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why is there no new coins

last time we got link, ftm, and a bunch of shit that did a 1000x. where’s the new ones everyones just talking about the same shit.

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sui and Aptos

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Is SUI salmonation?

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now stfu nig

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buy ftm
ftm $16 eoy
don’t miss out again

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give me $1000 ill make a new coin and give you the entire supply

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because you get banned everywhere for talking about anything that hasn't already pumped 10,000x

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This exactly.

You can't make a thread here unless it's Link or ETH or some other "jannie-approved" token.

I tried making a sysc0in thread, nope. Fucking bots flag Sysc0in as spam.

Fuck jannies.

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compare matic and ftm
it’s clear to anyone that matic is solid and pumping hard no matter what happens

but ftm scam on the other hand dumps big time and never recovers
but makes lower lows instead


dyor don’t invest in ponzis (ftm)

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It will overtake uniswap

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We are in the latter stage of the current cycle. We brutally crab with lower lows until all the normies leave, all the shitcoins die and bagholders rope. Once it ends we all forget about the old coins and exchanges it can begin anew with new ever more retarded shit than the last.

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But link did exist during this phase last time.

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>no new coins
because crypto as a whole has entered the next evolutionary phase after institutions kick-started mass introduction of crypto to the public with the publics own money (via money taken from retirement accounts or via printed money thus diluting the public's labor and wealth) which is technically illegal but it was endorsed from higher up the chain because it was also an experiment on the public to see how the digital dollar and it's regulations could work, plus it was also the biggest wealth transfer from poor to rich in the history of the modern world (you literally own nothing at this point).
the next phase will be the weeding out of 99.9% of cryptos which is why you don't see new ones popping up but in reverse most of them will disappear. becaus the market makers are pulling out liquidity back into other asset classes (and their own privat bank accounts). we have now entered the true battle between centralizing and regulating forces and decentralizing freedom seeking forces but rigy now the former is winning it seems.
conclusion: you already sold (ngmi) or still hold (maybe gmi) the crypto coins which will survive this phase of survival of the fittest. choose your side and choose wisely (or hedge against both to play it safe but not make a fortune).

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>she doesn't know about: ***,***,****,*** and ***
kek, you are missing out again faggot

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He doesn't have ImmutableX, Metamasks, or Haircombs?

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There is a new token. And it's about to 100x. >>52623045

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People are starting to take this stuff much more seriously. You won't get easy alpha anymore.