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New scam about to drop courtesy of the fantom whale roosh. If you put your money in this you are a fucking retard. Sifu, lafa, the usual scam crew involved.

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i thought this bruh was liquidated already

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Fantom was all a scam

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When will fixed forex make a comeback
Seemed like a good idea desu

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if it wasnt ran by a scamming faggot with heavy bags maybe

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Andre is the scammer

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Andre isn't going to prison though

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Roosh is wanted by like 3 countries for drug dealing

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No dealing kratom and probably other shit he got tied up in with the mafia. It's over for him

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How? He quit fantom literally because of this roosh faggot

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Looks like an ugly kike. Like it has the DNA profile of a chicken McNugget. Is this the power of crypto whales?

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Wanted for dealing in heavy copium to solid bagholders

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>my name is Roosh

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That chin pouch though

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TLDR: bunch of faggots cause Andre to rage quit by abusing his protocol. They lock up shitloads of money in there though so now have heavy illiquid bags. Fork his protocol. Abuse Devs by not paying who are on the verge of quitting. Mods all ragequit then get paid off to come back and stfu. Token burn on fantom which is gatekept by scammy nigs in order to control scam fork for themselves on ETH mainnet and exit some of their heavy locked up bags. Ran by a 60 IQ whale with multiple charges for drug smuggling on him and a gaggle of absolute scum faggots. They want to convince you to buy their bags

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Lets see you faggots call it a scam when literally every dex on eth routes through it in a month.

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Roosh dicksucker. Your boss will be in jail in 2 months

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Yet the protocol will live on.

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>Why yes I want to deposit millions of liquidity in a protocol ran by a French faggot in prison and a bunch of subhuman scammer kikes

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Like you have millions. Quit larping boy.

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Jail soon

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Kek surething snowflake

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Bebis is the one who enfuriated Andre. He's not involved with solidly2 because he's a faggot.

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Rumor has it Ur bois court date is 17th Jan. Wanna go watch in public dock?

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>rumor has it
Get your facts straight

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bebis is actually alright

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He's a brainlet who thinks he's smarter than he actually is. You must be a fan of that terrible youtube channel

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You know it's true nigga

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>lets go to saudi arabia for a day
holy kek

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what did bepis do to andre

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He made that "pain in the ass" tokens and pool which really set andre off.

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Roosh sisters....

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Roosh is a faggot scammer, Maren is a faggot scammer.
They both made fun of me losing it all for my cancer treatments.
I hope they both get killed.

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I would like to sincerely see Roosh taken down for his criminal activities and fraudulent behavior it would make this dying faggots dream come true.
Maren as well but she's untouchable due to simp armies, also Roosh looks like such a fat faggot loser.

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how did you lose your cancer treatment money

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Put it into SoliditySnake when this faggot made that scam or whatever it was called i forget been like a year now.
He rugged about 40k from me and shortened my life.

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fucking kek moar pls

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>Bro when you make it you will get pussy bro trust me
Blackpilling as fuck

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Roosh is the ugliest dumbest fucking prick ever

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He really is, he stole my money and then gloated like a faggot on discord, I never saw this fuckers face I didn't realize he looked like a brown eye'd mexican mudslime.

Serves me right for not asking for this faggots picture, Maren is hideous and I could even pull that slag with zero money and cancer and that fat ugly pig couldn't even get laid for 100k and I'm sure that jewish witch wanted 100k but couldn't digest the thought of being around that ugly fucking creep.
To the other anon it was a shitcoin on Solidly roosh made called SolidlySnake it was a rugpull and a total scam and he took my money.

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no shit having half a bil doesn't matter to women when you act like a total simp begging to spend money on them and give them all your time they're gonna dry up like the grand canyon

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I like Roosh.

Signed Fink

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rofl what a faggot. I remember the incessant solid snake spamming on BIZ before it came out. Literally board was flooded with posts about it...There was also a solid team of dedicated anons who made sure to warn off the retard level anons who believed that mass spam in broken english = something good. Solid snake investors couldnt even understand that being the "first" token on a DEX was not any sort of accomplishment. You deserve everything you got for falling for such an obvious scam. Its people like you who spread their sob story (one that could have been easily avoided by following the basic rules of investment) around that give crypto a bad name.

