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Shade Cash will follow Tornado Cash's footsteps and release an IPFS version. Only $25k market cap at the moment because it crashed when Tornado Cash was sanctioned and the devs wanted to see how things would work for Tornado Cash before making a decision. You wanted early in on something, I gave you.

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>Investing in Shady Cash

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>Missing out on the easiest 1000x

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where to buy sirs?

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Spookyswap. https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/shade-cash#markets

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what are the tokenomics? on the note of privacy did you change your RPC on metamask on eth network?

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Pump it

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10 million Max Supply. 1 million burned. 6 million circulating.
>did you change your RPC on metamask on eth network?
I did but I'm not sure how helpful it will be. I assume all RPCs log your IP.

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This could easily go to 30 million mcap this coming bullrun. It went up to over $3 each last time. Good protocol, unique use case. Im in!

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>This could easily go to 30 million mcap
$30m market cap is nothing. Imagine making 100x profit without people even hearing about the coin.

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you’re fucking retarded
have fun getting fucked in your ponzi

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well exactly it doesnt need to go that high to make a good profit