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>oy gotta git back to thee office to ate muh goyslop

do b*ngs really?

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bussy day at the office moite

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My office made a pizza party 4 days ago to celebrate the end of WFH...

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dont you cretins get it ? they dont have time to care about their health they are too busy making all the money for that happy life !

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>coaxed back
Why not just do hybrid? It makes the most sense of any model

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this. I only wanna work remote but even my office which is about 3hrs away I go into every month or so to say hi to people. I am personally less efficient in the office beyond the time waste too

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thats a nice lookin fry to be honest

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goes in as cancer, comes out as cancer

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Everything reminds me of her

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if companies want people in the office they should provide them with amenities. if i was a euro getting gouged on electricity i would be carting 200 pound lead acid batteries into my workspace and charging them at work.

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When I was a kid I didn't know bongs called fries "chips", so when I heard people talking about fish and chips on TV or whatever I thought they meant fish and potato chips.

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i went through a phase where i referred to money as "boodle" because my sister and i watched 101 dalmations way too much

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ITT: anons pretending they never eat goyslop

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we call it goyscran actually

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Liar, we have always called it chapcrap

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I can't stop laughing at this also checked

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This is what Caroline's anus looks like. Just picture a thick ring of extrmely dense hair around the perimeter.

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Looks like the pizza got disemboweled

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how do you fuck up pizza this badly?

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why would you ever choose that goy sandwhich over a ploughmans? smdh

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The jews were unironically behind this.

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This pic makes me angry. I feel bad for britpoors

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these muthafuckas cooked AKIRA

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I never stopped coming into the office and have been working nearly all alone since 2022. I really hope they never stop WFH because I don’t want all these useless faggots back in the office with their never ending political conversations and how they took little Stacy to soccer over the weekend. I get constantly good raises because I use the fact that I’m coming in every day as leverage, and I only live 10 minutes away so it’s not even a big deal. Plus it gets me out of my house which is nice. I work less but no one questions what I do because I’m at the office kek.

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>no i won't eat a lunch for free

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My dad was/is a chief engineer at Boeing Phantomworks and used to say "you'd be amazed what people can do for free pizza"

Tried saying that on /r/antiwork once and boy did they skewer me. Its still true even in my completely unrelated field to an extent.

People always gonna get hungry....

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Do they seriously expect repeat customers after doing something like this?

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Not much or no experience cooking

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Why are normies so food motivated?
They're like literal dogs.

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Checked. This pizza looks like a cronenburg massacre

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I would be glad to have free lunch, we only got free water and coffee

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Holy digits, like a train wreck you are disgusted but can't look away.

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What the fuck, are you British?

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white people are gross
seethe and cope because you guys will all bowdown to yellow soon

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