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Which coin is the chosen one? I want meme magic again. 2016 if you catch my drift.

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Does it even have memes?

Good contender

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yes, CocaColaKid is an insider and a riddler

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2016 is dead mein neger. Go for microcap doxxed projects like pic rel

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The coin with the best memes.

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Unironically ICP. Just wait for it go to sub 1 usd to ape.

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Any time it catches volume it pumps really hard

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It's Magick you fucking newfag suck my ballz eat my shit nigger whore faggot invest in diabetes

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Obligatory buy SHIB, lightning keeps striking.

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explain this >>52610574
Buy Truebit OP.

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once shib hits .01 I will have unlimited curry chicken and punja tang

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Nah, those avax niggers are funny but financially ruined.

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Statera. The best memes in all of Crypto.

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jeet detected

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that was a rhetorical question, dumbfuck/bot

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why is there so much STA shilling in the last 5 days? volume's dead. kys

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>Tfw I used to make STA memes
I deleted them all, along with my kleros memes. You should really move on lol.

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holy shit you guys are desperate
>You fill fomo
there are dog tokens with identitical tokenomics and much more market appeal.

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>there are dog tokens with identitical tokenomics and much more market appeal.
That's an interesting way to say that you don't get Statera at all.

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ok satan, explain it then. I sold most of mine for HOGE which has the same idea of a tax-on-transfer but with the appeal of redistribution. HOGE mooned a couple times before crashing. STA did nothing.
Something being scarce by itself does not create value, there has to be demand for it.

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never stray from the one true path

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You're welcome bud.

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The coin is UTK and there is no doubt about it. The magic will be replayed when the bull run kicks in

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There is only going to be one. BTC

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Utrust, a web3 payment processor with will more ROI than this, you dumb cunt

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whackd.Uktra deflationary token created by John Mcafee himself

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BTC unironically

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The one with the dog holding the baseball bat.

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I can buy drugs and guns online with Monero anonymously.
IRS has a bounty of USD$625000 for the tech to track Monero.
I don't see any other use case for crypto besides money laundering and/or limiting exposure to USD fiat.

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The token with the best deflationary token model is utk. Speak facts or stfu

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Dogbat reroll

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good advice on 4chan, for once

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this token being milking enough profits for me as I find it really competitive for shorts. I hodl a minimum amount thought but then the likes of Metis, Ride and Rowan being on my watchlist for quite some time though.

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This guy gets it

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I can also buy airline tickets from alternative airlines using crypto. I also enjoy cashbacks while doing this.

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>earning BEETS for high APY
convince me that isn't an inflationary ponzi like every other staking program.

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GEEQ screencap this.

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sadly no but I hold a decent stack.

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$HEEL (Good Dog)

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Tsuka. Compare tsukas chart over the past 6 months compared to every other token. You’ll see what I mean.

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I hole-hardedly agree, but allow me to play doubles advocate here for a moment. For all intensive purposes I think you are wrong. In an age where false morals are a diamond dozen, true virtues are a blessing in the skies. We often put our false morality on a petal stool like a bunch of pre-Madonnas, but you all seem to be taking something very valuable for granite. So I ask of you to mustard up all the strength you can because it is a doggy dog world out there. Although there is some merit to what you are saying it seems like you have a huge ship on your shoulder. In your argument you seem to throw everything in but the kids Nsync, and even though you are having a feel day with this I am here to bring you back into reality. I have a sick sense when it comes to these types of things. It is almost spooky, because I cannot turn a blonde eye to these glaring flaws in your rhetoric. I have zero taller ants when it comes to people spouting out hate in the name of moral righteousness. You just need to remember what comes around is all around, and when supply and command fails you will be the first to go. Make my words, when you get down to brass stacks it doesn't take rocket appliances to get two birds stoned at once. It's clear who makes the pants in this relationship, and sometimes you just have to swallow your prize and accept the facts. You might have to come to this conclusion through denial and error but I swear on my mother's mating name that when you put the petal to the medal you will pass with flying carpets like it’s a peach of cake.

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All derivatives, futures and perp coins on Arbitrum :) XCAL and MYC and CAP being my personal favorite. Am bagholder though so my advice is biased and if we pump 50% I will dump.

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it's always been chainlink and it is still chainlink

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It's D0B0. You know this. I know this. We all know this.

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Kek, i have 100 dev i bought at $10 i had completely forgotten about

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Polygon (ticker: MATIC) is the chosen coin, otherwise we wouldn't have the biggest companies and brands in the world working with it, and even jp morgan chose polygon to do its first ever on-chain trade

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this but waiting to buy at $0.1

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Lunc checks all the boxes IMO.

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>was popular as fuck on Reddit
>got JUSTed hard causing Redditors to lose their life savings
>now every Redditor hates the coin
>meanwhile /biz/ bought their life savings with beer money

Just imagine the salt if it went to $1 or its ATH again.

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D0b0 or hobo

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That chart only shows APR from swap fees. You earn more of the assets in the pool. Sure, BEETS is one of the tokens in the pool but it's weight is only 10%. Also, you don't have to use this pool to take advantage of the Statera Ecosystem. You can create your own pools with the assets you choose and add WSTA to the mix to increase volume. There were a few other pools with WSTA back then that had nice APR but, perhaps due to low liquidity, it wasn't consistent.