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well said

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Lmao it all make sense now

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What a creep

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The horrible, ugly, piss-gold plated, reese's wrapper bezel, $20 dhgate datejust just completes the look

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The greasy kike special

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Based fink. All these retards in here fudding roosh. Roosh is being dragged along on deus but retards in here somehow think hes behind all the projects that rugged them when the reality is roosh didnt even know how to do anything in defi up until a few months ago lol.

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>i thought this bruh was liquidated already
how is this scammer still breathing?
fucking kike

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Maren will never touch you kek. Now run back to discord and show all your friends le epic thread

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Hu dat

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No time waiting for some useless things... I better fuck with NFTs

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He's got some pain in the ass anon
Well even though good dicks like a web3payment platform isn't a gaming project but that bitch enhances more NFT projects and gaming projects to accept payments with Cryptocurency, knowing fully well that lots of trannies across the globe are into gaming adventure.

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How do people still fall for this scammers?

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Just pretty funny how NFT came and disappeared... Such a fucked ass fud

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Kek... Who's got a bitch for a big dick bang tonight

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I feel some smelly pussies do enjoy better fuck then you do bitch, if Cristiano Ronaldo/Finance partnership brings the new era of NFT then retards can be spread wide like an old mama's boobs as merchants in every industry, to easily make crypto payments to buy a house, car, clothing, NFT, book a flight ticket, or anything else through a Web3payment.

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This comes when I've not recovered from FTX. Total piece of shit.

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Such a solid platform allowing both merchants and consumers to take advantage from crypto payments, can I get some fresh Asian bitches there??

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Go on, get rekt useless idiots

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Definitely... I trusted that shit like my wife

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Yet your wife keeps banging another nigga

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Why cant you just fuck off, EGLD BNB DOGE will make you smile

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>Yet your wife keeps banging another nigga
Waiting for metaverse to start so I can have her
Fags can use web3print.co to get shits on a nice canvas and can use a web3 payment platform to pay for each pussies.

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Roosh is a fucking bitchnigga

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I won’t rest until I lick funnytrannys cock

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What's the redpill on this niggas bitchmade sidekick Seraph?

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to be fair i made so much money on ftm because of this guy talking about it constantly on the old chainlink unofficial discord

funny as fuck to think my 15k investment made me over a mil and he got liquidated BAHAHAHAH

also does anyone know if we have another unofficial link discord?

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The fantom citadel is pretty chill. same vibes desu
they all hate fantom too which helps

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kill him yourself?

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>The fantom citadel
can i get discord server link please?

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bald ass nigguh

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Fink and roosh still scamming? Roosh selling fake dick pills banned from France, hope they got their drug charges in Florida figured out..

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nigga has a court date in France in Jan lol. Its appeal too so not sure if that faggot is already charged. Either way, imagine putting your money anywhere near these faggots.

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Is he a kike? Looks like one

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At least he isn’t selling fake European passport like Alexander de Damas and Damas corp

>> No.52607848

nah just selling fake copium to dumb bagholders with his little sub-bussyboi seraph sucking every last drop out of his circumsized khazar cock

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You mean like Harry Yeh who scammed tomb holders and Waka Atari holders

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Would you rather be a 6ft2 handsome man with mediocre wealth or the thing in OP with millions?

>> No.52607974

they're all scammers, why you simping for this ugly brainlet faggot? Solid baggie detected

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Hahaha oh wow

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Whats the deal with this cunt?

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Roosh is 5 foot 5

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Anyone got a TLDR of all this shit?

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A degenerate weirdo lost tens of millions after getting his ftm stack liquidated. He forked a failed project called solidly and is spamming it around to get suckers to give him money. He’s desperately trying to make it all back. He couldn’t even get a single date with a 6/10 by gifting her a $100k necklace and offering to be a sugar daddy. He’s down bad.

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Where does the Albanian or Cyprus mafia come into this

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sirloth im gunna kill you faggot
you too jorji

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Dayum, plus he looks like a disgusting greaseball with a double chin. Like that race from star wars. Pics related

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How come to be a crypto project lead you also have to be a total fucking scumbag?

