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Graduated 3 years ago, 42 years to go waging, i want to go back

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chin up sport! only 4 more days to the weekend !!

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kys nigger nobody cares, we all lost our money this crash

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You’re young, anon. That’s worth more than anything, but you won’t truly realize it for another 15-20 years. You don’t know what wanting to go back feels like yet.

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It really is an aweful existence nowdays. I feel bad for you zoomerfags as we are entering a major prolonged bear market after boomerjews just looted the country for the past 50 years

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KEK anon is probably at least 25 now if he’s hasn’t made it by then it’s over stop with this copium

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I in NO way want to go back to being a broke post college kid trying to make it in life. It was shit. Much happier 8 years out now. Got a house nice car and portfolio. I would never choose to go back and relive that grind

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kek. just buy litecoin.

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>go to law school in comfy college town
>graduate and never leave
>small solo practice taking cases as needed
I’d be comfy as hell if it wasn’t for the fact that my health is deteriorating kek

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>chin up sport! only 4 more days to the weekend !!
I spend the weekend laying in bed trying to recover from the work week. I dont know how much longer I can do this

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why the fuck would you want to go back to school.

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>42 years to go

How about instead of being a negative sack of shit you take life by the horns and embrace your job? People in africa would love to have a job and be in the place you are in right now. Yes 42 MORE YEARS TO GO and PLEASE GOD allow me to ***work more and hope I can reach that age. Count your blessings anon you were born in America...YOU WON THE LOTTERY

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Only 40 more years, then your life begins!!