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Literally the tip of the spear against globohomo

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>boomer has life on easy mode and has no concept of how bad things are

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I'm a 27 year old NEET and all the years of sleeping well, eating healthy and using collagen face moisturizer has kept me younger than most of the college students in the town i live in who work themselves to the bone, studying and bagging my groceries and booze (with the exception of Thad Trustfundpenis and Stacy Pussybank who are neets just extroverted). I can just sit here and slowly swing trade my way out of ever having to work a job and when I emerge, it'll be as if I was cryogenically frozen upon graduation and won the lottery. Lmao at boomers who think I'll give up my life of having multiple people I know from the internet sexually service me several times a day, after I wake up past noon to make a few trades or not, just because they need their groceries bagged for how much a 3x leveraged tech put or call costs. Just LMAO.

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The final redpill is that boomers are right about everything.

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What a hellish life you have.

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>work is what I heckin define it as

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All you can do is bag groceries?

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Because millennials all want a mcmansion or apartment in the city, while boomers got a 1200 sq ft starter home an hour drive from work.

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Well it obviously doesn’t matter because the economy still keeps running even though these people don’t work, everybody 50 years ago predicted automation and production increases would mean less people have to work in the future

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To be fair in boomer times an hour drive would cost you 50 cents, now it costs you 20 dollars. Driving ain’t what it used to be

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yeah, you keep swingin. All the way to your future McDonalds career

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What the fuck are you talking about

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I grew up during the oil embargo son. You don't know what hard times are.

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Kek oil went to 39 dollars a barrel in 1979, oh no the horror. Wait till we see 200 dollars a barrel next year

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How many small ranch homes in the suburbs do you see being built? You see high rise luxury condos in the city and developments with 3000+ sq ft mcmansions in the suburbs. The only people who live in small houses anymore are niggers and spics.

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ive been waging for 10yrs. I dont recommended to anyone. Working is humiliating. I lost my soul working. Its a code word for slavery/abuse.

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Fuck you boomer, pay me or get fucked

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Gen X boomer here. I generally agree with biz sentiment. Most shit just isn't worth it today. Women are total shit and ewhores. Jobs pay shit. Everything has inflated to fuck all prices. Cars and house are ridiculously priced. Most people are priced out a decent living.

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If you are gen X you aren’t a boomer, gen X generally got best of both worlds. Relativity cheap housing and at the right time to set up a business as boomers retire from theirs but also still young enough to use computer and the internet well and not be digitally retarded like boomers are

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Seethe wagies
No but that's the only type of job that's ever seems to be hiring, before I gave up and just started swing trading. I had CompTia A+ certification and couldn't get a job with that, then got an associates in accounting and still couldn't get hired after my friend let me use his LLC as a reference to get past the minimum 3-5+ years of experience needed for entry level. I even optimized my resume to get past the HR filter by adding tons of keywords. I'm just not wasting my time job seeking anymore, this is not my problem. America just needs to use its prison population as slave labor and give out stimmies to non-criminals.

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Yeah i know but online everyone over 35 is a "boomer" ...I'm not complaining I'm just saying I agree everything is shit now

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>To be fair
There is no justification for an hour long commute

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I have to drive an hour to work roughly, I wouldn’t care if it were cheap but it really isn’t. Also wear and tear on my truck is a factor 50-60 miles a day is a lot to clock up on your vehicle just to work

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Thanks for the thread OP I love an opportunity to roast this smug asshole boomer.

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You retarded nigger developers are only interested in building mcmansions. Actual affordable modest housing is an economic nonstarter for structural reasons not because everyone wants 4 bedrooms

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also politicians like to use construction wagies to show they are >kickstarting the economy during tough times

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Bruh, gas prices peaked at $.53 in 1973 when minimum wage was $1.60. An hour at minimum wage got you 3 gallons. Today it doesn't even get you 2.

Your nightmare scenario would be a heavenly boon for today's minimum wage worker.

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Reminder that dipshit Dave is running the same grift as boomer Mike Rowe: shaming the lower class wagie into working in shitty conditions by questioning their manhood. This boomer fuck has never had a boss in his entire life. While calling for young men to be kicked out of their parents homes immediately he has also given his own children six figure jobs (i.e. allowance) to """work""" for him. Hypocrite.

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>I can just sit here and slowly swing trade my way out of ever having to work a job
Nice roleplay Judah, nobody believes you or your reddit threads full of bots and sockpuppet accounts. Have a nice day and don’t forget Israel is an illegitimate state.

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based Ramsey
looks like WAGMI after all, rice and beans anons!

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Fuck off Klaus Schwab

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where did this toxic trend start from? why fuck is it still going, who benefits from it?

