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It's looking a little bleak out there.

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death to the triumvirate

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So do something about it.

These guillotines ain't gonna man themselves.

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Yeah. It’s gonna be a Marie Antoinette situation again though.

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That's the problem nigger. They can't.

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>my husband isn't even a UK citizen
Currycookers get what they deserve.

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If she is in England she should just quit work, pretend to be a single mum and get her rent and utilities 90% discounted while the husband secretly lives with her.

Uk is FUCCKED for young people trying to make a living now. Even in London suburbs u have to pay £700 a month for a single room in someones house sharing toilets and showers.

Saving 30% of income even without kids is considered extremely good now lol

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She should have sex

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>husband not UK citizen


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So do something about it?
Everyone has the ability to change their surroundings but don't do it because ???

Sounds like she just wants to complain

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this is what you get for voting in authoritarianism

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It is time to get some blood on our hands. Nothing is going to change until we start dragging "landlords" and their family out of their homes in the night and stoning them to death.

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>in London
Well there's your problem, what's with this trend of millenials who complain about money but insist in living in unhealthy, polluted and overpriced cities? Especially with a huge chunk of people across the world working from home and getting the same salary in any area, you can live in places where your rent is 1/3rd what it would be in other areas and you won't die of cancer or heart disease from car fumes and lack of exercise in 40 years either.

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>pajeet couple thought they could become rich immigrating to UK with no real job skills

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You have missed the point entirely here. You likely are sub 80 IQ and not capable of empathy. go eat a laundry pod.

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Everyone wants to lynch the rich corrupt Jews ruining everything. The only problem is we all know that unless something gets everyone to snap at once you will be gunned down in a hail of gunfire and maybe lop off one or two heads of the hydra, but alas unless we can sever all the heads at once and cauterize the fuckers from every getting back in we are slaves forever.

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Because while it looks like it this isn't the critical breaking point yet. Somehow 63% of Amerifats living paycheck to paycheck isn't the breaking point but just you wait

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Buy some camping gear
Drop all of your plans
Head to the nearest place of government and set yourself up with a sign of protest
Eventually some bums will show up and you hand them signs as well
When others see you with signs they will instinctively join you because of group think
Do this for weeks if not months until a shantytown is born in front of the place of Parliament making politicians unable to make any decisions because they can't get into the building

Gg no re.

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When the people are generally angry all it takes is a spark and sometimes that thing comes out of nowhere, like in Iran right now...every Western country will be next.

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>Like in Iran right now
Lmao look at this fucking retard.

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the overpriced housing is caused literally entirely by foreigners so her husband is a direct cause of her problems

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Every single fuckwit says "I was told..." or here even "I was taught...". No you fucking weren't. Nobody went around telling people that if you do this and that you get this exact life. It was implicit by observing the past, but that's on you for creating an expectation from a pattern.
Chicken wakes up every day gets fed by the farmer. One day the farmer cuts the chickens head off and you don't see people whining "I was taught that the farmer was the chicken's friend. I was told for my entire life that a farmer will feed a chicken. How dare this have happened?"

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>Immigrants cause wage deflation
>Immigrants cause rent inflation
>Immigrants realising they are the problem

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Research more, regurgitate bubble vision talking points less. You have been deceived.

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Based and french revolution pilled

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Thats sad. Let's see your monthly subscriptions

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GLOW NIGGER. Stop shilling for your Landed Gentry Overlords and Join us in getting blood on our hands.

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There is no 'breaking point'. Every 'solution' that is proposed is just "reroll the government with the exact same generation parameters, this time we'll high-roll for sure".

That's the smart ones. Most don't even realize it's not their own personal individual fault that the government funbucks seem to slip through their fingers no matter what.

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this is why I'm quitting my job and hiking the pacific crest trail this sping

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No thanks, I want to become landed gentry overlord

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If you are one of the bottom rung working forever for nothing, does it matter. A re-roll as you put it is better then another day of servitude without reward.

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Pleased to see that people are finally beginning to feel the squeeze and looking forward to it getting much, much worse. We'll have a fascist takeover yet, lads.

