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I would honestly go for ''ze pod'' right now if it were cheap. But even ghetto studio's are going for 1000 euros now so pods are also going to be expensive. They broke me. They won.

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Rules and regulations can be rolled back around the pod industry to make pods and bugs affordable for every citizen anon

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What do bugs taste like

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>He thinks the pods are going to be the size of studio apartments and not literal Japanese capsule hotel size
Hilarious bro.

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They taste like poverty

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They probably taste like ass, maybe if you can milk them the cheese tastes better than the bug itself

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Can you milk bugs? Wtf

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I wouldn't find a dystopian hellhole as long as I got a pod and virtual reality headphones. I bet beetles take like chicken if you prepare it with enough dirt

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>He thinks he'll be rich enough for beetles.
Aiming for crickets since that's realistic. Will accept anything above cockroach tier.

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I keep hearing people saying they taste good

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Not inclined to find out. But at the very least they are small, don't fly and I've never seen them eating carcasses like maggots do. So the ick factor is smaller than ze other insects.