles or not, meditation is one the only actually based activity. Everything else is cringe.

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>now he completely lost it. GET LAID, charles

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this is beyond stupid even for this manchild

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This. But I wouldn't meditate wearing a robe and matrix style sunglasses in a snowy public park.

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Based Charles.

Retvrn to tradition

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Am I the only person that absolutely hates this cunt, stop posting his face also I have to hide every thread. This one is okay because its far away.

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if it was fine for Buddha, it's fine for you anon

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This guy is so full of cringe it's not even funny anymore. He hasn't gotten laid or seen his own dick in decades

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This is Hobo Hoskinson. Please do not save him.

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>grows his own food
>publicly shits on WEF and globohomo
>only blockchain with zero outages
>/biz/ still hates him while shilling garbage like ICP, BSV or LINK
you niggers are truly braindead

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are you after consciousness or self-consciousness?

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>grows his own food
Makes no sense, how do you "grow" ham and cheese? How about chocolate, beer and chicken nuggers?
Look at the size of the fag, he clearly eat more than lettuce..

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publicly shits on WEF and globohomo
>he is globohomo you dolt.

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hes transcending cringe now, starting to think hes based I find it difficult to hate him