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Imagine not holding DIST, what a shame to miss out on. I'm loaded with my stacks.

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DIST is literally the only thing going up right now, even though its a stablecoin at this point. My comfiest hold this whole bear.

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Wtf is dist? How deep in YouTube do you guys look to find these obscure shitcoins?

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>holy shit u jeets are retarded as fuck. It's still in presale you braindead faggot.

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DisJeet: The street-shitter’s choice.

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Discreet is probably the easiest ICO to buy in the last 5 years if you can do a bit of elementary reading

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Anon, I...

fuck this board has gotten retarded

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How many rupees worth did you buy ser?

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>10 threads on ICP and """Kaspa"""
>1 obscure thread on DIST
jfc this board man

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These threads are weird. The shit's not even out of presale for several more months and you're all talking like it's mooning.

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The state of crypto now. Nothing is the same benchod. New fags taking the bait early guys already did 7x once it launches they're dumping.

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>early guys did 7x
you fag it's average buy price is 0.43 USD in the ICO

cope and sneed

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They always fall for it.

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Scam. They siphoned the money through their privacy network so we can't even track what it's going towards

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You pushed too hard ranjeesh now everyone's seeing this project for the scam that it is. I thought you guys only wanted to talk about the testnet? I see no discussion of it in here I only see stinky indians shilling dog shit

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Kek. How to speak to benchode my stinky number one bullshit guy.

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Shut the fuck up already. We know your tactics. Scammers on this board frequently use proxies to post the same easy to defeat attacks against the projects they are shilling so they can knock down a strawman and give legitimacy to their rugpull.

This is literally one of you disgusting discreet rugpullers on a proxy. Fuck off.

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Plz delet sir

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I summon jannies to prune this shit otherwise.

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Do not believe their filthy lies. I don't know why the devs havent banned you parasites yet, but I guess theyre okay with you shitting on it for your own gain, go kill yourself unironically


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check the timestamps on those and it becomes everyone who isnt nu-biz that its organized FUD.
didn't read. i'll keep stacking until the ICO ends

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What's a good stack to get?

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3k is a testnet stack and if we hit the 60$ price target once cex listings are out that'll be a nice day

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Someone redpill me on this, wagiecheck cleared

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>Read whitepaper (dont be lazy with this):

ICO is going on for another months or so

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its because you're a silly burger or on a VPN, a DIST is 0.5$, but just ignore whatever that thing says, it'll pay you out amount of dollars divided by 2 because it works through the contract not some web app (so literally just ahead and ignore the numbers and assume price is 0.5 usd)

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Never mind, I just forgot to switch over MM to BSC.

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ah kek

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>same exact thread with same exact posts and same exact pictures posted every 6 hours on the Business & Finance imageboard every single day always being bumped to first page when it's close to dying and getting 100+ posts every time with like 20 IPs
very organic sirs

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ICO still going on after, what, 2-3 months? I remember reading this hype back then and being interested. Then I look at buying and it turns out it's on BSC. No, thanks, ranjeesh.

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Holy fucking based

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it's how staking was supposed to be done, but braindead vitalik maxis got rugged for ??? amount of years until you can unstake

it's not on BSC are you dense, the ico is but the network is live


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don't fall for this pajeet scam thank me later

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see this anons post >>52675670

thank me later.

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>It's not on BSC
>It is on BSC
>Asks about someone else's intelligence...

So a live network that has no usage. Sounds like a winner.

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>ICO still going on after, what, 2-3 months?
This "ICO" is live since April or something last year. Honestly smells like scam to me.

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just like ETHs presale was done with BTC, DISTs presale is done with BNB, is that so hard to understand?

it's been going on since june you fucking retard

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If the chain is live,why is it still a presale? Not sold enough worthless BSC tokens before you delete the website?

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>wat is a testnet
now i unironically believe you eat crayons

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Always the Hallmark of a great project when they get on an unmoderated comm and shill IOUs and then get defensive and bitchy when anyone is skeptical.

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>it's been going on since june you fucking retard
Yes you fucking nigger, since June 2021.

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>Imagine not holding DIST
I won't have to anymore. I bought this morning.

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Inventivized testnets are a fairly normal way of fundraising for a project, especially when milestones seems to be reached.

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I fomo'd in a little, in a few years, I know it'll worth a lot, but gonna say shout out to cvp that recently passed the PowerAgent v2 testing's first phase, harmony for being so secure, and sylo that offers me security in the palms of my hands.

>I have very high hopes with those.

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DIST vey good coin, very organic team hopefully 4channel not sleep on moony moon mission with DIST

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DIST a real hidddn jem of crypto

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ahhhh, feels good

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is there a web wallet?

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you can hold DIST on metsmask good interface ,. Many moony moons for DIST holders this month and year

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DIST good token, got good develop team making better progress than zshit and monero good privacys for token

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you're either a jew or a DERO holder and at this point I cant decide whats worse

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I buy DIST

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dero and dero hold mooned like a rocket in last bull run, . so will DIST

also anons, stick to script if pepe frog posting. makes community engage more

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DIST is very promising read the whitepaper

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agree.,. DIST true hidden jem of block chain

good privacy had by all who use

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Bunch of smelly pajeets in this thread

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This is a scam don't believe the lies

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Buy DIST or stay poor

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you guys are fucking pathetic lmfao


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DIST is good token, good tokenomics- going to moon to lambo land very soon

ico is good no security fraud here, many privacy done to ensure security

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Totally organic thread Sirs!

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they hold dist lol, they're trying to supress the initial market cap, check the pic, no clue why devs don't ban them from the main chat, im gonna tattle tale

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DIST very organic team, many moons coming soon with DIST

with DIST you no need to hide to piss. do it in the open with privacys

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oh checks and keks my fren you got repeated digits?!

kekastani has blessed DIST with no piss repeated integers.

no devs on 4channel pepe anon, but agree there are bad people in telegram and chat making rude remark