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We know it's on test net, we know it's supposed to come out this year, and we know the team doesn't give deadlines until they're sure. Why the radio silence? At this point it has to come out shortly before or after staking but it seems odd to release 2 major developments so close to each other.

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Sergey lied. It ain't coming out this year.

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2 more 2nd half

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all was going well until they encountered the vishnu in the blockchain. sergey had to borrow a harlot from gilgamesh to trick the vishnu in the blockchain into leaving the blockchain for 6 days and 7 nights. afterwards, the vishnu will have been tainted by humanity and will no longer be able to re-enter the blockchain.

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Goddamn brown pill

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two more years, marine !

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Follow the white rabbit into the trail of breadcrumbs. Big things are coming. Trust the plan marines and HODL. love trump love sergey.
Link marines are in control

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>we know it's supposed to come out this year
post source
If you're referring to the January 1st youtube video, he said staking would be this year, but no date for CCIP

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Evidently I misremembered.
I stand corrected, thank you.

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they've switched the message to
"we're actively testing ccip with synthetix"

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Just a short wait of 12-24 months friend ;-)

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We now know sergeys word to be worthless. I can't trust him, which is why I won't participate in staking

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>sergeys word to be worthless. I can't trust him
he has literally never once lied about anything related to chainlink, ever. kys retard

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>which is why I won't participate in staking
Hey whatever your reason, at least you got to the right conclusion.
For me, it's 4% APY in a token that loses more than 4% of its value each year. It's literally a losing investment.

But whatever your reason, you're correct.
Staking is a fool's enterprise.

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He said staking is coming this year and now it's not coming for another 2 years. He said CCIP is coming this year and it's clearly not.

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Not only that, but neither exists. “Researching”. He implied that staking was in the finishing stage in 2019. This is fraud.

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I don't know why you keep posting this "CCIP doesn't exist" shit in every thread. It is on testnet, it clearly exists, he just won't fucking put it on mainnet.

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Staking is December 6.

>He said CCIP is coming this year and it's clearly not.
We won't know until the year ends.

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Guys can we stop posting until the community advocate discord has time to parse through the threads and deploy one of their agents? We're getting hecking inundanted with misinformation right now.

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Staking is not coming December 6th, you are thinking of "v0.1" which is not staking. There is no slashing of stake or fee revenue, it doesn't secure anything.

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>you are thinking of "v0.1" which is not staking
lol go cry in the corner

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Your days of shitposting will soon come to an end incels.

You vill not spread ze dangerous misinformation anymore.
You vill integrate into ze New Society.
You vill cooperate with ze Authority Sentries.
And you VILL cease your all neeting activities permanently.

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It secures millions of tokens can't be sold for years

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probably the most redpilled post on /biz/ atm

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Isn't it more logical to release CCIP in conjunction with staking? When I saw Sergey's I wasn't as excited about staking as I was the announcement of CCIP and the Enterprise Abstraction Layer.
Will we see these two before the year's end? It would be wonderful if it happens.

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Here is the announcement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPKG0nYP82s