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Seriously, how is it possible? Seems like everyone who made it is either a social media personality or had a reality show. What are some ways to make it while still being anonymous?

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Lonely children like influencers, they don't like anonymous.

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thats the only way. my insta has 3.5k followers now

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Post it. So I can fap.

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its just pictures of plants friend

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You think I can't anthropomorphize and wank to plants. Do you even know where you are.

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long term swings trading

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I’m interested in this as well
I feel like my best option is neuro linguistic programming my brain until something clicks
I’m out of options bros

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I created my own shitcoin last bull market and got lucky

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>living the dream
Was it dog meme related?

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buying the right series of shittoken

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What was it?
Dog coin with swap fee tax or what?
OHM fork? Curious now.

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1 pbtid

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It's not. There was a time when you could invent something random and have it pop off. Nike happened because a track coach got high and poured rubber on a waffle iron. Even then, they still needed big time celebrity athlete endorsement to truly pop off and become worth billions.

You need make a product and sell it. To sell it, you need people to talk about your product. Problem is that people don't talk to each other anymore, their online parasocial relationships substitute in for friends. You either need to have the VC to pay off other influencers or have enough influence of your own to shill your own product. (Usually then you're still paying off other influencers, like Jschlatt does with his gFuel clone.

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>Nike happened because a track coach got high and poured rubber on a waffle iron.
That’s how latex condoms were discovered too

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