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All I buy are discreet and monero
Will I make it?

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wow this pajeet is really working overtime shilling discreet. How much are they paying you.

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Don’t like the coin don’t buy it, but I don’t care about the people who that 100% FUD rather than have actual discussion

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only if u send all jews to saturn

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redpill me on discreet

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Endless presale scam.

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Yes. 40/60 DIST/XMR in my portfolio.

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Looks kinda like one. Reddit seems dead as well

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>Rothschilds bow to Discreet
>In contact with aliens
>Possess psychic>like abilities
>Control france with an iron but fair fist
>Own castles & banks globally
>Direct descendants of the ancient royal blood line
>Will bankroll the first cities on Mars (Distony will be be the first city)
>Own 99% of DNA editing research facilities on Earth
>First designer babies will in all likelihood be Bogdanoff babies
>both brothers said to have 215+ IQ, such intelligence on Earth has only existed deep in Tibetan monasteries & Area 51
>Ancient Indian scriptures tell of two angels who will descend upon Earth and will bring an era of enlightenment and unprecedented technological progress with them
>They own Nanobot R&D labs around the world
>You likely have Distbots inside you right now

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what is this board? discreet and kaspa shilling non stop?

fuck off pajeets you have no ground to stand on with your bullshit

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literally /discreet on telegram, that's where most discussions happen theres a matrix and IRC too I think.

In all seriousness, it's one of the best plays right now, it's set to launch right after we're over stagflation with multiple CEX listings confirmed and testnet is live


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Hey friend, I hold AVAX!

>why is new projects being talked about
Gee. I wonder what board we're on

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kek only faggots hold avax

discreet and kaspa are certainly NOT "projects", they are scam operations. and if you've been on this board before (1 hour is enough) you should see it from a mile away

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Discreet is the most legit project posted here in 5 years bro

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Would suggest otherwise, cant speak for Kaspa

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Why is this shit written in C# tho?

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It's not that's just the client

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Discreet? More like pajeet

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Why are these posts allowed?
Multiple new scams have popped up this last week
This bullshit
now a bunch of dogeshit scams

I thought this board had moderators...
Cause they certainly aren't removing any of this bullshit
Discreets client gives you two viruses by the way this was proven weeks ago.

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What are you? Some kind of drug dealer?

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Also the cat spammer who's been spamming the board with porn is one of these discreet pajeets.

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Can someone make a Monerochan x Distchan drawing?

>sends tx
Im collecting screenshots of smug biztards who didnt buy the ICO for 2023 when its 60$/coin

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I don't give a shit if you gave me 25k nigger your shits still a scam and I'll get banned and your bullshit trojan stealing scam will remain up I guarantee you that.

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>network verifiably works
>cryptography peer reviewed
>shits still a scam
dense retard, have fun coping and seething come 2023

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No, if I had my way every junky on earth would be shot, but I think they will make me some money

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You faggots need your throats slit.

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And you will stay poor with your ICP, SOL, AVAX shitcoins. Hope you get run over

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you two days ago
>Washes himself in the ganges.
Why is this thread still up?
Ask yourself that lurkers and you'll realize you need to leave this board asap it's officially becoming dangerously unhinged.

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>You faggots need your throats slit
>dangerously unhinged.
oh the irony.

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This “FUD” is legitimately hilarious.
>bro you will only make 20x your initial investment on this DO NOT BUY

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>run over

>implying any of us leave the house. kek

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I need my throat slit because I bought something expecting a profit?

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>implying critical thinking equates to FUD

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Calling it “Disjeet” and acting like there’s a hidden conspiracy with your text’s wording is the definition of FUD. But at the end of the day you admit it will likely go 20x even by your own reasoning. Fantastic investment

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Based mode

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I cant participate in the ico from the US? Why?

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No. You're supposed to be buying XFT

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US law
Just buy it anyway

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How would one do this in Minecraft? I really need a bag of DIST, reading the TG, some announcements dropping

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This thread smells like leftover curry

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You just buy bnb, go to the website, agree to the terms and conditions, and swap for BDIS (the iou token exchanged for DIST when the mainnet launches) like any other dex

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It’s on the smart chain btw

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And I just bought after reading the whitepaper. This unironically feels like participating in the NEO IDO all over again. FUCKING BULLRUN.

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year ago they postponed listing by a year
now they did it again
fuck disjeeet i fell for rajesh scam again

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>year ago they postponed listing by a year
Network wasn't live a year ago
You don't own any DIST
You own pedocoin.
It's not delayed by a year.

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ETH bridge coming soon according to twitter

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I wonder how quick presale will sell out after this and people sneed, dev just said presale "won't be reopened" after softcap is hit

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careful you shitskin
unfortunately i do

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I'm very comfy. You're a pedophile.

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Is this thing gonna be on a dex or binance or something?