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Is that the legend himself? He's even a 4cuck pass holder.

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Gimme back my 40k nigger or you're going to forever stay cursed.
I told you nigger you would lose it all and I've never been wrong about you faggots yet.

>> No.52608453

Someone cap this and add it to his criminal case file.

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Wait so roosh went from billionaire to sucking ngubu and makhmoods dick in prison in less than a year?

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sensing major cuckler vibes in here
Solidly cucked vedao and refunded their burn onto fantom instead of letting them onto Ethereum. Vedao was a scam project on Fantom/solidly who rebranded to velodrome who continued their scams & scammed optimism governance out of $10m. Now theyre mad salty & sending their minions here

Hi alex
remember to cope, seethe & dilate

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Sirloth here, can confirm you're a cuck

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Holy kek

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Roosh and all the faggot whales were liquidated and ftm still cant pump..
Wtf man...

>> No.52608951

ftm is probably over now sir

>> No.52609076

If you were her, would you?

>> No.52609319

Absolutely fucking not

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Roosh is a bald french manlet. Never touch a single project that fucking chud is involved in

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Lol Velodrome is the most successful Solidly fork across all chains you dumb nigger

Roosh and the FTM dev community's scams only worked in bullmarkets when the average IQ was lower than theirs. SolidlyEth will fail to gain any traction because there is no one in the crypto community left who doesn't know that Roosh, Lafa, Sifu are all scammers

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velodrome is a scam fork, typical chart

>> No.52610326

>Roosh and the FTM dev community's scams only worked in bullmarkets when the average IQ was lower than theirs. SolidlyEth will fail to gain any traction because there is no one in the crypto community left who doesn't know that Roosh, Lafa, Sifu are all scammers

Actually very poetic desu. No wonder roosh gave his entire net worth back.

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Bump for keks

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Give this man's money back

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velo sisters...

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gaba bros...

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how can they keep getting away with this?

>> No.52611183

Wait that notorious Sifu villain looking guy is still involved in big crypto projects?

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why are they taking away our partner? somebody do something

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if there was only a way we could do something? I have an idea! Let's unite all our discord tranny power and post on 4chan

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This nigger thinks protocols that have had their locked solid bricked by a midget french kike are willingly partnering with them rather than just trying to exit

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they even did a hitler meme video about us, payback time!

>> No.52611217

Give me my money back.

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pathetic fud

>> No.52611242

Thanks for the info but I'm not buying this shitcoin and don't care about your gay drama. Kys

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>> No.52611276

last time the velo cucks tried to raid solidly

sage goes in all fields

>> No.52611295

You and your team still owe me 40,000 USD
Pay up by the end of the hour.

>> No.52611319

If these scamming faggots are still operating the bear market isn't over yet

>> No.52611338

start a gofundme, dont know what youre talking about. Have a good day

>> No.52611342

Just a reminder every month I scrape the Citadel discord and save it all. Including the powder room (private whale room). Kek. some of them like Fink even face/irl dox

>> No.52611350

I thought he roped cause his wife left him

>> No.52611415

No motherfucker you stole it now return it immediately.

>> No.52611439


this is so confusing dude. I've been here since January of 2021 and the stuff in this video just doesn't make sense. I must be on some other type of autism than you.

Also, imagine not a SINGLE. FUCKING. FAGGOT here posting Roosh's addy's....I hope some of you, the worst ones here on biz, get what's coming to you. You deserve everything you get. We all do.


>> No.52611462

can you please explain. all ruggers and bad actors in Solidly.eth/VeloDROME/OXD get the rope.

Mr. White was/is my nigger and I hope they didn't deactivate that nigger. He runs entirely on cocaine, coffee and memes. He was genuine I'm pretty sure.

>> No.52611544

I just want to also say:

Roosh has lots of discord names and one of his main ones is TheWarhammer. THe pic in the photo is literally Roosh but just with extra glare on the photo. He's still on OXD discord last time I had a discord before I was banned for.....

