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The bear market is finally over and the bottom is confirmed in. Inflation has peaked, the consumer is strong, and unemployment is low. Tech valuations have came back to reality and the DXY is weakening.

Jerome Powell, you crazy son of a bitch, you did it.

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those dicks are coming for your butt, anon

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Not so fast , normie

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Inflation is measured by the rate of change of prices.
If people still can't afford fuel,
If they still can't afford food,
Then how the fuck is the problem solved if those prices *only* go up by 7% rather than 10%? They need to come way down, or wages need to go way up. Otherwise people literally cannot spend without indebting themselves (which they already have to to the max, and can't anymore due to rising interest costs). This means that businesses can't make money because nobody is spending This means those businesses will downsize or close altogether - aka a recession
Don't be retarded anon, the pain has only just started

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wow look at all this bobo cope. you guys seriously haven't bought yet? you are enter liquidity.

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Eh, almost. Jay Powell did well, but it seems like other levers are moving.

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>enter liquidity
Ok you got a chuckle out of me
You're still retarded and I will still be proven right in the long term. Enjoy your little pump

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