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newfags please listen to these two
discreet is a blatant shill attempt.

In a post yesterday they said discreet had monero core devs and that monero was dying.

literally took 10 seconds of google to find out neither of those statements are true.

i also got called out for 'making stuff up' and when i posted the citations the thread got deleted

look it up biz/thread/52627628#p52632254

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He's right you're all fucking scammers

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Keep saying that word, screencapped. There's a LIVE NETWORK you ape.

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Give it to me straight anon. When can I buy it with ETH? Also what's the predicted price when it releases? Tech is good, tokenomics seems a bit shit
but I might put in an ETH or 2 if I see it's worth the investment.

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Nowhere because the ICO token is on the binance smart chain

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Coming soon apparently

>posted the citations the thread got deleted
>Monero Has the thirds most COMMUNITY developers behind btc and eth you fucken mongaloid

This is just not true in anyway, but you also write like a mouthbreather. Discreet has ex-Monero core devs.

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>Don’t like the coin don’t buy it,
Lmao you literally CAN'T buy it. All there is is an IOU on BSC.

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Privacy crypto are based anon. Another important thing is keeping personal data private in the crypto space especially with the rate of data exploitation, I see platforms that focus on that doing well in the next cycle.

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So you can buy it then thanks for admitting it

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Nah they are teasing an ETH pair to prep up the volume until their aplha testnet finishes. I just need to know when so I can plan accordingly.
I geniuely believe this can be one of the top gainers in the next bullrun if they can pull it off.

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Could you please stop advertising Discreet? It's diluting my ICO buys.

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if you can't send it to your own wallet you cannot buy it. you cannot send discreet to your own wallet therefore you cannot buy it.

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It does, but its a good sign of a healthy community

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It’s in my wallet

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>but I might put in an ETH or 2 if I see it's worth the investment
Oh God the old "fuck it I'll throw an eth at it" shill has been resurrected! Nothing screams scam more than the old school shill script.

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Christ dude just don’t buy the coin

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>It’s in my wallet
$bdis is in your wallet. Faggot.

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>Christ dude just don’t buy the coin
Fuck you. You're scamming people and deserve to rot in an unmarked grave.

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every single person I know in real life who is a monero-maxxi is sad and close to killing themselves and/or others. I feel bad for all of them, they should have just bought ethereum.

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No I’m not? I bought some because I believe in it
And that’s the coin

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prove discreet has monero core devs

and post hands this time

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Too retarded to know what a presale is.You are undeniably, definitively, absolutely, decisively, unequivocally, irrevocably, undoubtedly, unimpeachably not gonna make it.

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Wtf is this anon

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You realize the dev team is doxxed right?

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>Will I make it?
fiverr shills don't make a lot afaik

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you do realise that monero core devs were anon?

i cannot believe people with double digit iq's even try and argue

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Yea faggot you sound great I got some sweet pussy deal like ETH and GSD with MATIC the look like some green candle go get your ass spank anon

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I'm accumulating. Let me do that in peace

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Nice one anon this got me so freaky horny I'm sure ETH and GSD will bring some nice juicy pussy when the market recovers,

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Good for you or you die retard faggot, accumulating Link and GSD are reserved for the long term and it gonna look juicy when GSD lunch it governance token.

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Yes me again.

> hurr durr can I get a discount
There's about 5k BDIS (~2.2k usdt) available for sale on 1inch cheaper than the presale (0.4-0.45$ instead of 0.5).
> "u need to buy from presale to access testnet bozo no one will buy"
Yes, indeed. You need 3k from the presale to be able to get in the testnet, but anything over that (or if you don't plan to reach 3k) should be bought at the cheaper price aka 0.4-0.45$. No reason to pay full price. That's a 10-20% discount.

CAREFUL: some pajeet scumbag listed the first iteration of the token on 1inch but the transition is over. Do not buy DIS, it's BDIS. Confirm on the official website for the contract. Just go in the FAQ and search "contract address", you'll find the right contract ($BDIS). Use that contract to buy on 1inch and you'll be safe. Enjoy.

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>Too retarded to know what a presale is.
I understand what a presale is. What you are trying to do is to distract from the fact that what I was pointing out was that bdis in a wallet IS NOT dis token. You can't buy it and anyone that thinks a 2 year"presale" that spans multiple contracts on the BSC scam chain is an acceptable launch method is delusional, as you are. You are a bunch of scamming faggots and I hope you are doxxed yourself one day soon.

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Go hide your ass in shame retard dick just hope you don't come here crying of getting rekt, go get your ass spank faggot, as i intend to buy GSD DAO at launch, the governance token of Gold Standard protocol which is the first product backed by physical asset Gold

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Yea anon I just added GSD and XRM the got some sweet pussy deal, as It's gonna be the best DeFi project of 2023. they're gonna launch a self repaying loan platform too and that is the first time I've heard of that.

