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Twitter is about to go down from App stores unless they comply with Apple's demands

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Tesla Phone confirmed

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Elon already has Starlink for such a machine, and it would be international. Tesla is going to be one of the few entities shaping the literal direction of humanity for the next 40-50 years

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the dudes 50
he has 10 years tops

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>needing an app
I use facebook/twitter/4chan literally tons of other shit on my fucking web browser on my phone. why do you need to download an app for every fucking website?

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>Tesla Phone confirmed

you cant just design a new phone and operating system and manufacture millions of them overnight.

theres no time to wait for that, the crisis is now.

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Exactly. Only faggots use apps.

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fuck off sóycuck

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Seems like a dangerous gamble on Apple's part.

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>theres no time to wait for that, the crisis is now

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Everyone who uses Twitter already has the app downloaded anyways. There's even alternative third-party Twitter apps.

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he could go with Harmony OS, that'd be hilarious.

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daily reminder that Elon always gets mocked for being in a photo with Ghislaine maxwell but Steve Job's billionaire widow who is a major shareholder in Apple was her BFF

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>you cant just design a new phone and operating system and manufacture millions of them overnight.

It's literally just a screen with wifi and 3g capabilities. Install fucking gentoo on it with a modified KDE and there you go it's a phone

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No iPhone user is going to give up buying fucking Apple products because ONE shitty app, especially since Twitter is still usable in a browser.

Elon dick riders think Twitter is THAT important and will buy his phone in droves.

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Are we flipping to "Apple walled garden good now" my fellow Redditors? Been looking for a reason to switch over from Android.

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This. I have been an iPhone user since iPods and I don’t even have twitter (or any social media), but I would drop iPhone and pick something else if they did this. People will call me an óńíóńśbóÿ for this but Elon Musk is at least on the side of free speech. He is even digging up all the roots of free speech suppression as this thread confirms. If that means nothing to you, why are you on 4chan?

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This is true. Apple users are the most retarded reddit soi consoomers on the planet. They will keep guzzling apple cum for millennia even if apple releases the shittiest products and censors every word in the dictionary.

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it's simple... we eat the apple

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>Tesla Phone confirmed
I would

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Musk's brother was getting concubines from Epstein for years so I doubt Musk didn't know him.

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I've never understood the point of "phone apps".

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That's not something so scarry, just download the app externaliy via QR CODE, just put this in the home of the site and twitter will be fine.

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only works for Android. iOS apps can only be installed via their store.

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I'm unironically buying a Muskphone if shit goes down.

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>no more applekeks on twitter
someone post a satania for me

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life expectancy as predicted by a third worlder

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Your phone sends location data that are then transmitted to each app's home server to be sold along with all your other attributes to advertisers, glowies and data miners.

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No, dumbass.

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Have you ever tried using a Linux phone?

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>would spread anus for based edgeboomer elon!
nobody cares, baggie

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ok I decyphered your garbled English. Yeah no shit sherlock I can make a shortcut to their website on my home screen and re-log in every fucking couple of hours. I can also just use my browser and keep it in a tab, numbnuts.

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Honestly in 90% of cases, a good responsive web design is better than an app. Apps are antiquated for anything not games now if you just have good responsive web design.

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He's doing this over losing $90K? How can it possibly be worth it to deliberately piss off Apple over such a piddling amount of money?

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>being a sjw

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It's Tim Apple's world, we're just living in it.

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No, anon, you can easily remove this restriction from your iphone, people do it all the time.

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But you can install apps without using the AppStore since ever ya fat cuck

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unironically an android reskin with free starlink to boost adoption would be OP

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Wrong. I would switch from iPhone in an instant if it's for more privacy, more free speech while still being sexy.

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>trusting elon with phone data

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me thinks you're the soiy boiy
pic related

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No one will suspect it was the heart attack gun

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>child actor who got diddled in the 80s has an opinion
Very cool

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>Install fucking gentoo
based /gentleman

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this is what is really frustrating about elon. he is obviously based as fuck but he has such a sòy following it is very difficult to know wether its acceptable to the based community (which i am very much part of) to worship him or not.

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Tesla phone is probably a better name for it than Muskphone.
Either way I'm buying one when push comes to shove.

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A starlink based phone would be revolutionary. Get a signal, anywhere, world wide!

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>Trusting jewgle/faggle with your phone data

I'd rather give it Elon

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yeah I’d unironically be down for a non-android, non-ios, smart sat phone

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Can Elon throttle or even shut down access to Starlink on apple devices?

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Fuck yeah. I want to see them driven before him.

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so you support faggle?

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I don't care what happens as long as somebody with lots of money an heroes. Haven't had a good rich guy suicide in a while.

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yeah, and it would have an antenna thicker and longer than your dick

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imagine a tesla brand phone with applel's "design philosophy" aka jacking up the price for luxury cred but it's actually worth it (plus it's linux based)
that and starlink would make it the single most important gadget of the 21st century

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Wha about Epstein ?

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Wasn't a suicide, doesn't count.

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Short Apple to ZERO.
Enough is ENOUGH.

