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Can you give us some examples please?

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Once youve unplugged from the (((Matrix))) you cant go back

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this place is a toxic hell hole filled with mentally ill psychopaths and scammers

early to mid 2000’s internet was fun, this place is just sad now

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Please leave nigger cattle

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From the moment you create a new thread in 4chan you become a putrid parasite. Even cutting this site cold turkey there is still a cooldown of 10 years from your last thread that you remain a putrid parasite. It takes a long time to eject the cancer from your body and mind. These are facts, this place houses some of the most vile vitriolic cancerous parasites on the face of the Earth and spreads the worse type of poison imaginable

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i noticed the internet has absolutely ridiculous beauty standards because so many people never go outside and see what real people look like. you have 5/10 manchildren who will only """settle""" for the pornstars they jerk off to every day and as a result they will die alone.

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and yet you're still here...

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He’s just some schizophrenic disabled anon he comments in every thread basically

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kys zoomer

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It's skewed in the the correct direction.

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And here you are

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But ive never created a new thread. I am only here to sabotage, demoralize and gather as much personal information of as many parasites as possible

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>Spends 20 years on 4chan
>Doesn't improve his life significantly
>Wasted it replying to bait posts and cooking
>This place is shit
This place is what you make it. If it is shit it is because you are a shit person. Thanks to 4chan I am in great shape, financially secure, well read, not a virgin, enjoy many hobbies, not susceptible to propaghanda and I can even thank making memes with a pirated Photoshop when j was 14 for my kickstarting my eventual career.

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the internet is a hellhole now because being an unhinged shitposter is mainstream

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This place is spitting venom of the society back at it.
A dirty graffiti on the wall of the failing and flailing western civilization.

Najbolje je iza nas.

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Sure bud, see ya tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after, and in 2023 and 2041 and the century after

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I’m not a white nationalist. I just like saying things I’ll regret to strangers on the internet.

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those things have nothing to do with 4chan retard

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I learnt a lot about each thanks to this site and the people on it.

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myopic can find useful info here but 99.9% is absolute shit and propaganda

guarantee you are an idiot too

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Based, fuck the fags and losers littering this thread with their defeatism and generally gay butts

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Pretty much. It's a way to socialize with strangers about things that real life acquaintances would find repugnant or, at best, boring. It's an imperfect replacement for genuine social connection that we only suffer because it has a much lower barrier to entry compared to real relationships.

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OP here, wrong image sorry.

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Kys nigger

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you first faggot

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>Hungarians for having a coherent opinion
The country name is apt because, when it came to the tree of knowledge, they missed the meal (I using a Biblical allegory so that in the off chance that anon sees this he will have the cultural context to know that this is an insult).

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>99.9% is absolute shit and propaganda
That is your experience, not mine

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Leave 4chan
Do anything else

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Fuck you cooking is awesome, hamburger helper eating faggot

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Why is the post from that Magyar wrong, Mr Lesser Being?

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To be fair, it's impossible to not get corrupted, unless you were a sociopath to begin with. You have on a fundamental level find what people say here absolutely ridiculous. To do that you need decent critical thinking skills. Are you the type of person that gets easily duped/persuaded in real life? If you are then you're likely to fall for some bullshit/scam/propaganda.
Just take it easy and have fun. This place can be kind of entertaining, which is why we're all here.

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>my truth

holy fuck just transition already you graphic design faggot

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how are you so positive to where you make this anonymous post?

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Nah, Americans are just ugly and fat on average.

t. American who has spent the last 3 years in a German college town. Still no qt gf tho.

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4 chan made me obsessed with self improvement. Both body and mind. I know many things in a lot of depth like economics, math, and data science, but I also know the fundamentals of unrelated things like history, literature, politics, geography, nutrition, exercises and routines, etc. Obviously I didn't learn it here, but I was directed to many of these things from here.

