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Thanks for the money goyim

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>Phrase. Phrase. Phrase. Smug remark.
fucking hate twitter

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Why use the anti-semitic canard of 'client funds'.

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Based deflector
Never mind the subject matter or the information presented, it was presented in a way I don't like!

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What was all that talk about altruism from Sam? Do these people actually delusional or was it all a facade?

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with jews you lose

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>Believing anything a Jew says

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They're delusional but at least according to the possibly faked DM interview with Vox he was making it all up so people would trust him.

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Outright faked. You could argue he was an internally dishonest retard who thought stealing to give to democrat causes was "altruism" but the amount he was siphoning away to himself and his family makes even that untenable.

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imagine giving $121M to your parents

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>fraudster spent defrauded funds
whoop de doo
official investigation is already underway

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Jews will day anything to swindle you, it's licit in their religions to exploit and lie to goyims.

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(((official))) investigation
nothing will happen to this tribe member

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no they beleive it anon. but they also believe they're 1000000x smarter than everyone else therefore handle money better than anyone else therefore the money he has now will be turned into 1000x more money later that he can then give away to lesser people

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first they lied about the holocaust and now this
why are these hook nosed creatures like this ?

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You do realize that this will not go unpunished? Worse than Bernie Madoff. Look what they did with him.

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Stop noticing things, goyim

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Scapegoat, had nothing to do with the actual crime

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edgy joke
fucking hate 4chan

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madoff's dad wasn't writing regulations and tax laws about ponzi schemes

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we'll see
are you going to be here saying you were wrong when he goes on free with almost zero punishment?

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Why would he go all in on real estate like that?

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“Effective altruism” is just a cover for sociopaths.
They’re the sickest people in the world along with “less wrong” people.

They should be hunted down and slain like vampires.

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>300+121+70= 491M
Wait, where the fuck is the other half?

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even if it becomes worthless in terms of price, you can still live in it or use the land for other purposes.

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They gaslighted themselves into thinking that the more money they steal, the more society benefits somehow. That's how a Jewish mind works, they always think they're in the right. They cry out in pain as they strike you

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They are indeed known for their lies and greed as well as their noses + wide goblin lips

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Yes. But that won't happen.

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The altruism was stealing from the goyim who they (the Jews) consider animals and giving it back to themselves as their holy book states that all the wealth of the world belongs to them.

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>what?! Did a jew lie to me?!

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>Michael buying prison as real estate

Ask him if he wants to live next to a prison

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Lmao, so now biz hates people making profits?

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twitter tourist detected

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we really need a compendium of these happenings. I would love to be walking around with it available to show anyone who dares try to silence anyone speaking about these types of crimes.

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he's not me so yes

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the goverment is noting but a mafia at this point

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he means filthy hook nosed kike tribe you fucking retard
now go back faggot

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Thanks for playing goys

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if what you get out of that image is "gee twitter sux am i rite guise xD" then kys

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Ask yourself this.
Can you lie to a cow? Is it even possible to tell lies to livestock? If you promise that you're going to build a brand new barn and how they're going to love it, but something else comes up, your priority isn't the cow's happiness.

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It literally is the jews.

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the vox leak he admitted that he just said what would make people trust him the most, like a game

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>Giving your money to an autistic jew
You got what was coming.

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Go back

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Bankman wasn't a religious Jew though. You're just repeating what you heard without thinking about it.