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I'm sorry, i just don't see any edge here, not in crypto nor in stock.
All of this looks like blind bets, may as well go to a casino

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>may as well go to a casino
there is no edge except stocks and crypto already dumped so why quit now

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How does that change anything?!

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buying 30% from the top is better than at the top

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ok, have fun staying poor. faggot

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OP the kind of nigger to think lottery tickets are sound investment and that votes don't really matter. classic retardation due to the inability to understand math at an elementary level. hard life.

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Don’t invest then
Have fun working forever while central bankers destroy your earning power through inflation
We just had 10 years of ungodly gains across crypto, stonks, and real estate but after a 1 year dip you think it’s all gambling?

Fuck off
You babies just want investments that only go up
No such thing

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Where is the top?
>t.Gambling addicts

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Votes don’t matter
Everyone older than zoomers knows this

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My vertex shares go up no matter what

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what happens from here?
10 years bull 10 years bear?

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In ten years, Vertex will probably have at least 1 new drug that is extremely successful

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