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Bulldog faced prick

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File: 200 KB, 869x864, bear_parade.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm putting together a team.

>> No.52611580

Did she? I haven’t been in there in a month or so. I thought he moved to Boston

>> No.52611678

What is citadel?

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NFT is not dead desu. There are lots of ongoing narratives around it like NFT_DeFi and NFT games with the latter seeing unique IPs like Family Feud, Marvel, Disney, and Sony coming together to deliver the first interactive boardgame streaming platform. This doesn't look dead to me.

>> No.52613550

The Fantom Citadel is the place to be, smartest people, lot of moonshots.

>> No.52613564

Long one
Going by heart, there might be mistakes

Bald greedy linkie that made his stack on mlm and fake dick pills goes all in on ftm, makes bank (around 400m), doesn't pay the taxman and, to avoid prison, runs away from France. He uses a mafia boss' son to cash out a bit in Cyprus and goes on the run, posting his locations like a mong to look cool. Still 0 pussy, ends up simping for Maren, pays her 100k in jewelry, offers her to buy a house and sends her a faggy love letter. No pussy from the self-proclaimed femcel

Andree does solidly, roosh goes all in and uses some contract fuck-up in the Lp/gauge to get free emission while controlling the pools (eg the batman/spiderman one)

Andree rage quits, market dumps, roosh has a ton of borrowed cash on ftm and gets bailed out to avoid a chain collapse in the event of a liquidation, as he has no liquidity on chain after locking 50m for 4 years

He still has tons of money around, mind u, and he's a greedy fuck.also, back in the day he killed yfv and pissed off a ton of people

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File: 1.03 MB, 1284x2417, 0B775520-772F-4F6C-8FC3-2C2D64165FAB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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you're missing the fact Bebis let slip in a FTM unchained episode back in May or so that all the FTM bois hung out and partied with Roosh in 2020 in Dubai and started talking about their scams :) Everybody got real silent on that podcast after Bebis clearly said the quiet part out loud, especially the black dude. Corruption from the insiders, that's all this ever was and people betrayed the betrayers. Roosh is a giant gorilla nigger larping as a Proud White in the OXDAO, Deus and Reaper discords. I know I am right in this. Roosh will get his.

>> No.52614021

He still owes me 40k

>> No.52614067

is he a jew?

>> No.52614089


>> No.52614472

sirloth is hands down the best member of the fantom citadel.

>> No.52614486


....the saudi incel? that dude is a literal dick rider with not a single original thought in his little pea sized alligator brain.

>> No.52614525

Hey Fink tell your little Roosh he owes me 40k you cockriding niggers

>> No.52614560

You are lucky you do not have the courage to talk badly about Sotto.

>> No.52614562
File: 313 KB, 638x359, 13E670D7-AEE7-4303-8420-4A3D856A350F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>pic rel is you minus 40k

>> No.52614572

You sure got me 1pbitd
Anyway where's my 40k nigger.

>> No.52615048

Bump to remind Op to pay me my 40k.

>> No.52615161

Dios mio...

>> No.52615416

Bump because Tarot hasn't fucked me over in the past and to see this makes me unhappy and not sure what to believe anymore. What happened to our Solid or veNFTs that were burned on the new site? What token is the token of solidly.eth even? Is it Solid on FTM?


>> No.52615438

idk but unless OP is speaking 40k Mcnuggies in my hands I don't want to hear it.
I'm about to unleash my true form.

>> No.52615462

24 here, "the black guy" the whole thing just stinks like stinky poo, I am going back to africa

>> No.52615504
File: 123 KB, 806x900, based.malcom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we need to get to the bottom of this though cancer-anon because oxdao/vedao all of it just faded into the night and stopped tweeting, stopped communicating publicly. I haven't seen Mr white in months, he was insanely active on telegram and discord, after we got all knived badly around the time veldrome was created, anti-andre sentiment was riding very high (deservedly so) but now it's coming out more and more that Roosh by doing the batman/superman and sonic/pikachu and so mahy other pools on Solidly that it bricked all of our bags but his because he was SO in debt. When scream went under, Deus was left holding at least 5 million they HAD to pay back to Scream team. As of this date, have they paid back that money? I don't think so. So, what I'm trying to say cancer anon is that all these people owe lots of people lots of money and we need to find out together here and now outside of telegram and discord who stole what moneny from who and when. we need to establish what Solidly even is, what it was, what it will be next. We need to establish what the fuck andre is doing back apparently on fantom. We need to find out what the Blockbytes insiders actually knew/know. this is a deeper story than people here are admitting or talking about and we need to talk about it outside of gate-guarded communities. This is as close to public square discourse as our doomed generation gets unfortunately so we have to make do.

