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Does anyone know a legitimate way for me to move to a different country (preferably the US or somewhere in Europe) that doesn't require me to have a sponsored job or be married? I'm 21 y/o with a mere 25k to my name

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Typical rule followin leaf faggot. Get fucked you maple guzzling dog fucker.

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Also no, with 25k you may as well be living in a fort made out of pre-made fast food poutine boxes. You're fucked.

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Ya that 25k is like a cushion, if I have to take a job over there until I get my green card, I will but I wanted to know if there was another way

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get a visa for a college abroad and then just dont return when it expires

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Checked and this is not a bad option.

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25k isn't really I'd call a cushion for anywhere in Western Europe. Some people are paying 3k/month for electricity. In the US, it depends on where and how want to live and what kind of work you're willing to do. Are you a desk jockey type? Or are you willing to swing a sledgehammer. Maybe look at Eastern Europe. Georgia or Hungary. Personally, I'm avoiding all of those places and headed to South America.

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You can do what I did..
Moved to Seoul, South Korea in 2015 on an E-2 (English teaching visa). Live and work here for at least 3 years and develop at least some basic fluency in the language. Then apply for a long term (F) visa. you can basically and live and work here like a regular Korean citizen. You can quit your job and look for a new one without having to leave the country. No more sponsored contract jobs. If you like it enough, get yourself a Korean wifey and stay for good.

Cost of living in at least 50% cheaper in Seoul compared to Toronto. I can attest to this as I am a leaf fag like yourself.

I was paying ~1,200 for a shitty basement apartment in the GTA. Now I'm living in the heart of Gangnam for $500 a month (employer pays for the other half of my rent). No need for a car, no insurance, no gas, an amazing meal at a restaurant can range anywhere from $12~25, no tipping culture.. so you can afford to eat out regularly.
Income tax is like ~9% vs Canada's 30%+

Women are thin, beautiful, and dress women. This is my homeland and I'm not going back to Leafsville.

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Why South America, of all places?

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Because I spent some time in Chile and got to like it. And I know some people who own an apple farm there.

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I'll consider it if I don't find a better option, my only concern is that 3 years before getting a long term Visa, but I'm glad you found happiness in South Korea, looks like a great country. And income tax is like 50% in Montreal, god I fucking hate this province. Were the niggers of Canada and I hate the mentality here

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Fair enough, and I was thinking maybe like Czechia/Austria what do you think?

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you get taxed on other shit just looking at only income tax isnt really a good way to examine the cost of living many countrys in the world tax you for tap water

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I would probably avoid Austria, they're having huge problems because of their reliance on Russian natural gas. And both places are too close to Ukraine and have too much tied up with NATO to come back to common sense.

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