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None of you ever helped me in my time of need

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I helped you in 2020

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I shilled you a coin in 2021 that went 100x, you just didn't buy in so it's your fault

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>1 post by this ID

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A fine tune anon (but only the original version)

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I would never help a frogposter

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I told you to buy Truebit.

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What about in your time of sneed

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Take your life right now

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That’s what family’s for, idiot. See you at next year’s Friendsgiving!

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Bobo has helped you for a year now. You ignored him. This is the future you chose. You could've multiplied your coins many times over entirely for free by now, but you chose not to.

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you're the only one who can only help yourself, op

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This place is worthless. I made my 350x from an NFT. These fags were shilling a canine coin about a animal getting hit on the head.

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>you're the only one who can only help yourself, op
Shut your fucking mouth

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>other people can help myself

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