>> No.52615531

are you and bebis friends in real life and if youre friends why do you guys always seem to make it out okay from all this stuff you say stinks to high heaven but you're both tangentially connected to the circumstances surrounding the shadiness? I have never exactly trusted any of the crew of ftmalerts and now blockbytes because youre all fine and we're out here shitposting at you and you are sparse on words and just give us memes. Like, I don't want you to go back to africa, I want you to go to prison if you were involved in fraud.

>> No.52615546

lelondon here, i still have an alt in citadel, i scammed these losers so long ago, it was quite easy, i've been scraping for weeks. these idiots sometimes post the nfts they own, so it is quite easy to build up a huge log of which wallet belongs to who. will be selling this info to the feds real soon.

>> No.52615584

I've got 10k wrapped up in the solidly launch kek

>> No.52615590

okay so who stole the 40k

>> No.52615599

what do you mean? you have $10,000 american dollars (in today's values) locked in Solidly.eth because you burned a shitload of tokens?

>> No.52615611
File: 352 KB, 699x641, 1666135607150202.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yep. Give or take maybe. Seemed like a fair enough gamble

>> No.52615650

I don't know everything I wandered into the Chainlink unofficial server and got bombarded by Roosh and his crew of faggots to put my life savings into their new coin before they shilled it on /biz/
And they took my money and ran kicked me off the discord and that's the last I heard.

I want my money back hell I'd settle for half at this point I've written it off as a total loss but I hadn't thought about this nigger in ages till today.
I did meditate on him going to prison, facing charges and losing most of his wealth.
I just wanted my money back and I'd stop hyperfocusing on his life.

No larp I took acid and meditated on Sam Bankman Fraud and Caroline being exposed because those fuckers took the rest of my money.
Day later CZ bombed FTX

>> No.52615654

what do you know that the rest of us don't? roosh is an objectively fraudulent person and he's bigly invested in Deus which is the main orchestrater of everything that is Solidly.eth. I trusted Lafa for a while during the bullrun and throughout the beginnning of this year then I started watching more and more of his interviews, especially paid attention every time he talked on discord to us in OXDAO and he gave me bad vibes, like he was trading on our cope and our need to find a messiah after Andre left us and after Roosh became a defacto faggot larping as an orange-haired dutch man (REMEBER WHEN YOU DID THAT ROOSH? FAG).

>> No.52615670

They talked this big game how Roosh went from 25k to 500m and how he was so charitable and how he covered everyones losses if they did lose so my "40k would be guaranteed"
if somehow it failed.
Well obviously it was a big fucking lie from the start.

>> No.52615675

Probably not much. I thought that the team that was putting together solidly eth seemed competent enough to pick it up, they addressed the bugs of the original, figured that there was an opp to get a high risk high reward play. I think Roosh is a total fag but he's not the only one floating around.

Also put like 5k into deus I'm hoping for a 2-3x i can pull on both of these and fuck off.

>> No.52615698

Post powder screenshot then. You won’t because youre a larp

>> No.52615711

They played on my hope because I was new to crypto and had a small nest egg saved up, told them about my condition and how it requires experimental stem cell transplants that aren't covered by insurance, and this wasn't even enough to pay for one transplant and I needed at least enough to guarantee 3 treatments.
They used my health condition as a way to shill their shitcoin as well and promised it was going to help a dying man with a possibly curable terminal conditon.

Do you know how upset I became when they stole everything from me?
I almost killed myself and still fight with it daily because my hope is gone and I could have had one treatment so far which might have saved my life.
Instead there's a damn good chance I'll be dead by the end of this year and this faggot is directly involved in my death.