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These are ok projects but Piratechain (ARRR) is better.

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Hey guys dev here feeling guilty for this scam. The top 20 project this shitcoin is working for is Shiba Inu. It's not some fancy crypto that will give this shit any utility. Frederick is planning on dumping the left over funds from ICO (unless the scam is successful then he'll just print 100% more) on the market @ 0.50 then he'll market buy SHIB to burn. Apparently the dickhead thinks this will bring in publicity

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MATIC is based anon, but I'd also be adding other alts with potential like HERO and RIDE which keep building in the metaverse

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Wow the low IQ fud is seriously tempting me to buy more

>> No.52642987

Privacy is based anon.

>> No.52643026

You gonna make it with privacy but I think a little bit of diversification into web3 and defi projects will give you a better stand. Just in case, pajeet.

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>Wow the low IQ fud is seriously tempting me to buy more
Ah yes. Call it low iq but don't counter it with any argument. Shill tactic. Can anyone explain how bdis gets bridged to the great L1 testnet yet? No? OK then.

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The short answer is no

>> No.52643540

How about you just get a token like ALBT that embodies all the points you listed, Privacy- TIDV, DeFi-LMaaS

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sure, if i was a nigger bleeding out in a ditch


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a big no for me, but Monero is based, I hold a big bag, and taking a decent gamble on Sylo, i think within a few years it'd be a bang considering it's integration with Futureverse and fluf world.

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Nah I'm all in on dablooooons

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More like shitstreet

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Railgun maxi spotted.

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It's vaporware that is trying to cash in on Monero, just like the 100000 BSC shitcoins were trying to cash in on Doge. You can check out the code for yourself and see that there's nothing substantive there. The mainnet also doesn't work.

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You should see from a mile away that you're talking to a shill.

>> No.52646158 [DELETED] 

Presumably a bridge applet will burn the back bdis and mint mainnet dis but it's not our yet.

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Kek, don't listen to this guy he doesn't want you to buy any discreet now. Neither do I but do what you have to do. DYOR to why that is. Most fud here is actually from discreet holders.

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Spoken like Ranjesh from Gujarat.

>> No.52646802

Gujaratis are actually high classed Indians. You need to study up more.

You probably meant to say Ranjesh from Bihar

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Yeah fuck you, I'm DISTmaxxing right now.

>> No.52647888

Take AVAX out of that list. Looks like the best project you will hold. A lot of gaming projects building there in this bear market. The likes of gamestar+

>> No.52648327

Ser, I know you are self fudding. This is answered by the FAQ:


"We will have a tool for verifying that you do indeed hold the private key to the $BDIS (BEP-20) wallet using a challenge-verifier protocol. (When you produce a cryptographic signature, this is known as a non-interactive challenge-verifier protocol. Our system uses an interactive version such that we can verify that a particular user holds a particular private key.) Then you will be able to declare a payout address for mainnet, and specify if you prefer a stealth/private or transparent Discreet wallet address."

The FAQ needs to get updated though, it still shows mid 2022 for mainnet release, kek

>> No.52648374

And there's no bridging BDIS to testnet, BDIS is for mainnet only. For testnet, you need to ask one of the admins for test dist to be sent, preferably to your shielded address. The testnet faucet was down last I checked.

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dont touch this premined currynigger coin. fuck pajeets i hope u all choke on ur holy cow shit

>> No.52648663

>lot of gaming projects building there in this bear market
Talking about this, i'm personally excited about the potentials of gaming tokens, and I've been stacking mbox, gods, Ride and hero like tomorrow won't come.

>> No.52648703

There's 228 Dis/BDis up on 1Inch for 70 usd. That's 30% less than the presale going on now. Need money, anyone buying? plz

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I can see you are big on privacy, you sure will make it as it will have a big show in the face of regulation

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Monerchan isn't THAT short, r-right?

>> No.52649852

>there's no bridging BDIS to testnet
but i need 3k BDIS to even use the testnet? but there is no bridge? wow, much scam thank you sirs very good coin sirs, when is the presale going to end?

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A privacy coin? Not run by j*ws? WHAT?

>> No.52650053

God I wish that were me.

>> No.52650095

Grab some shade.cash as well. 100k mcap massive room for growth.


>> No.52650187

>opens site
>Shade Monkeys NFT's sale started!

everyday I get happier about my DIST stack

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How is Discreet compared to Dero?

>> No.52652904

Discreet is literally everything DERO isn't. DERO is a stupid retarded project by a single slovak in his basement, Discreet has PhDs working to perfect privacy. /thread

>> No.52653186

This argument was SO FUCKING BAD that I'm considering stacking Dero as well now.

>> No.52654240

Do it. Do it and post your misery.