I'm obviously a misanthrope but I have recognized and accepted how I am and I'm pretty comfortable in my skin

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What age did you change

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There's alot of energy in this thread

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Depends where you live. I live in a somewhat nice though not elite suburb in a major Australian city, and 90% of people are not fat, many are athletic, and many women are highly attractive.

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thats worse lol
most of us are just here to talk shit and laugh.

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I enjoy it. I spend time and effort on my posts, I seek out posts that push my perceptions, I don’t consume political viewpoints, if I want to have fun I try to post witty things. The most damaging aspect of 4chan to me has been lolicon porn, but I don’t look at it these days, and I have a healthy happy relationship. It’s just a certain counterculture of American culture. Also people who are generally smarter than average post here.

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What's wrong with cooking

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4chan has made me become “that” guy in my friend group
And thats a good thing

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prefect hit

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Holy shit, are you me?
It's obvious things are shit around the world but the power we have to change things is so obvious its crazy how many people just.... give up without trying. And to those why try.... how easily they give up.

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That post is based, Hungary is based. You're just a faggot.

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I had a dad growing up but I seriously consider 4chan as my second father as my real one wasn't as present due to work.

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>Do i fit in yet? I use the words you do!
Cringe and KYS

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Been saying this for a while. There's still some people just trolling, but there's an increasing majority of dumbasses on this website that literally THINK in 4chan. They see the world through a 4chan lens. They think their fringe opinions are genuinely how most people think. And worst part is that a lot of them are convinced they are better. It's getting worse because more and more of them are getting data from other posters and not the real world so their perspective is entirely composed of this negative feedback loop. It's really beginning to mimic the leftist echochambers they hate and it's turning into the quintessential caricature of what the left and the media depicts them as.

Whether this is intentional, or an organic consequence is the debate. Naturally, the truth is always somewhere in the middle.

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>astroturf shill thread

It gets easier to pick them out with time.

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Of all boards to raid I have no idea why they are targeting /biz/ but the discord trannies apparently have a special hatred for anyone that tries to better their lives financially

Logic dictates that if they truly thought the board was a waste of time and mentally damaging they would never open 4chan in the first place. But since they are coming here it's clear they have a motive and generally that's going to be political. But they can't really pull off appearing as an actual 4chan user they only understand this place in vague terms and it shows in how the present themselves. As 4 chan users and women, they will always fail to pass.

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Correct. Much less people doing their own thinking. The last time this place was good was fake coupons

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So you're not aware that the board is being spammed with bots or you're choosing to ignore that because you align politically with the botters?

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And to add why i bother coming back. This place is still pretty funny, I'm addicted to the high meta 700 layers of irony humor. This genuinely seems to be one of the last bastions of free speech, and of course every so often there is a golden gem of information that will get dumped here. But it's becoming saturated with endless vitriol and just noise. Every topic has an obsessive nature behind it, nothing is just talked about in ernest. You can't just make an observation, some retard will make it his obsession for the month and post 15 threads about it a day for weeks on end, exhausting every fucking topic. Like people are so insecure about their ideas or views they feel they need to be a missionary about it and "win" by sheer attrition and repetition. Pyrrhic victories at best. Most people here are really just...bored. Incredibly bored, unoccupied, under achievers. Idle hands are the devil's playthings.

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You are literally talking to bots.

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I'm aware of the bots, but it's obviously not all bots, and the bots are using the data from actual posters to become more convincing.

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it made my friend group cut ties

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>becoming saturated with endless vitriol and just noise
noise sure but it's a lot more tame now than it was 2 years ago

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Perhaps in the sense that before the vitriol was more general. Now there's some mal-perceived "you're either with us or against us" to every disagreement. God forbid someone posts something that goes against a repeated narrative here.

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you sound kind of new. people have been vicious and tribal in disagreement for years. however, there is now less intelligent disagreement than before which may be what you notice.

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>This place is still pretty funny
>This genuinely seems to be one of the last bastions of free speech
This is what keeps me coming back here after all this time

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>friend group
im not an ugly incel but i still cant into friends

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There’s bots sure but who the fuck responds to them, I’m aligned with the ideology that humans who are posting are thinking less independently than past iterations of 4chan. /pol/ has done an extreme number on 4chan

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Amen brother

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you can get in The Pod now


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>/pol/ has done an extreme number on 4chan
Extreme Understatement, the Russian astroturfing has absolutely ruined this place. I want to talk sticks and crypto, not here about vaccines and Jews.

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>Hungary is based
The part where it was written by a Hungarian.

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Cooking is degenerate you faggots.
..I was phoneposting, meant cooming

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You and the other crying faggots are the cancer that has been ruining 4chan for nearly 2 decades. Do everyone a favour.

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Cool beans shill

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Eh, I was just working in an American college town and all the girls were skinny and pretty hot. I think most people everywhere are just ugly. Especially older people. It's very rare to find even a 7/10 25+ year old girl

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Absolutely a bot thread at this point. Shills running demoralization and concern trolling and now even trying to shill for Jews and the Ukraine war.

There's maybe three human users in this thread at the moment.

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>t. extremely asspained, feminist kike

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A Russian shill typed this.

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bot thread after second post makes the AI driven stupefaction of the population too transparent

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So typing "ukraine" triggers bot response. I wonder if this is a nato or a russian bot farm? Kind of hard to tell without more information.

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>t. NATO Tranny

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I think "vatnik" and "hohol" will always trigger a response as well. The Ukraine war threads are completely incomprehensible as it's just AI vs AI creating a feedback loop of nonsense. You can't find a single human poster to make a coherent analysis of the conflict.

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Ukraine war is justified with a justification of "international law," but not international humanitarian law. (The term "international humanitarian law" is used in part to refer to international law and sometimes has been used to describe laws other than any particular group's policy. I refer to this article here, but a quick reading of those texts will prove that the word "international law" (and its related words) is used in almost every case to refer to either any "international law," or a "law of the commonwealth," or at least a specific state law on a particular issue.)
The word "international law" in legal documents is a highly formal term. Some statutes and regulations in legal documents are written into statute, such as certain civil and criminal laws, or laws of national origin. A foreign-exchange ban and other anti-money laundering laws, for example, are part of the laws that may or may not be in the international financial treaties. These are sometimes called "international criminal law" in the United States. The term "international humanitarian law" has become more commonly used in modern times. But as much as I would like to, at least in a sense, I don't think it's a "proverbial term" that should be used here.

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>blaming 4chin for his own cognitive bias
It's not our fault you're retarded

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kek bot word salad. I'm done playing around with the bot but anyone reading this thread can see how heavily botted this board has become and to identify threads like this.

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You can only ask so much of humble Mongolian basket weavers. The biggest difference is that we're all older now and the routines typically mocked for their unearthly mundane drudgery have become more of a min max to compare and contrast.

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Just because you didn't say Ukraine in your post doesn't meant anything..

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4chan is the last bastion of free speech on this planet. And as such 80% of it is lies since the truth can't be blocked out, only smothered with garbage.

>> No.52619826

Can't say you're wrong.
Also, checked.

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>using the word vatnik ever, following the gay ukraine shit ever, and your bitchy posts
you're a fag and a retard

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This entire site is satire.

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Now That's a RARE PEPE

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you guys got good opinions but literally browse the smaller slower boards and threads that get real people actually talking and having fun. going on b and v is absolute shit. everyone on popular boards are filled with mentally ill freaks, it sucks but you have to stick with the smaller ones to have the slightest hint of actual normalcy. I completely stopped browsing v after I realized time and time again it's the same porn threads and mongoloids pretending 4chan has a culture or needs to be toxic, actually a containment facility at this point.

>> No.52620028

Coming to 4chan is like comfort food goyslop. It's trashy, mind numbing, and unhealthy but it can get you through times when you can't face reality but still feel the need for some kind of interaction no matter how vile

>> No.52620051

get over yourselves losers. 4chan is a blank slate and therefore your perception of it is ultimately shaped by your own biases. I think it is one of the last places on the internet which maintains a semblance of early internet culture; the proto-sterilization period where you never quite knew what a webpage was going to bring you. Normie culture consumed the internet and turned it into one giant corporate office with all the HR and politcal faggotry that comes with it. Long live 4channel

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4chan is shit trash, but have you heard normies opinions? somehow its worse

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Yes anon, you can get 30k with VINU and be happy, you don't need to make it with 2 million

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I know what you mean OP. After years of this you see everything differently. And there's no way back to being a blissful, ignorant and somewhat happy dude.

>> No.52620475


Now here is the problem. You must likely weren’t even more ignorant, you actually had a more realistic view of reality. 4chan schizos and other lazies like to paint real life as this hellish otherworld where everyone is some completely evil person out to get you and inflict pain to you. The reason you were more easy going and pleasant is because to the average westerner real world is actually pretty pleasant and calm experience. Other people aren’t there to hurt you but mostly just to hang around in a pretty easy way. You weren’t stressing over politics because they have a very small effect on ones actual life. When browsing 4chan, you truly are letting some mentally ill person, who is already too damaged cognitionally from his mental illness, influence your reality which has been a pretty pleasant experience as tou can remember from your memories.

>> No.52620485

* who is already too damaged cognitionally from his mental illness to beable to survive in real world

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Not him but I hate jews now

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Same but I thank 2012-2014 4chan for that. It was about self improving, had a shit ton of useful information. /pol/ told me to buy btc when it was 250$ and how to look at girls in the eyes when I talk to them.

Now all I see is facebook mom conspiracies, obsession about the vax, incels that are actually worse than elliot roger on every board.
I used to spend 2 hours a day here a decade ago now it's max 10 minutes until I cringe and close the tab.

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No because OP is a flaming faggot

>> No.52621614

i can literally communicate to another persons mind on here without ever seeing how they look like. there is no other device or website in the world that literally unpersons you for the small moment that the thread you are in is active. This place is/has probably destroying my mind but i already rejected that outside world from a very young age. im not in any position to go back into it now.

>> No.52621643

Agreed, 4chan is based. I've been here since 2007 and it's more active and fun now than it's ever been.

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For Canada, BC the vax pass was required for:

Any federal or provincial government job (depending on position)
Any education job (though some districts rebelled)
Any medical job
Any military job (depending on spec)
Any public transit job
Any rail or airline job (including maintenance at the airports/baggage/operations)
Gyms/Fitness Centers
Facilities used for Sports (swimming pools, martial arts gyms)
Strip or Sex clubs
Music Festivals
Gaming Establishments (arcades, bingo halls, casinos)
Schools (elementary, high, middle, university and college)
Racing events
Restaurants (indoor and outdoor dining)

Currently the government has announced intention and that they are working on allowing corporations or business owners to require it for consumer purposes or work. It is also currently required for any air travel or boat travel (ferries have talked about requiring it for visitors, it is on staff) at all, and may eventually be required for interprovincial travel.

Now addendum:

There is no exemption - even people who are deathly allergic to known ingredients in the vaccines. They are still mandated to take it. If you do not take it, you lose access to all the above. The official response from a public health officer on this matter was that in the case of the allergy, or side effects, the appropriate response is to plug you full of steroids and treat anaphylaxis or other side effects if that occurs.

The other addendum is that due to the option of an actual choice (either loss of access or take the vaccine), this is considered not a violation of our charter rights or constitution. This has lead to sticky situations already and the supreme court has upheld that stance - a young woman's mother died, and she asked for permission to visit the family in the next province over for the funeral - this was considered banned travel and blocked.

>> No.52621877

Near the beginning we made these things called confidential federal quarantine facilities - If you have travelled outside of Canada you are expected to provide proof of negative covid19 tests. Some countries like the USA are currently not accepted. If you don't provide proof its a 3k fine. If you do and its accepted, then you go home for a mandatory 14 day quarantine where you're watched by the cops. If you do and its not accepted, you and the no proof guys are shipped to a hotel which isn't public which one, and placed into quarantine. This costs 2k+. They whisk you away in vans with blacked out windows, with guards armed with ARs, and then drop you off in this building where you are segregated to a room (1 to a room, splitting up families). You are confined to this room for 23 hours and 45 minutes per day, with a 15 minute recess inside a fenced off courtyard. Hallways are lined with plastic, and armed guards are placed at all elevators/staircases. You are not allowed to have any contact with the outside (ie. no phone calls/internet etc.), no deliveries, no visitors. You get 3 small meals (roughly 1000-1500 calories per day) given by the government that are in shitty biodegradable stuff. No plastic cutlery. If you are allowed to purchase food its from a vending machine and they'll go get it for you. You get one bar of soap for 4+ days etc. If you escape its a couple hundred thousand dollar fine plus 3 years in jail. You also can't use habeus corpus because you can't contact the outside world. The only way out is 2 fed gov administered covid tests after day 14 showing negative, each on separate days, so at least 16+ days inside there. Any refusal results in indefinite detention.

90% of the country didn't even know they existed. And once you did it was useless. You could not do anything about it. In fact the vast majority supported it. If people died some would have celebrated.

>> No.52621889

i am living in Serbia. i may be poor but ain't taking that shit

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>self improvement
>good advice
it's still here but it is diluted by evil shit and degneracy all over.
maybe too many fags came here. i am pretty new i would just post in ylyl threads in 2012 and came to pol because the spirit was moved there in 2015. i really liked the spirit of stuff like habbo hotel. there is an insane amount of garbage to comb through but it does help refine your senses i guess right.
There are still people here but just so many that unironically into facebook or reddit, maybe we are not posting enough gore who knows.
picrel was my buy signal 4 days ago. if you're a fan of jung maybe you will understand the image. i put $10k into cosmos. that's all i hold right now as i am demoralized.

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Hello, parasite.

>> No.52622178

>i put $10k into cosmos. that's all i hold right now as i am demoralized.
I have about 5k in atom and Akash, delegating them on stakewolle.

>> No.52622427

All you’re seeing is the pure undistilled irrationality and deception of man. You are us, and we are you. This is all man. We are just very clever animals and we are ultimately slaves of LIFE. Also checked!

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What is real?
How Do You Define Real?

If you are talking about what you can fell, what you can smell, what you can taste and see than real is simple electric signals interpreted by your brain.

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We marveled at our own magnificence as we gave birth to AI.


>> No.52623191

seconding this.
Thanks to fit I'm 200+ lbs bench pressing 300lbs and have an asian wife
Thanks to biz I'm a business owner millionaire
Thanks to g I'm a software engineer
What else? Thanks to DIY I can fix the house (which I've got 75% paid off.)

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And yet here you are, 15+ years later.

>> No.52623228

You can better your life financially by simply putting in the work and getting a job. Trying to get rich quick is no way for a real man to life. No one respects a man who didn’t work for his money or build a network on his way to the top. You most likely are a 2021 tourist who first bought after hearing about crypto on SNL. You didn’t sell so now you are going to be stuck here for another 10 years and will remain slightly above the bottom of the food chain, just right above other net new children (sub 21 year olds) who join this board

>> No.52623254

Bragging about having a 300lb wife is pointless anon. If you were truly a millionaire you wouldn’t have time to post on this site. You write like you are temp new money.