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>rich spoiled fuck boomer rants on his podcast

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My boomer parents could literally walk to their jobs and now that city is a bombed out negro warzone

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the world will improve drastically when all of you old fucks drop dead, now shut the fuck up and watch your niggerball or whatever it is that geriatric retards like you do

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I'll tell you my secret, hommeface collagen moisturizer and 3 cups of whole leaf oolong tea daily, I have a 3 egg breakfast scrambled and cooked in olive oil.

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Autistic fantasy
>delusions of grandeur
You will be 34
You will make min. wage
Your father will kill himself
You will cry
You will be obese
You will never have sex

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Why do normies project their fears/realities onto me all the time just lol my life is great and I do nothing for it while you work for fuck all

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This is a textbook example on why I CANT WAIT for boomers to finally kick the bucket

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>i can trade better than the vast majority of mutual/hedge funds

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I feel bad for you, I'm kidding, rot in piss

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Oh you just had to go and rain on his parade

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Talking heads are not real people.

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anyone can, hedgefunds are just ran by high tier wagies who really don't care, its not their money. Most of wall street was short energy and long tech well into this summer.
cope wagietranny

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>anyone can, hedgefunds are just ran by high tier wagies who really don't care, its not their money
How long have you been trading for?

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Realistically, what will life be like when they're finally gone?

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good or bad, things will be lively again

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Whats the total performance from day 1 to date?

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lets see total val is 29,599.61 and I started with 1500 so, 1973%

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does dave support feminism?

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Why do people hate this boomer so much? He's helped more than he harmed by convincing Americans to stop debt slaving and living to consume. Granted he's disconnected from the current workplace and how soulless employment has become.

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>Rich Boomer tells you why young poor people don't want to wage slave...

Okay faggot.

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congrats. You are on pace

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I drive about an hour too but fortunately I use a work vehicle from Monday to Friday, I only take my truck in on Monday morning and drive back Friday afternoon

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Turns out several of Dave's wagies left him because he's a shit boss and he is seething about it.

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>all these seething wagie replies
This site has gone downhill. I hate all these slaves.

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boomers WILL tongue my anus

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smooth brain boomers unironically said higher wages cause inflation

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fuck boomers trying to force us to slave to pay for their pension ponzi schemes. I cant wait until the collapse happens. ima pirate everything these faggots "worked" for

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It will take another 20 to 30 years for them to die off. By then you will also be 'old' and zoomers will be blaming you for everything and calling you nazis for not wanting anything to do with their public gay pedophile orgies with mandatory participation.

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delusional, have fun being a fat unfit mong who has no skills

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You fucking boomers voted for all the policies that make america unlivable and make life hell for men. You pushed for women to work and called for mass immigration.
Of course no men is going to work.

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We're done here lads.

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You sound autistic and cringe as fuck and the 'people you know from the internet sexually servicing you' are just trannies

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>and when I emerge,
Yeah, that's the part where years of being alone with no social skills or experience will hit you hard.

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Every time you have some boomer whining about people leaving.... they only go to a better job

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neets dont even need to recover lmao

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Any 60+ boomer grew up in a white country, any of their life advice is completely fucking worthless...

Most of them didn't work that hard either, and they got paid way more

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this, Kiddo

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For Canada, BC the vax pass was required for:

Any federal or provincial government job (depending on position)
Any education job (though some districts rebelled)
Any medical job
Any military job (depending on spec)
Any public transit job
Any rail or airline job (including maintenance at the airports/baggage/operations)
Gyms/Fitness Centers
Facilities used for Sports (swimming pools, martial arts gyms)
Strip or Sex clubs
Music Festivals
Gaming Establishments (arcades, bingo halls, casinos)
Schools (elementary, high, middle, university and college)
Racing events
Restaurants (indoor and outdoor dining)

Currently the government has announced intention and that they are working on allowing corporations or business owners to require it for consumer purposes or work. It is also currently required for any air travel or boat travel (ferries have talked about requiring it for visitors, it is on staff) at all, and may eventually be required for interprovincial travel.

Now addendum:

There is no exemption - even people who are deathly allergic to known ingredients in the vaccines. They are still mandated to take it. If you do not take it, you lose access to all the above. The official response from a public health officer on this matter was that in the case of the allergy, or side effects, the appropriate response is to plug you full of steroids and treat anaphylaxis or other side effects if that occurs.

The other addendum is that due to the option of an actual choice (either loss of access or take the vaccine), this is considered not a violation of our charter rights or constitution. This has lead to sticky situations already and the supreme court has upheld that stance - a young woman's mother died, and she asked for permission to visit the family in the next province over for the funeral - this was considered banned travel and blocked.

