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How do I stop being poor? I work 7 days a week to make 70k and live with my parents. I have a good credit score and about 25k saved up at age 26. (Lost a lot in crypto) I have a $500 a month trust fund worth about 350k. No debt no bills. I’m doing everything right, but still dirt poor.. why?

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>Lost a lot in crypto
>I’m doing everything right
Sounds like it.

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The only thing you didn't mention were your spending habits. It's very probable that you're just a consoomer piece of shit.

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If you didnt have your trust fund, what would you be? also what do you do? 70k isnt much to brag about...

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Probably blowing a lot of money, OP, if you are, might as well blow some on my shitcoin too

I've been limited in shilling on /biz/, a lot of my messages are now being flagged as banned text... But if you have any questions just let me know. Our cryptocurrency is a Bitcoin fork, so it's not on BSC/BNB or ERC/ETH. It's on a completely new blockchain.

If you have any questions, again, check out our LinkTree or just hit me up on TG.

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>350k trust fund
>"guys i'm so le poor"
kill yourself

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>25k saved up at age 26.

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i had around 70k at that age and i'm an eastern europoor
amerifags have no excuse not to have at least 100k saved up by then

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you make 70k working 7 days a week
there's your problem
t. 300k/yr

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spend less than you make

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Lol my thoughts exactly.

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A fucking trust fund baby crying about being poor. Blame your parents, all the rest do.

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>as they casually consume social media
>as they casually type like keyboard warriors

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It’s funny how everyone is smart enough to degrade you but no one is smart enough to give you a real answer.
It’s the same people who say “100k is not a lot of money” then call you a larp since you said you’re poor.
Obviously you’re not doing everything right, but you have a good foundation (trust fund), more savings than most, and have no debt and bills. You’re in a solid position.
Most likely, your biggest issue is expecting crypto to make you rich. Yeah, you can invest in some projects but if you’re thinking $10k will make you a millionaire, you’re most likely delusional.
If you want to daytrade, recognize you’re pretty much gambling. You can take that risk, some people make money, but most people don’t take profits and in the end lose it.
My advice would be to work less and use the time to think for yourself and build a small business to generate wealth.
Your income is from working, which is cool, but it’ll take you 10 years to make 700k. And obviously you won’t have that in 10 years. If you’re bet is cyrpto will make you rich, recognize you can easily be holding the wrong coins and be even more poor.
Creating businesses can be a lot of fun and it really doesn’t have to be anything spectacular, you just have to be able to sell something.
Pro tip- you’ll never have enough money so try to be happy while getting money

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>hurr durr I only make 500k a year, I'z poor

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Find a way to earn 60K by working 4 days per week.

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You have to find a better job. Working 7 days a week to make 70k is abysmally low income per hour. Your biggest issue is your income. Are you in a high cost of living blue city shithole?

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ignore these meme responses, take savings and put everything including your "trust fund" which is inflating to nothing and put it all in chainlink

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>create a business
>OP is lowkey crypto shillbotting
>the only nonclownered answer itt

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i think you could afford to live on your own if you wanted, you may have to cut back a lot of your unnecessary spending to make that sacrifice but its not impossible. you have to ask yourself if living on your own while not saving/investing as much is good for yourself or not, living with your parents can be lame but it also could be a positive thing to move out despite the financial setback. living on your own terms is an important step in adulthood. if you're bringing in 6k a month plus 500 for your trust fund, i find it hard to believe you can't find your own place to live on that budget.

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I save almost all my money. I have no unnecessary spending whatsoever. And yes I know 70k is abysmal, I’m not bragging. I work weekends in sales to build a valuable skill, and wage for 40k at the bank. I failed out of engineering school so that’s another reason I’m poor. I’ve also lost about 60k in options, and 40k in crypto (unrealized) but now I’m just saving 2500 a month in a savings account
>>52628638 Fucking braindead chainlink investor not understanding how trust funds work

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Drugs anon. I make $48,000 a year and live in a luxury apartment and drive a Mercedes Benz.
$2,200 rent
$1,240 food
$600 car+Insurance+fuel
$100 phone
$100 hygiene

You lack the discipline required because your parents are giving you an easy way out

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You get out of California, you stupid fuck.

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>"poor" OP worth ~400k after gambling away 100k
This bait gets posted twice a month, can't believe how many of you retarded imbeciles fall for it everytime and type out serious answers holy kek

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okay retard have fun working until the day you die. the reason I work 7 days a week and live at home is so I can buy stocks to increase my dividend income
i dont live in cali, but still a pretty nice area on the east coast. Im able to save 90% of my income post tax, contribute 10% pretax to 401k, etc. i have plenty of money for poorfag wagie shit like cars clothes food, sure i can afford whatever I want, but i need like 850k in the market to stop slaving.