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Which coins do you feel will perform well in the bear

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this is a 10/10, what's her name?

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>her name...
Anon... that is a man

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i'm in love

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Optimized Caroline is optimized

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RLC. Roadmap nigger

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me too, what city is it?

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POV: Your 17th Adderal has just kicked in and Solana is currently mooning

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Damn Caroline looks like that?!

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Party dice.

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>Countless hours in Photoshop.
>Caroline still doesn't look like a real human being.

Don't worry, AI supercomputers will be able to end Adobe's antisemitism within the next 5 years.

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I saw the pic and laughed so hard the poo that was stuck in my butthole came out

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Sweet Caroline
She stole my money and my heart

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Pls answer the question sar

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Will this bitch go to jail? If she really was YHWH loves you then I kept insulting her on this site for her retarded calls in many threads. Would be funny and satisfying to know that her dumb calls making people lose money here will make her go to jail

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What a beauty. I feel like trusting her with my money.

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>will perform well in the bear
do you mean one that you can short easily?

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I hung out with her after I flexed my fat AGRS wallet.

is the coin of Tau.net

Ultimately the whole world will run on it. Yes, really!
It can do this by removing the limitations of the classical human consensus and discussion methods as it can recover the opinion map of discussions with help of an exotic logic engine.

The team has plenty of PhDs and they are working on it since 2015. They scaled up a lot last year.
Right now the whole thing only has 3 million market cap. That is literally joke tier.
However, this is also what gives it the upside potential needed for a true 1000x coin.

They will feature so much sick shit it's not even funny.
Provable correct smart contracts 2.0
Proof of execution instead of POS
But the main focus they have seems to be on scaling discussions, collaborative decision-making, and automatic code generation.
Pick at least a small suicide bag on Uniswap or join the "Tau & Agoras" telegram group.

Good luck.
See you in the citadel.

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>Right now the whole thing only has 3 million market cap. That is literally joke tier.
Actually more like $2,24M.

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wirey de basedo

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Here is a recent interview they did:

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