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if he looked like this you wouldve thanked him for the cucking

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Why are you such a faggot

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Female "logic"

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Male logic too homo. Attractive people earn alot of shit.

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what is actually happening in this face filter? does it actually change his face structure or is just lighting?

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why do I care what he looks like?

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because most people let beautiful people get away with murder

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Are you blind? It's a humanizing filter, rat to human

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“Thanked him for the cucking” lmao
>inb4 wah dats not funny

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Why would I not think that's funny?

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i mean his overall structure look the same, but somehow much better? I can’t put my finger on what details changed

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face looks wider and flatter. more like a human and less like a rat

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Why is who such a faggot?

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he was lazy in his fraud
he eats more calories than he uses
they have the same root

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no they don't

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Yup, SBF is one lucky spotlight away from looking like that anon.

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Bc I he raped you for a guap

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if they looked like pic rel they wouldnt have had so much evil in their hearts

Ugly people are a risk to crypto. Remember this

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Sam and Caroline sittin in a tree
First comes love, then comes marriage
Then comes a baby in a baby carriage!

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dunno im already thanking his current form lol

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I'm literally more attractive than this photoshopped picture, 6'4 with a perfect height/size ratio
My looks have absolutely never benefited me in anyway financially.

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doubt, you need to check your privilege

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troll sexy actress

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Dude these people on different planes of existence they will never acknowledge their advantage and if you point it out you will be gaslit

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I'm penniless and dying of cancer, literally doctors see my pretty face and assume I'm fine I've had to change doctors multiple times due to assumptions like this bullshit from idiots like yourselves.

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You are an outlier retard were not talking about people who’s own bodies wish to kill them

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>they will gaslight you!
>proceeds to gaslight others
Yeah fuck off retarded ass nigger all you do is spam /biz/ all day like some schizo doing this circular logic bullshit and laughing like a retard with food shooting out of his mouth.

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Dude your own body is trying to kill you you are an outlier shit the fuck up and make peace and get off 4chan why the fuck are you even here if you are in the 99th percentile of height and attractive fucking unbelievable

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>Shit the fuck up
God damn you jeets really need to be lined up against a wall and garroted with rusty wire.

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Sorry autocorrect changed it retard I mean seriously man you have the world at your feet 99th percentile height and attractiveness and your STILL HERE sat least some anons have a reason to be here BUT YOU ARE A FAILURE ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS GO TRY

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It wasn't your misspelling it's your vitriol.
Get off my board nigger.

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I’ll be here longer than you retard karma is real I hope you enjoy the cancer

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You took it too far

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Naw man fuck him trying to gaslight me thinking that he’s on my fucking level man I’ve been bullied for my height and cycstic acne for most of my life I just don’t understand why people can’t admit that they have an advantage because they look good it makes me FUCKING SEETHE

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She can't even be fixed with filters lmao

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that sucks dude, really I sympathise if that's true, but your position is still better than it would be if it was the exact same except you were ugly

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OP. Go workout and stop masturbating and you'll be handsome too. I literally have bitches everywhere swooning and its only because I lift and retain semen. Im not super tall. 5'11 6'0 on a good day, and am even lightly chubby.

I don't event dress well lmao. Just got juicy fuckin forearms. Go workout and quit crying.

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I would

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If he lost 30kg he'd look like a chad, pic related. He's got a good jawline hiding under the fat.

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You're right I'm a paid actor from Big Big and tall incorporated, we've been watching you you're whole life and laughing behind the scenes at your height and ance scars.
Meanwhile when I wake up people give me gift baskets of cash, doctors line up waiting to make sure I'm in peak physical condition simply because my beauty puts them into a state of slavery where they must do as I command.

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