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What's the best way to invest in Asia? Any good ETF that tracks everything?

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That's an Asian.

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God I want a passable tranny to breed my throat so fucking bad

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you mean the region that relies on Western intervention from keeping China from turning everything into a Communist hellhole

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no good etfs, you have to be selective in asia, and avoid us listed adrs, get like hk shares

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Now that's a Woman.

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found it

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Men below 7'2 be like

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I would even play with his dick after I was done cumming in his asshole. If you know what I mean.

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>not playing with his dick in the foreplay
What are you? a faggot?

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please ell me that's a woman!

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This beer belly looking faggot is disgusting he just has a barely passable female face and that's because he is caked in pounds of make up.
That figure is absolute shit and he knows it because he's posing in the weirdest fucking way possible. God you fags never cease to amaze me with what you're attracted to.

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bad news for you buddy.

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Invest in SoftBank

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That Adam's apple can poke your eye out.

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A little.

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I stay in japan, how can i meet this cute girl and fuck her in a love hotel?

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