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lol simply find a better man. these dumb broads have it on easy mode and still can't figure it out

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>Unless something gets everyone to snap at once
When the govt finally admits that the vaxx is deadly this will happen

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SO DID I. So did I my friend. But as things have shaken out 15+ years of work and savings has amounted to me being able to afford 2 new Rolls but not the payments on a 2 bedroom flat within 400 miles of my family. I have gone from a regular joe to a radical Communist revolutionary in under 6 months. I am not alone in this. Buy some silver, canned beans and a gun if you are not going to change sides. hope you make it friend. I just want to die with someone who deserves it's blood on my hands at this point.

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>Net migration to UK 2021: 239,000
>Figure does not include refugees, illegal immigrants or boat monkeys
So let's call it 300,000 total. That's just ONE year. Yep, an extra 300,000 a year need a home. And you don't think this has an inflationary effect on housing? Lol
I'm a landlord and trust me, rents have gone ballistic in the last ten years. A house I rented in 2010 for £350 a month now rents for £1,200 a month. That's just the house no bills included.

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Too bad they don't have guns or knives or else they could kill their leaders.

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Rerolls generally improve things for awhile. Think of it more as flushing corruption

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This is a slightly more complex problem. Artificially limited supply of housing and high housing costs lead to low birth rates. Gov panics looking at the population problem they caused with "landlord" get rich policy will result in financial ruin and currently collapse... Will then import people, which makes it worse. death loop initiated.

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SA just executed 12 people with a sword.. I bet in their country people are much more respectable and better behaved.. Inshallah, we will live under a loving King whose greatness bestows to us; and not under a disgusting corrupt republic.


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just move out of london lmao

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Live by the sword, die by the sword.

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Lmao western propaganda is so disgusting. Framing drug smugglers and peddlers as 'non violent', when their trade harms society at large.

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>Sir it is actually illegal to protest here for an extended time without police permission due to the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011.
>You're under arrest under section 5 of the public disorder act 1986.
>You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention, when questioned, something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.
>We're just going to handcuff you, take you to the station, book you in, and speak to you for a while until we can ascertain who you are and what you are up to.
>After that if you are cooperative and have no prior convictions or outstanding warrants you will be free to go.
>It is possible however that you will be cautioned under sections 5 and 6 of the public disorder act 1986.
>In any case you will be given a Community Protection Notice which requires that you do not return to the City of London for 48 hours.
>If you do return to the City of London in that time you will be arrested and could be charged or cautioned further.
>Get in the back of the van.
Congratulations all this shit goes on the DBS check so good luck getting that job or other opportunity that may have improved your situation somewhat. Police will often just make stuff up if you push back too hard, too. You will often be harassed for a time after they take your details. You are essentially known to the police now and they will not hesitate to intimidate and frustrate you and make you regret your little protest.

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I have more respect for drug dealers then any so called "LandLord" bastard fuck.

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If they go to these lengths then it sounds like the only recourse is cataclysmic levels of violence directed at the establishment.

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You would just replace one unruly power hungry aristocrat with another

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>married a noncitizen
Her fault entirely

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Nobody mentioned landlords you imbecile brown thirdy.

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The time or option of civil discourse is over. The time for blood has arrived. It is time for violence.

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You WILL consooom a pointless lifestyle and you WILL feel udderly useless as a result

Idiot. Should have lived for something more than making money and spending it because money doesn't always flow like a fountain.

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They go to these lengths and they will go far further. The UK has been steadily declining into a very scary place for some time for those of us with eyes to see. The politicians are beyond useless, the country is mainly directed by (((business interests))) and the police are simply there to see that the status quo is never upended and the already sizeable powers they have to see that goal achieved grow larger by the year.

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Better to start over then to work for nothing with no future in a game you lost years before you were born. Whats the worst that could happen? I die? I have nothing to live for but hate now.

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Ohhh noooo that'd be so messed up I hope it doesn't happen oh nooo :(

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Start small, their Synagogues hold their relatives :)

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from kazakhstan with love... Lets got spicy

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>radical Communist revolutionary
There has only ever been one government type that was 100% successful in removing jewish influence from all strata of society and it wasn't fucking communism.

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It's a setup for UBI via CBDC.

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I see no possible future for myself or my counterparts without pain and suffering. It is time to share that pain with our "Leaders"

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Yeah the British got it worse than the Americans by a lot.

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should be on the uk tourism website cause its true

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>oh dear some bums have set up their little camp outside parliament again we'll need to get the bobbies to grip them up and throw them in vans once more.

a real threat to the system that one

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Lol as if they will ever admit that.
They are already coming up with all sorts of other explanations for the excess deaths
>global warming, long covid, sudden adult death syndrome, etc.
People are gonna have to figure that one out on their own, and I’m not sure the fluoride-addled masses have the brainpower to do so.

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U make a good point. U want to go right instead of left. Im down. Im down for anything that includes driving the money lenders from the temple friend.

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>basic ass

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Worse today, America is not far behind them. The deterioration is now a runaway train.

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Landlords? He was talking about politicians doofus

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>reddit spacing

you have to go back

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Feminism is cancer
Homosexuality is GRIDS
Liberalism has been oxidizing free radicals throughout the body politic for centuries and now we’re dying from the strange fruit
Liberte, egalite, Beyoncé
Society is over. We’re living in hell

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Ask who picks what "politicians" make the ballets and what they have to believe in to get there. work backwards and you get Landed Gentry.

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How long do you think before it dawns on people like this that the lifestyle they were told belonged to them was bought with the blood of the people their ancestors conquered, and now those people want revenge?

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If it’s any consolation to her, most if the people in the west will be in as bad, or worse of a spot by early 2023.

>Yield curve is massively inverted, across the entire curve
>Entire continent of Europe’s industry grinding to a halt
>Bullwhip effect suggests massive wave of layoffs to come
>Consumers are out of savings and are now living mostly off credit cards
What am I missing here guys?

Looks to me like a huge recession is about to hit, if not full-on great depression 2.0.
People are just going to have to get used to being poor as fuck.

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This man gets it. Those who brought us to this manmade horror show of a timeline must hang if we are to heal and rebuild our lives. No more Gods, No Kings, and No Landed Gentry.

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We would have been rich and powerful without the conquering. We brought civilisation to these retards. Indians still shit in the street 300 years after we began building their railroads ffs.

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Even if you all snap at once you can still easily be dealt with. This isn't the French Revolution, the palace guards aren't going to be defending the elites with muskets.
They literally have drones now, machine guns, snipers that can blow your head off from 500 yards away. You don't stand a chance. This is the technological progress you were so proud of. It will be ruthlessly used to suppress you, and if you dissent, to outright kill you. We're literally at "resistance is futile" tier. You're going to be a serf again, just with a lot more electronic screens and beeps and boops. Say hello the The Exciting Future, baby!

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It isn't "artificially low housing" there's plenty of cheap housing in the north, Wales, Scotland etc etc. The problem is work. There's no work in those areas because we decimated manufacturing like in Sheffield and the north and mining in places like Wales. There literally isn't any space to build in major cities where the work is. It's not about building on green belt, it's because all available land has a massive block of flats on it already. Building on green belt just creates mega wealthy retreats.
The population collapse started after Thatcher decimated industry. No job. No hope. No home. No kids, because why would you. Then corporations realised immigrants would work cheaper and that was the death spiral. Rents rocketed because we imported lots of adults who tend to need individual accomodation as apposed to a family of four who need not much more space (still only one bathroom, living room, kitchen, kids usually share bedrooms)
Immigration was like winning the lottery for landlords and most of us didn't really know why rents were going to the moon but just accepted it.

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Simple noncompliance and inaction can being even the most oppressive system to a halt. The fall of the soviet union is the perfect example. no amount of new work camps and rules could prevent the disintegration when hope is lost.

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lmao @ eurocattle

>> No.52562258

>Wasted digits
Be quiet you tart. 15 million fighting age males in the UK all snapping at once would absolutely overwhelm the government and all its forces. They wouldn't stand a fucking chance. They struggled with the 2011 riots and that was some faggy students and a few thousand niggers. We have a decent standing army but it doesn't get paid if people stop working and we gave all our spare weaponry away to some dickhead jew in Ukraine because our traitorous government just can't stop pissing in Russia's cornflakes. We REALLY want to relive the Crimean war but with fewer resources and a less competent leadership.
This thread is fucking depressing. I'm going to bed. If it all kicks off give me a shout.

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Why not both

>> No.52562291

shalom : )

>> No.52562293

The Lords and their lackeys. we may not have homes or jobs or futures, but we still have enough rope for them both.

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They struggle because they play nice. Pepper spray and water hoses. Whoop de doo. They still see a future after your rioters get bored and go home.
Snap for real and watch what happens. If they feel seriously threatened the gloves are coming off and the guns are coming out. You internet warriors are so delusional. Do you even know what full auto sounds like in real life? Just the sound of it would cause panic and make all your "fighting age males" run.
The era of bronze age manly heroics is over. Technological supremacy is what wins conflicts now, and the state has you outmatched in every single way. The machine is not impressed by courage. It cuts through you without so much as an acknowledgement of your humanity.

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Like any of those fat fucks could dance if their lives depended on it.

>> No.52562322

>not capable of empathy
I think they're idiots, I reserve empathy for people don't make stupid decisions like the future domestic violence victim in the OP.

>> No.52562323

>They struggle because they play nice. Pepper spray and water hoses. Whoop de doo. They still see a future after your rioters get bored and go home.
>Snap for real and watch what happens.
implying most of the cops wouldn't bail after the first hundred get shot/lynched
cops are poorfags too

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Already dawn. The sonnenrad rises
Revenge is for resentful last men. We want to conquer Mars now and beyond

>> No.52562336

>executing drug traffickers

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Don't Misunderstand, I don't like immigration. It is shit, but it is not the core problem. the problem is managed decline and using immigrants to offset declining birth rates as a result of making the public working poor serfs with no future is the true issue. until the "royalty" and their lackeys get the rope nothing will get better. Blaming immigrants is a distraction.

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I can't imagine what it's like living in your world where every cop and soldier is a fucking robot without families of their own. They need paying and they need to know their families won't hate them after they murder half the populace. The powers that be aren't going to be doing the shooting. This shit would fall VERY quickly if EVERYONE snapped at once and part of me thinks you know and fear that, you fucking faggot.
I'm going to bed now I'll reply to your reply to this after I wake up in 8 hours if the thread is still up and it's worth replying too.

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You cant run a dystopian oppressive society of rent serfs and landed gentry if you shoot all your working age men. I know i would rather get gunned down at this point then continue making sure the toilets flush for no rewards. Give me liberty or just fucking kill me. I dare you.

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>My husband is not a UK citizen
Is he a nigger? Racemixers deserve the hell they've created. ZERO sympathy. May she rot.

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Don't fall for the "racism" distraction from the fact everyone is now incredibly poor and had no future prospects / cant meet basic needs while the landed gentry and other plutocrats continue to pillage us blindly. Who gives a rats cunt what color this bitches boy toy is. "Landlords" are bleeding us dry. its time to make them bleed, whatever their color or creed.

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>landlords are the government
The stupid pills, anon! Where did you get them???

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Landlords are the government you say. guess we will just have to burn them both down then. don't see the issue here. Im sure we can find enough matches to go around.

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Tell me one bad thing that happens if you remove the vast majority of immigrants. I'll give you a few good things.
>Rents drop
>House prices drop accordingly
>Your labour is worth more
>You buy a home
>You start a family
>Less pressure on schools, hospitals, roads, public transport.
>Homogeneous society
>More likely to serve in armed forces and fight for country
Society and starting families is no different from stocks or shitcoins. There's no reason BTC is going down apart from sentiment. People see the decay and the immigrants taking over and they don't feel comfortable, they can't afford to buy a home away from immigrants and know their children will be minorities in schools and the workforce. Who would want to bring a child into that world. Removing immigrants is the single most positive thing the UK could do if they really want to increase birth rates and support workers.

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eh sort of

>> No.52562484

i mean obviously every richfag is a landlord

>> No.52562522

I agree, they all need to go back. Just want to point out the "how the fuck did they get here and why" as they were INVITED by the plutocrats after they ground the public to a pulp with rent and low wages / high taxes and as a result birth rates dropped below repopulation rates. thus they resulted to the cheep trick that is immigration to keep the dystopia running. hang the plutocrats and everything down stream sorts itself out. just sent the immigrants home and you are just treating a symptom

>> No.52562539

Start burying MPs Alive and see how quickly things start getting better.

>> No.52562581

lmao nothing like a little CIA financed spark

>> No.52562584

Your government did this to you. Open your eyes. It's their monetary policy. It's their policy to treat the migrants how they do. Who pays to support the migrants?

>> No.52562657

The government is made up of, bought and paid for by the land owning class. the landlord and the government are the same damn thing. I think we agree, send the immigrants packing right after we get them to help us burry every single fucking government prick. We wouldn't want the copses to draw bugs. It would be unsanitary

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Nice Hat. Where can i get one? Do they come in Mens?

>> No.52562730

>(if we eat at all)
ask me how I know this person is obese

>> No.52562750

Well, yeah - but enjoy your Brexit. Feels good, right.

>> No.52562877

>no more God
>no more Kings
t. noob denying the one thing that prevent the evil

>> No.52562899

This thread glows like a fucking bonfire

>> No.52562916

Wasted digits. If everyone's snaps at once, then the operators of that equipment obviously won't be using it. But let's just say that only 50% snap. Civil war completely tears a country apart. Some of the underdog side WILL gain control of military weapons. You can't easily bomb and snipe revolutionaries because you usually don't know who they are or where they are. The places of official power however, they're well known. Civil guerillas always have a tremendous advantage in knowing where and how to strike for free. But even lesser, a disenfranchised population can simply refuse to run the economy. They can stop delivering food, running public services, driving busses. If half the population does that, an economy will go belly up within months. They can do better though. Just call it a civil strike and "correct" any scabs. That's economic death in weeks now, not months. Demands will be met, even if it means cycling parliament and making broad brush strokes over law.

>> No.52562917

why can't afford your rent?

>> No.52562953

>15 million
If you had 10,000 ready and willing to die you could take the entire country in a week.

>> No.52562971

Landlords are only a symptom of the real underlying problems, you're glowing a little bit though so I'm going to stop talking.

>> No.52562979

Imagine living in mega cucked London rn. Immigrants ewww

>> No.52563000

for the big riots and when things are looking to get out of hand, they ship in mercs dressed in uniforms from god knows which country and they have no problem getting violent with the local populace.

>> No.52563011

He should move to MAnCHEstA'

>> No.52563015

>my husband isn't even a UK citizen
well theres the problem

>> No.52563121

>It’s another revolutionary LARP thread
Funny how those in favor of armed insurrection are never the ones out doing it. Instead they sit here going TWO MORE WEEKS forever.
You won’t do shit faggots.

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>> No.52563839

>husband is not a UK citizen
>therefore can't access any benefits

>> No.52563850

I don't understand why anyone would get into a marriage that wouldn't help improve their situation especially when both people are broke. Of course there are a few exceptions to this but considering how bleak the future is it's very unlikely either person will move up economically so why even bother taking a chance like that

>> No.52563859

>15 million fighting age males in the UK all snapping at once
It would only take 100 motivated men to take parliament out

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No. Plebbit has been stealing and dumbing down or whitewashing 4chan memes for years. Instead of open conversations, everything there is heavily modded by identity politics and self righteous hero and victim worship mindset. It is a terrible place and the anti-thesis of Anonymous as The Legion, in 4chan, a land of "say what you will." