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How is this asshole just wandering around like nothing is wrong and he is just some normal billionaire? Fucking tackle him and arrest him when he is up on stage!


>Sam Bankman-Fried, founder of collapsed cryptocurrency exchange FTX, tweeted on Thursday that he will speak at the Dealbook Summit organized by the New York Times on Nov. 30, at a time when he’s reportedly facing investigations with FTX undergoing bankruptcy protection proceedings.

Madoff was arrested within 24 hours. What the fuck is going on!?

>“At this time, we expect Mr. Bankman-Fried will be participating in the interview from the Bahamas,” Maria Case, manager for external communications of the New York Times, told Forkast in an email on Thursday.

>Sorkin shared Bankman-Fried’s tweet and wrote: “There are a lot of important questions to be asked and answered. Nothing is off limits.”

These motherfuckers. And where the fuck is Caroline? Get her too!

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this entire time in my life is net-pain. I don't want to imagine it getting worse and more painful but it probably will. I want to go back.

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People he didn't force anyone to donate money to him.

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Anon you don't seem to understand. They're Jewish. Jews are the most evil, self serving race to have ever existed and they will do anything to preserve their nepotism even if it means destroying everything that is good.

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Because pic rel and the masters know it. Youre all chicken shit

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bury your face in a hot woman's ass

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this sbf thing is some next level shit

he literally stole your money in broad daylight and everyone knows it

we’re not playing league, we’re playing minecraft

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nothing ever happens...... until, all of a sudden, and for no reason at all, it does

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Lol look at this cope


Lmfgoddamnfao even

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How long until he kills himself or "kills himself"?

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based and redpilled

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he didnt steal my money?

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>my life is pain
>just cover yourself in shit stink bro
>my life is pain
>just turn everything into nazi germany bro
You people give terrible advice. I don't know why I keep coming here.

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Never, none of this was his fault, others will take the fall.

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you want the answer? everybody thinks somebody else will do it

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This isn't fucking normal that this dude is just walking around living his life!

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pretty much open season on crypto tard money if he doesn't have an untimely demise. G-d I love this guy.

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this, but this time it's not gonna end like that, it's just gonna end with a complete demoralization, degradation and degeneration, up until domestic terrorism and suicide is the leading cause of death and then it all implodes.

This is jewish late stage capitalism. The leech has killed the host.

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SBF isn't going to Fucking get away with this!

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He's a Jew and has connections to democrats.

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How many slaps in the face of the goy cattle does It take for them to wake up? There is a war goingon and the goys need to understand that being this passive is demoralizing. We need the bankman head chopped off , then give It to the kids to kick It like football

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His daddy Gary will take care of his boy Sammy. Baby boy made a boo boo.

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In Slovenia we had a politician go to prison. He was being driven from prison to parliament to continue performing his political role. He also became a prime minister later. Since then I am so embarrassed of my nationality that I’d buy a St Kitts nationality or something if I could afford it.

TLDR; could be worse

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what kind of woman are you fucking? imagine being okay with a woman who doesn't clean her ass lol

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Reminder what the end game is

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How can they arrest him if he never steps foot in the US again? THINK before you post, brainlet.

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he is the anti satoshi

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The dealbook summit he is attending is in NYC?

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NYC is in the US, retard.

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Yeah, I know? Are you saying they are tricking him into coming back to the US?

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how does he know someone who lost money won’t just minecraft him?

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Not even close. The bitcoin is killing the jew and SBF was their attempt at a poison pill. So much so that he had Genlser and half of congress running interference for him. El Salvador adopting BTC is what turned the wick up on all of this shit. CZ lit SBF up because he saw that he had been had and sought revenge. Most businessmen I associate with are doing just fine. The host is fine, It's the parasite that is weakening and lashing out in desperation. The inescapable fact of the matter is that 2022 dealt so much damage to the collective Jewish reputation in crypto that even normies are noticing.

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This guy speaks the truth

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>He gets it

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>he gets on stage
>mkultra schizo gets word activated
>scam fagman gets fried
>the kikes use it as the new holocause and how jews feel insecure even today and prejudiced and its all the white mans fault
No verification needed

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He wont step a foot in the usa. He'll do it through webcam

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here's another advice: helium canister + turkey cooking bag + PVC tube + duct tape

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No. The damage to the host is irreparable outside of violence. Confidence and trust in pillars of society is no longer a thing.

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Just shout "KAMIKAZIIIII" while naruto running at him and he'll run away again like he did when someone on the Bahamas called him out in public.

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how is he still not arrested?

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How is still not dead

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Samefagging is frowned upon, as is bringing /pol/ to /biz/. Not here to make money? Go back.

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hes basically the gray area fundraising arm for the democrats, he won't be prosecuted for anything

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someone shoot him, in minecraft

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what did this guy do to incur the wrath of CZ anyway

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Dude you have a real fucked up world view.