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Near the beginning we made these things called confidential federal quarantine facilities - If you have travelled outside of Canada you are expected to provide proof of negative covid19 tests. Some countries like the USA are currently not accepted. If you don't provide proof its a 3k fine. If you do and its accepted, then you go home for a mandatory 14 day quarantine where you're watched by the cops. If you do and its not accepted, you and the no proof guys are shipped to a hotel which isn't public which one, and placed into quarantine. This costs 2k+. They whisk you away in vans with blacked out windows, with guards armed with ARs, and then drop you off in this building where you are segregated to a room (1 to a room, splitting up families). You are confined to this room for 23 hours and 45 minutes per day, with a 15 minute recess inside a fenced off courtyard. Hallways are lined with plastic, and armed guards are placed at all elevators/staircases. You are not allowed to have any contact with the outside (ie. no phone calls/internet etc.), no deliveries, no visitors. You get 3 small meals (roughly 1000-1500 calories per day) given by the government that are in shitty biodegradable stuff. No plastic cutlery. If you are allowed to purchase food its from a vending machine and they'll go get it for you. You get one bar of soap for 4+ days etc. If you escape its a couple hundred thousand dollar fine plus 3 years in jail. You also can't use habeus corpus because you can't contact the outside world. The only way out is 2 fed gov administered covid tests after day 14 showing negative, each on separate days, so at least 16+ days inside there. Any refusal results in indefinite detention.

90% of the country didn't even know they existed. And once you did it was useless. You could not do anything about it. In fact the vast majority supported it. If people died some would have celebrated.

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Shit, still in place ?

>> No.52622301

Maybe some work places require it

>> No.52622302

>he thought this will ever end
Don't forget Trudeau recently came out to basically say "we need to decide what solution to do with the unvaxxed problem"


Then there is this:

>Canada’s federal government admitted to secretly surveilling its population’s movements during the COVID-19 lockdown by tracking 33 million phones.

>The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) clandestinely tracked the devices to assess “the public’s responsiveness during lockdown measures,” the agency acknowledged last week, according to Blacklock’s Reporter, which first reported the disclosure.

>The PHAC bought location and movement data from Canadian telecom giant Telus to “understand possible links between the movement of populations within Canada and the spread of COVID-19,” an agency spokesperson said, according to the paper.

>The public health organization plans to continue tracking population movement for at least the next five years to control “other infectious diseases, chronic disease prevention and mental health,” the unnamed rep said.

>The B.C. government says people who don’t pay COVID-19-related fines could be refused driver’s or vehicle licences.

>Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth announced the move Wednesday, which will be accomplished by amending the Motor Vehicle Act.


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This faggot has zero charisma. It's exhausting to listen.

>> No.52622323

This user is a low iq moron who possibly never left his state or town and has no clue what is happening in other countries, particularly the past 2 years.

Always ignore low effort/low iq posts like these.

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Based nooticer.

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so much boomer seethe at this NEET noble

you faggots do not belong here

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fuck off faggot. You had it easy, try doing it again with the unending waves of diversity. If you're a young person, you compete with the 3rd world for labor and the ultrarich for real estate.

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I'm a bit older than you but I'm in the same boat. I look like 5+ years younger then I am and work a job where I get a ton of benefits but It's minimal interaction with others. The pay isn't anything great, but it's enough that I can invest every month and I do barely any work. Will retire at some point in the next 1-3 years and spend the rest of my life traveling the world and falling in love. It's pretty kino not gonna lie.

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Don't forget intermited fasting

>> No.52623306

How did you get good at swing trading?

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Just a reminder that he got his real estate empire started because he was able to secure special loans that most wouldnt because both of his parents were very high up in the banking industry.....but yea let him keep telling you to work 3 jobs and never buy a god damn thing just generate currency like good cattle.

This faggot has got some balls ill say that

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Lol the seethe in the replies. I’m the same, Anon. Just fucked a 21 year old beauty I met at the gym last night in my 14th floor apartment. She had multiple deep leg shaking orgasms. I haven’t worked since the pandemic hit.

Thanks crypto.

I am gonna start pilot training soon because I’m started to get a bit bored. But at this point I’d KMS if I ever wageslaved again.

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Them digits

Also, the slaves have never liked the other slaves that have escaped. Abunch of Uncle Toms

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Keyed, made the wagies cry. I’ll be retired in about 3-4 years myself in my late 20s at my current rate.

>> No.52623879

>import 3rd world labor
>productivity goes way up
Is this a self own?

>> No.52623921

nice larp

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I don't care if someone wants to be a NEET or not. Someone is going to get those bux anyway and it's not like I get a portion of my taxes back if they aren't used, so I have no dog in the fight.
That doesn't mean the guy who wrote all that isn't a cringe faggot which by proxy makes you one too.

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>crypto is risky you'll get rugged
>heh kiddo I can outdo 9 percent easily nothing personnel

the AUDACITY of this son of bitch

>> No.52624833

Productivity is a result of technological advancements.