When I do die I want him charged with fraud of the highest degree and I'm an american so I hope enough of you guys will pound this into this faggot until it sticks.
I informed my brother to dox my full story once I die on here for weeks until it gets picked up since I spent my last years here.

>> No.52615727
File: 680 KB, 713x753, disgusting.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

okay but what token is even solidly.eth running on...it's supposed to be Solid launch on eth but there is no token, we burned our Solid from FTM but supposedly 93.7% of solid is burned now yet I can still literally buy millions of it on Paraswap so what the fuck is the total supply and what even is the contract. How doyou turn one contract created to be immutable by Andre and his autist mercs from Yearn and then make it a new contract on ETH. All of this is fuckking retarded.

>> No.52615745

if this is a larp, this is one of the best. If this is real, this is insane. This thread needs to be pinned on biz regardless. The other threads just can't compare.

>> No.52615747

My organs are currently failing all of them, my immune system is attacking itself and my NK cells which are the ones that kill bacteria/viruses and cancer are gone completely, a stem cell transplant can actually kill all the viruses/bacteria and lymphoma in my system with one treatment, it requires chemotherapy as well and there's a 1/4 chance of dying in the transplant because I have to literally pull all my cells out of my body and replace them with a healthy humans cells which can cause my system to fix itself and regain control of my life.
Roosh took that chance away from me.

>> No.52615769

It's definitely not a larp I wouldn't be this specific about what's happened if it was.
There's a reason this fuckers running away from me he knows why his life is turning inside out and he's too much of a coward to face the reality of killing another man through fraud.

>> No.52615847

The tokens get air dropped when solidly relaunches on eth. Til then nothing. I've read its coming next week somewhere but who knows

>> No.52615894


>> No.52616092

If this is real i hope you get better bro

>> No.52616351

It's called getting scammed dawg

>> No.52616447

Also roosh is a jew. Not even a larpjew but a literal filthy khazar hook nosed actual jew. To him the life of a goy is just like cattle. I wouldn't expect any sympathy from him. If you live for another 3 months you may see him behind bars in France though

>> No.52616462


It's all so tiring. How is this any different than us dumb niggers burning v1 oxd to get v2 oxd....these niggers are a bunch of lying kikes, they always were. We're buying inflating-to-zero tokens for what
? a coordinating clearing house? why. uniswap fucking exist. this is all so gay and so little details it's a guranteed-pump and dump. it will be shilled here on biz and people will buy. I hate all of you.

>> No.52616477

can you post link to discord server?

thank you

>> No.52616501

prove that Roosh is in fact Jewish. I know he's a piece of shit but I have no proof of his lineage. Do it or you're just a faggot suppressing an actual discussion.

>> No.52616529

who are you and why are you shilling this gay discord?

>> No.52616554

He's said he's a kike multiple times. His surname is an Ashkenazi kike name. He looks like a squat little penguin from batman tier kike. He acts and operates business like a kike. And finally he got too much hubris like a typical kike and now he's getting rekt

>> No.52616570

what is his surname I've never heard it or seen it. He larped as a trad Catholic white red-haired dutchmen when I first met him on OXD's discord. That was 13 months ago.

>> No.52616592

Yiddish word for 'cheap'

>> No.52616649

The yiddish word for cheap IS cheap you fucking ignoramus kike. THere is no english equivalent.

>> No.52616696

If it's not a larp post all screenshots demonstrating they guaranteed any money and the txs of you falling for it. Then you show me your treatment bills, id and shoe on head all in 1 photo

>> No.52616738

TheWarhammer = Roosh. Go back to Deus discord niggerkike.

>> No.52616751

Fantom actually looks like its about to do something retarded (read: pump). What is going on sirs?

>> No.52616776

Asshole. Your fault I'm no longer in the citadel. Not like there was any actual purpose being there, but it is the principle.

>> No.52616782

Looks like its going to mega pump unless btc rugs to zero. Should I ape back in sirs? Looks like a very good coin right now sirs.

>> No.52616816


>> No.52617011

So you're claiming 40k on hearsay/rumors, got it.

