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can you give me financial advice on how to invest 200k?

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What's your risk tolerance

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Gold plated kneepads

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Put it all in VIDYA
Why? Nobody left to sell, it can only go up

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there are so many variables on what you are looking for but if you are relatively young buying a house is probably your best bet.

Other than that maybe a mixture of SPY, VNQ, XYLD

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only trust the big boys with your 200k

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Invest in some runflat tires and a special tactics driving course. Then practice for a year, and rob a museum of some gold artifacts. Pocket whatever the difference of the 200k you didn't lose in this slot machine market. Pay someone to melt it into bars and then accidentally on purpose him. Then change your name and disappear into a rural village in a country in which you can speak the language. Buy a Volkswagen or some other mid range car and a collection of inoffensive sweaters in earth tones and larp as someone who works remote. You're welcome.

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send it to Ukraine. Invest in humanity. or fast food

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I would split it between SCHD, Berkshire, and JEPI. I think it would be safe to expect a consistent 10% growth, and that's not even counting the substantial dividends which will allow you to live comfortably while continuing to work and save.

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>which will allow you to live comfortably
in Africa ?

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The dog is desperately trying to tell him the identity of the negro who cucked him via telepathy. You can tell.

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i read that if you have lot of black coffee during pregnancy it can happen. I m sure she did not cheat

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I'm drunk. Now is not a good time.

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>populational pyramid inverted
>buy a house that will have a lot less buyers

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sav half of it and through the rest wt those good web 3 gems like stx and Sylo

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crypto casino

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>beat FTM
>beat AVAX
>beat DOT
>beat SOL
you know what to do anon. winner keep on winning

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Dumbass, you are only gonna get rekt if you take financial advice here, dyor and do all you can to keep your assets protected on the blockchain

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go all in on those Elrond gems like Zpay and Ride. don't be a retard. kek

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Half in chainlink half in shib
Thank me in 2025

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if its not in Bit then i don’t wanna hear it, especially since Bitdao will be building the Bitnetwork to push decentralization and power major defi services, platforms, protocols, projects…

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Go all in on some prifi, web3, defi projects, they can only go up because of the utility they provide

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100% stake on FTT coin perpetual futures contract leverage 125x

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I'll share my edge with you if you drop your discord but only because you are a /biz/bro

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100k s&p500
100k gilt fund

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Population pyramid is inverted, so what. More people with more inheritence money and shit will be able to buy a house for retirement. Its all a gamble

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Own 2/3 of a small cap.

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For a bright future, invest in blue-chip coins like LINK, ATOM, DOT, and SOL since $200K is a respectable sum of money. I suggest keeping it in a secure wallet like Metamask, Cryptoxpress, TrustWallet, etc. Avoid storing it on CEX. Not your keys, not your coins froglet.

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Oh shit

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>Good choice anon

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I completed my own research before making an investment because I won't settle for less. It's hard to get scammed again. I gained knowledge from my mistakes.

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stocks, crypto, get digital skills courses. For the crypto part, hehe, always DYOR, call DCA strategy your lover and dine with passive income on cosmos gems, ETH, Ride, LRC and Azero. Do retroactive aerdraps if you can.
Buy, hodl and lock it up, come back 2024 to multiples.

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in case this isn’t a larp
25% PMs -mostly silver
25% commodities blue chip uranium oil gas coal Cu Au Ag etc
25% value stocks - [not growth]
25% property or related stocks

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The dog is the dad, faggot.

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I might sound like a boomer but don't listen to retards telling you to invest in crypto, invest mostly on metals, bonds, commodities etc, it became more clear than ever after this last bullrun that crypto is a glorified casino gambling

I would mostly follow >>52609576 's advice, but if you are willing to take risks, invest at least 5% in stocks and 5% in Bitcoin (not alts, don't listen to those retarded gamblers)

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how is having 200k a larp? thats almost poverty tier

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All three are solid. Never bagging any crappy meme from a crazy dev. Delegating my bags on Stakewolle for passive income rewards

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OP is not a retard, he should be wise enough to know on-chain privacy is a necessity.

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>buy house outright in a place you can stand to live with wagie prospects
>play defensively and enjoy an incredible return as you will never pay rent ever again
>rent out the place, have 3rd party management take care of it, dip to SEA or south america for a year at a time

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Polygon is only used to launder money for the Indian scam call centers, there i said it.

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Buy two investment properties that are multi family homes. You now have 4 rental units bringing in a passive 3.5-5K a month. Or buy one, then invest the rest in something like ETH, BTC, or LTC so in a few years time you have a stable and risk/worry free 2-4x. That’s literally it. Just keep working, pool passive income into boomer stocks and save up for another property. Retire realistically without bullshit luck within 5-10 years.

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Have you tried staking atom and juno on Loopdex?
I think they have the best reward so far