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He is such a pussy, hiding behind his screen.

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I don't know of he's a pussy, but he's definitely a massive faggot.

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fight me

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honestly bros i've just about fucking had it. no matter how much money i make i'll never have a cute 2d loli hyperfuta sisterdaughtergfwife. what's the fucking point? should i just kill myself?

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You say that because you are BROKIE
What color is your bugatti anon?

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Anon, no fren is left behind. Don't do that to your self WAGMI

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You're just going to issue a challenge to fight open ended and leave it hanging? What a faggot.

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Zürich Hauptbahnhof, it's neutral to both of us.

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I'm permanently banned from Switzerland. But we can fight in the empty lot behind my house. I've only stashed two knives there.

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How the fuck did you managed to get banned from Switzerland?
Where is your house? I can't entry the USA or denmark

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Looks like a promo pic from a gayfaggot pornomoviefilm.

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these lips smell like dick

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I don't get the hype behind this dude.

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Back in 2019 I agitated an anon on here enough that he wanted to fight. I was visiting Zurich and he happened to live close by. We agreed on a place and time to meet and fight it out in a shady part of Zurich the next day. I sometimes wonder if he actually went while I was already sitting in the plane back home kek

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Wow what a very semite looking profile. I bet this guy is Jewish. Would make sense considering how he just randomly blown up out of nowhere

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hi andrew