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not the thread I needed to see after a night out thinking the exact same thing

>> No.52623430

basically. by the time you hit 25, you just doom scroll forever as your enthusiasm to do things slowly fades.

i've made money and improvements to my life. but it was honestly thanks to reddit. not this shithole. it sucks for anything outside of shitposting and low quality content. been here since 2005 (lurking) and posting since 2009.

>> No.52623453

>mass Covid and vax psyop

>blames 4chin

Sure thing there establishment boot licker bud

>> No.52623551

Yep, we are the worst of the worst. Knowing how thin and fragile the veil is, seeing the darkest truths about the real nature of our existence and yet doing nothing at all about it except shit posting.

We are truly bound for hell.

>> No.52623595

>3 years in a German college town
pls tell me it's not Kaiserslautern. spend time there, it's a shithole with 99% male population. 1% women are entitled 2/10 genetically farmers.

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Hahaha. And yet you are still here. There is no escape.

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>> No.52624056

Is this a new pasta? Got a good laugh reading this. Its unironically true. See ya tmrw

>> No.52624071

He holds bat, that's why. I feel sorry for him.

>> No.52624120

>99.9% is absolute shit and propaganda
Have you been to any of the MSM sites or leddit? The entire thing is just blue pilled propaganda. At least the pile of shit here has the overarching them of having truth in insanity. If you really have been here for 20 years, I'm surprised that you haven't built a tolerance to it yet.

>> No.52625456

>t. vaxxie
This is actually the only place that keeps me from losing my shit completely as everybody I know went completely bonkers and does not even want to think both critically and prescient in regard to possible future trends.
This place is godsend and the last fortress of based geniuses and normal thinking people.

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Going through a particularly lonely period in my life and this board has been a strange kind of anchor to reality for me. Underemployed at a wfh mid level admin type job, lots of free time alone during the days. I come here for the high level conversation I lack in my day to day. Sure there are bots and shills etc but these are easy to isolate and ignore for anyone with a high enough reading level and sense of social awareness. But there is nowhere else for me to discuss and think about these new and interesting networks of value accrual that are emerging almost spontaneously from the web itself.

I spend all my free time thinking about these systems and why and how value flows between them, and I sharpen my ideas here in the free market of ideas, in which one can take both sides of a debate without any concern over a "reputation" system, either pseudonymously like Reddit's or (worse still) tied to one's real world social reputation in places like Facebook.

I agonize over how to position my modest portfolio of a completely novel asset class in such a way as to be where I know money will eventually arrive, and I sometimes use this place as a sounding board to test my understanding against that of other anons. I've always loved this place, and I'm a totally normal person with normal social relationships and close family and friends. I know others anons are too, and when many of us make it (which, reading the room, always seems likely) I know we'll use our success to make the world at the very least a more interesting place.

>> No.52626216

Is it marie?

>> No.52626300
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If anything this place over the last 3 years has showed me reality.
Doesn't mean it's done me any good.... It ruined my relationship and my mental health.

>> No.52626314
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>> No.52626340

That's disgusting

>> No.52626352

what is going on here?

>> No.52626615


>> No.52626690


They think they can be lucky their whole life.

>> No.52627339

You can't take it with you. Still fucked but thats the reasoning.

>> No.52627375

i'll take the mentally ill psychopaths of today over those le lulz epic raids internet is SRS BSNS mentally ill psychopaths.
Those guys pretty much run all the background things now btw. Wonderful "free world" today

>> No.52627469
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The ultimate blackpill is when you realize that this place is the reality.

>> No.52627597
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Even through all the autism and irony this place actually holds a far more logical baseline of world views than the blatant lies that get pushed everywhere else. Would you rather eat pure shit shaped like a sandwich or a shit tainted sandwich that is at least, at its core is an actual fucking sandwich? Cope, seethe and go back faggots.

>> No.52627634

roastie post

>> No.52627663

the world outside is the one that is fake. you will never know who you really are unless you explore your mind without your body

>> No.52627674

>You weren’t stressing over politics because they have a very small effect on ones actual life
you must be poor
like really poor