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Is there a decentralized platform like Uniswap which enables shorting? How can I take a short position against an arbitrary token?

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did you buyed mobius yet sir?

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>did you buyed mobius yet sir?
what is that

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I dont think theres any that can let you take a short against any token, something to do with liquidity i assume. But you do have gmx, gns, pika protocol, unidex and takepile, one of these may have the token you are looking to short.

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but be careful with the fees, especially shorts. you need to make +2% profit on any trade to be profitable which requires expert knowledge. start with paper trading, then a CEX, then move on to DeFi if you havent quit yet.


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is good coin

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just do it all onchain: deposit collateral on aave (or similar protocol), borrow your token and sell it. Basically same as shorting.

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Doesn't there have to be liquidity on aave for that to work? Smaller coins won't be supported.

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Cap dot finance

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