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Where are all the NFT bros now????

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busy bagholding

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CTO at my workplace was shilling those at some point in 2021. That was quite embarrassing to see tech savvy person falling for such scam. At least this year he stopped peddling crypto scams on company channels.

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im so glad everyone at my company is chinese

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at the gay bathhouse

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We're buying AssetMantle on Mexc

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Suicide. Imagine paying thousands of dollars for a jpg

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NFT's are a market top play. Spend 1 eth worth $4k to buy a nft. Wait until eth is at $1k and sell the nft for 4 eth. You quadruple your eth without claiming any income.

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they are tongueing some anuses

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>Sell your NFT for 4ETH
I know this is bait but holy shit.

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We're in assetmantle instead of buying nfts directly

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You seem to think that if the crypto market collapses by 75%, that NFT prices will remain unchanged. LOL

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>Alright guys, as your community manager I've got the next event lined up.
>I need y'all to go to biz and search the catalog again
>Ctrl+F for NFT posts and paste our shill found in our price-talk channel.
>If anyone calls you a nigger or faggot tell them they're NGMI and to stay poor.
>Screenshot your post as proof and maybe we'll think of a prize for the best shill ;)

How close am I?

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Now that the dust has settled, what was the worst NFT project?

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they're rekt

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> checked
the first one. In normal world everyone would laugh at those pajeets and tell them to go fuck themselves. I wish we didn't shift into clown timeline in 2020.

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grab a bag of Asset Mantle op. Trades on mexc. It's a layer-1 for Interoperable metaverse, games, enterprise, & Interchain NFTs. Decentralized Identities(DIDs) on Blockchain, etc

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>we're doing better than this useless garbage by adding an additional layer of uselessness to the useless nature of this garbage

oh my god, you pajeets are thirsty to spam anything for $0.50

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>brain damage

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I remember some guy giving a presentation on NFTs/crypto in the lunchroom on professional development day, bitcoin was like 60k then