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>le free speech
jfc touch grass incel

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Maybe they poisoned Job's.

Cancer is actually very rare, I suspect many people are simply being killed by cancer treatments or continuous poisonings which drain their immune system.

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Every faggot normie out there has no clue what you are even talking about. But, perhaps they can be taught.

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a terminally online soiboy

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> having onions followers

That is based tho... kings rules over others.

Have you not learned about the tables of kings and their hands, their advisors and such?

Read about David in the old testament, his rise and fall.

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Richest woman in the world.

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>Maybe they poisoned Job's.
Jobs did to it himself. It was called LSD trips, and being a jerk even to his shadow every day of his life.


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Kimball Musk actually looks like a chad, now we know why Elon is such an insecure manbaby

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Worshipping any billionaire is cringe

He is like Trump, the people who ride his dick are legitimately retarded but hating him is a magnet for all the worst people and therefore he is worth supporting for now, and when the tables turn to mock and deride those who were loyal to him

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How surprising mossad agents tasked with collecting kompromat on wealthy people wanted to get close to the wealthiest. Shocking revelation!

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And it would be glorious

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> No you can't just gain followers

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>Elon dick riders
great band name

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The Jew seethes at the thought of you executing whatever code you want and communicating with whoever you want using open standards and protocols. It's the digital equivalent of bearing arms and free speech.

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damn that's what that bitch looks like?
bros ngl I'd slam that demon MILF until God showed up
then kill her afterwards ofcourse

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Elon Musk
The Twitter Files on free speech suppression soon to be published on Twitter itself. The public deserves to know what really happened …

Shit just got real Elon fans.

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She's 59 but that wouldnt stop me.

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Just pay the chinks and steal iPhone and iOS or whatever that shit's name is...

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should be illegal to have ridiculous names

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Why is Apple halving their ad spend on twitter a free speech issue? Is this just going to be a ledger of how much each company reduced their ad spend?

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>Use brave browser app on phone
>Only watch youtube on brave
>No ads like the youtube app
Apps are for retards. The only acceptable app is a browser.

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Shut up and take my money

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>direction of humanity for the next 40-50 years

We're in the end times, bro. Jesus the Christ is on the doorstep, returning soon. I sincerely do not think there will be another 40-50 years of the Earth; maybe another 10 years tops.

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>why do you need to download an app for every fucking website

Because it lets them farm you more efficiently, goy.

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Other way round. The PR from taking over the free speech crown from Tim Apple is worth much more than the pitiful amounts Apple pays Twitter in ads.

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>taking over the free speech crown from Tim Apple
Apple has the "free speech crown"? Since when? How's Twitter going to make money if Elon tries to turn it into a cesspool for far right loonies?

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Everyone supports free speech until the reality settles in and they realize “free speech” online is a myth and is just code word for letting schizos run rampant on your website. Once the schizos take hold, your website is dead and serves no purpose.
4chan only exists because it gets CIA money to function as a honeypot and testing ground

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>> free speech
> touch grass
Oh how the downtrodden have risen

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they can just rebrand some chink device and throw something like GrapheneOS inside
you don't have to reinvent the wheel

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Free speech is tied together with privacy and anonymity. When Tim Apple refused to unlock some criminal’s phone for the FBI, Apple gained a reputation for keeping their users’ communications safe.

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Isn't Musk far more in bed with the government? SpaceX didn't get all those government contracts to get to Mars, it got them for putting up hundreds of spy satellites.

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I haven’t bought an iPhone since 2007, but if apple tells Elon to go fuck himself I will buy a new iPhone and jump right into the apple verse. Press S to spit on Elon fan boys.

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he's not living in your cesspit, Rajgupta

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Like, unironically literal??

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i dont know

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he left Africa

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This shill is desperate

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Everything musk has is from the government not from profits or profitability. Now every other car maker is making EV's and some models are a sixth of the price of the cheapest Tesla so they're all going to qualify for the carbon credits Tesla is a busted flush. It was a hundred year old technology musk "invented" it's easy to replicate. Tesla scores worst out of any car manufacturer.

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Why do you lie anon. Regulatory credits are less than %10 of earnings and have been declining each year since 2020

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>it's afraid

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>fuck free speech because the guy who's going to give it to me is a fat grifter

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The only people wanting “free speech” are incels, politic-tards, and Karen’s. The kinda people that never get invited to shit.

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sauce or this is some kind of lost Eth on the blockchain shit kek

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iPhone is huge in Japan, it’s a market that rivaled only by one other thing: Japanese Twitter usage. If this app gets pulled from the store, it’s going to change the Japanese smartphone market dramatically.

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this. if there was decent effort into making mobile linux a thing it would be awesome. the ground work has already been done by KDE and Purism so it wouldnt even be an effort from scratch. just need some more developers thrown at the platform for more polish and it would be compelling.

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>>what is twitter.com

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Number of fucks given: 0

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I already know a guy inside Tesla who confirmed resources allocation in logistics from something called 'Upward Pro' to an account called something like 'Baseline Pro'. I think Elon is a tally putting satellite technology focus on the ground instead of space.