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15k~16k crab channel through the new year
14k-9k macro bear dump over spring
9k-5k summer of suffering
Macro recovery in Autumn returns to 6k
Pump to around 10k at the end of the year

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Now that's a prediction even I would capitulate at and I am as schizo as they come

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I'm not even a bear, but that's 100% what's going to happen

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good thing my house goes up for sale during the week
ty anon

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>being a latefag
you had 5 years

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>2 years of down only with a little dead cat bounce at the end trust me bro

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>2 years
are you retarded its only been 1

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i was replying to OP's predictions illiterate retard

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>False recovery when Fed stops hiking
>Then recession 2023/2024
>Then Fed will lower rates but not back down to where they were
>Next bull run won't really start until 25/26/27
>150K peak

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3.5k gap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sue, do you really think it's gonna drop 10k this year?

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people that are buying that dip at today's "bottom" will be selling in the summer dip because they think it's dead.

also next cycle top is 50k in 2024, which again will make people freak out and think it's dead because we didn't make a new ath

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let me check your skull anatomy, promise it won't hurt

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>You're in your cuckpod without electricity munching on your final cockroach jelly block wondering where it all went wrong
>You check your GoyToken™(brougt to you by Pfizer) CBDC account
>You have no GoyTokens™(brought to you by Pfizer) remaining

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