>> No.52617069

I'm not shocked after learning what I'm learning about him.
Pay me my 40k nigger I'm not gonna dance like a puppet for you jewish nigger, you stole my 40k just give it back making me dance like a nigger so you can get your rocks off isn't helping your cause.
Pay up and it's over.

>> No.52617427

Nigger you're overthinking it. If you didn't want to then you could have sold the pump at any time.

>> No.52617522

confirmed degenerate faggot insider. pump and dumps should be beheaded, that includes you nigger. I know you were in the Spartacus, RDL, OXD, Solidex and Geist discords now. I know that you're asian and I know that you've got no soul.

>> No.52617532

Likely the same asian faggot who begged Roosh for 50k and wouldn't give it back.

>> No.52617540

Who are you lmao

>> No.52617556

if it's who I think it is, they were an insider in Sparatcus and HEC as well. isn't it funny how criminals often return to the scene of the crime because they just can't help themselves? fags deserve everything they get.

>> No.52617575
File: 167 KB, 1200x1200, un.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice try fag. Only the oxdao discord of the list. I've been holding fantom since before mainnet. Nothing has changed since the solidly burn so don't get all asshurt if you burned it like you were forced.

Personally? I still actually think solidly has a shot at making me a lot of money. If they fixed the issues plaguing the first then it's a novel concept. If not, well hopefully I don't have to stick around and find out.

>> No.52617582

I think it's funny these niggers come back to /biz/ to scam when it's maybe 20 people max here posting.
And I'll continue to demand my 40k in anymore threads they make, I'd expect them to fuck off anytime now.

>> No.52617590

Well yeah, but they also pumped that ecosystem like 1000% minimum across the fuckin board.

>> No.52617603

Phantom from OXD, are you here? Despite us being the most retarded by far, OXD og's were also autistically, schizophrenically brilliant. I know that we were connected in space-time for a reason in early 2022. Kikes can't win every single time, can they?

>> No.52617617

The Fastmoon team sends their regards

>> No.52617619

okay but I started crypto in 21 and was dumb and naive. I couldn't spot, literally, the next level scamming these niggers were pulling. Many of us couldn't. We just had gotten into crypto during a bull cycle and we all thought we were fuckking smart but we just were chumps. It sucks to suck but I guess I got a 50k tuition of sorts out of all of this.. Still have darkness clouding my soul and mind every single day. I know bebis doesn't. He'll get his too.

>> No.52617641
File: 1.31 MB, 2500x1718, 008_-_Checklist.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tell me bros am I enlightened or dumb for stacking egregious amounts of Tomb coins here?
The failed whale cabal all fades Tomb for some reason meanwhile Harry has been building this shit out like a lunatic for the whole bearmarket. Next step is expansion to binance which is a massive market.
They have something going for them at every angle. DeFi/dex/lending, CeFi/CEX, L1/L2, huge runway, marketing ability, memecoins, etc etc.
It almost seems blatantly obvious to me that this is the best shot at is relates to FTM for huge gains but.. its like no one else sees it

>> No.52617644

They will continue to chase their tail until the last board on their bridge collapses.

>> No.52617955

Idk it's high risk high reward. Harry is nuts. May work out but you're gonna be waiting for the next bullrun

>> No.52617989

动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Hiero 六四天安門事件 The Tomb Finance Exploits of 2021 天安門大屠殺 Fastmoon's Regards 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Wagie Struggle 大躍進政策 The Golden Bull Run 文化大革命 The Fantom Citadel 人權 Serf Rights 民運 Decentralization 自由 Financial Freedom 獨立 Financial Independence 多黨制 Multi-janny system 台灣 臺灣 Baby Boo Buys Boo 中華民國 The Granary 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Israel 達賴喇嘛 Sweetcheeks Calls 法輪功 Harry Yeh 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Tomb Layer 2 Ecosystem 諾貝爾和平獎 Fantom Foundation Grants 劉暁波 Marketing 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Hiero 劉曉波动态网自由门

>> No.52618339

where's my fucking money lebsowski!