>> No.52624924

I guess you didn't watch even 30 seconds of this to get to the point where he says the 9% is for 4months and then it goes to whatever the current rate is and you're just average that over a year.
It's dumb unless you just need to park cash for whatever reason. Bonds aren't an investment they're a preservative. They preserve your money, they don't grow it.
Personally, I don't even use bonds at all, and neither do most people. It's really only old folks and institutional tier money managers that are doing it because they need a certain amount of liquidity to just handle the day to day.
It's kind of crazy how shit tier @ business and finance a board dedicated to business and finance actually is. Maybe it should just be renamed to crypto gambling which is a name a lot better suited to what most of the people on here actually do.

>> No.52625209

yeah you get to retire in the new Brazil, enjoy retard.

>> No.52625280

This. They might as well have grown up on a different planet. My parents grew up in Colorado when it was like 95% white. Kek

>> No.52625312

You're gonna get blown out one day and that ego will be reigned in real quick

>> No.52625529

This. Crypto faggots have never and will never know a thing about business. Gambling on retarded algorithms in a zero sum environment is not intelligent or hard, its 100% luck.

>> No.52625658

Holy fuck this made my day

>> No.52625676

I drive an hour each way to work and the local apartments cost 1600/mo now. They used to only be 1200/mo a couple years ago

>> No.52625721

Just lie on your resume I got my A+ as well and tried to get a job, the moment I just started lying about my experience I started getting interviews. The place I'm working at now didn't even look at my education or certs, it's filled with stupid boomers in charge like anywhere else but at least there are two cute girls interested in me I get to spend half my day with.

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>You will be 34
>You will make min. wage
>Your father will kill himself
>You will cry
>You will be obese
>You will never have sex

Could be worse, might be a wagie on top of all that

>> No.52626018

Funny how obvious answers like:
>increase wages
>give better benefits
>subsidise people's education in return for having to work for you afterwards
>improve infrastructure from low-cost housing to work sites
never crosses their minds
it's always
>pull yourself by your bootstraps

>> No.52626083

don't you get it stupid? they CAN'T increase wages THE MONEY IS GONE THEY'RE WORTHLESS. if arrow go up, everything is fine because it's ALL PRINTED DEBT. if arrow go down and people decide they want their money safely returned, OOPSIEEES IT'S GONE I LENDED IT OUT OOPSIEEEEE!
oh arrow go down you wanna sell? I DON'T HAVE ANY DOLLARS XD
oh that's okay bank here i come print you some more dollars so you don't go bankrupt
american economy would have been over with during coronavirus had they not printed 40 trillion dollars LOL
better get a government license and be a doctor or a lawyer or a cop or something before shit gets real. you want access to the fake money don't you? watch out for the fed coin crypto currency and social credit scores

>> No.52626110

I kneel to this chad zoomer.


>> No.52627107

what? I talk to people. I just can't freely travel much since I'm only at 5 figs after 2 years of swing trading.
Wagie subhumans coping, they know their jobs are shitty and meaningless its why they're here trying to escape.
I made a lot of mistakes and I'm actually down 50 percent from the peak (I made most of this with GME) but I learn from them so I don't make them again. The biggest mistake is getting too deep into bobo/mumu nonsense instead of just monitoring things and keeping a level head, and also being hyper rational. I lost 10K being hyper rational last year because I thought Biden wouldn't release the SPR when oil was still under 100 and I had too many oil calls. Just soak up information, monitor sentiment and never let it totally influence your trades. Never FOMO because if you miss out on a pump, you can always inverse when it comes down.

>> No.52627152

Except there's no automation happening

This is just the end of the soviet but on a world wide scale because American interests means everyone collapses

Basically nobody works
Nobody builds anything
Nothing gets produced

It's Fugazi

>> No.52627203

All the seething wagie in the replies going
Chad Zoomer could make 10 years worth of salary doing a tik tok dance

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>I lost 10K for an entire year
For a swing trader your gains must be fucking shit

Last year I lost 8k on just a single trade

>> No.52627322

Not an entire year that was a single trade

>> No.52627498

Canada sounds fucked. I'm in ireland, it was bad but now there are no vax mandates for anything except maybe working in healthcare idk which is still messed up but fuck.

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>durr this is a social problem men are not working
Get fucked.

>> No.52627821

Because he's a fat faggot,lol.

>> No.52628893

>walk into your job
>oh, look. Wuss is back.
>h-hey boss
>Hi Wuss. How was your pathetic weekend?
>yeah, ok
>Oh don't get ahead of yourself, you arrogant prick
>sorry boss
>don't say sorry, wimp, you don't mean it
why would anyone want to work with people like this?

>> No.52629418

>lets see total val is 29,599.61 and I started with 1500 so, 1973%
>I made most of this with GME

>> No.52629441

That chart shows the opposite though?

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