>> No.52618497

Nigga hasva face like a deflating bao bun. Nigga looks like a bulldog chewing on a wasp. Nigga looks like Winston Churchill mixed with a bean burrito. Nigga looks like one of those dinosaurs that headbutts eachother. Niggas face looks like a baseball pitchers mitt. Niggas got them st Bernard dog jowls

>> No.52618504

kek Winston Churchill mixed with a bean burrito.
Spot on.

>> No.52618509

You’re a moron but if you can prove you’re not a larp i’ll throw you some shitcoins

>> No.52618529

This isn't about your shitcoins this is about getting back what was taken from me, the proof will be posted on twitter tagging all their investors.
They could have simply paid me back.

He's ruminating about it I'll give him a few days to consider doing what's right.

>> No.52618562

look at all these losers in here coping and seething they will never be apart of the secret whale chat in citadel. must really suck being a brokie. Stay poor losers.


>> No.52618567
File: 646 KB, 576x512, 31034609-28B3-4E17-9793-A2C0EA7BDCF2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fair enough. I probably wouldn’t want pity if i were dying either.
I hope you get whats yours if not a larp

>> No.52618572
File: 1.04 MB, 680x880, 515151552151.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But if you must know I'm not bullshitting this is from some of my paperwork, not going to show the discord shit because he's just going to find ways to dodge responsibility I'd rather let him figure out what I have once I post it all.

>> No.52618595

Thanks fren not looking for pity just ratcheting up the heat on this cocksucker for what he did to me, I honestly didn't think this nigger would show his face around /biz/ again but here they are.
I kinda doubt they will be posting while I'm alive money won't do me any good anymore anyway as I needed the transplants 4 months ago and since I didn't get them I'll have to restart the process over and doubt I'll have time.

He won't forgot me though I guarantee that and that's payment enough in many aspects.

>> No.52619805

Roosh an ugly nigga fr fr

>> No.52620563

and cuck

>> No.52620980

Wasnt he caught trying to use one of his projects as exit liq the other week? Wouldn’t trust him at all lmao

>> No.52620989
File: 87 KB, 976x850, 9748788F-5E5C-407C-A12C-B0C3F3F64F6E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People have tried to go at Roosh before and failed. I’d suggest making friends with his numerous enemies

>> No.52621027


>> No.52621071

This is nothing to do with fantom kek
Solidly is moving to eth and anons are accusing roosh and friends of scamming

>> No.52621193
File: 79 KB, 300x300, 1546061994784.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's about being frens
is this retarded kike a /biz/raeli?

>> No.52621832

im facing similar health crisis maybe we can support each other u have socials?

>> No.52622590

inshallah you're doing God's work making biz great again you based retarded gorilla nigger. Godspeed.

>> No.52622599

Unlike cancer nigger, who is my friend now after all this bantz, I hope your disease kills you.

>> No.52623302

Thank you buddy.
I hope everyone ITT gets my disease besides you
Roosh where's my money?

>> No.52623790


that's roosh's club btw in case anyone is in cyprus

>> No.52624914


>> No.52626067


>> No.52627160


>> No.52629343

he's outside maren's condo

>> No.52629388

Same thread up for over 2 days now
/biz/ is dead

>> No.52629402

see you all in two years for the next bullrun I guess

>> No.52629419

It will finally die when I get my 40k.
And the scammers die off which sadly haven't yet.

>> No.52629422

Can someone explain this thread to me? Is it pajeets mad that they got scammed?

>> No.52629566

no newfag, lurk for many years before posting

>> No.52629612

actually guy in OP is bailing out everyone who got scammed by Andre but a competitor protocol called velodrome is coping because they use old solidly code and theyre about to get crushed by the real Solidly
its all velodrome minions maxcoping

>> No.52630541

Don't give a shit about velo. Tell your good for nothing bald kike virgin yid boss to give back 40k boy

>> No.52631124

Anon I'm sorry but it sounds like you fell for tbe shitcoin roulette and are lashing out.

>> No.52631685

Need to be a certain kind of stupid to invest in something called solid snake and not taking personal responsibility for it.

>> No.52631994

No roosh you owe me 40k payout.

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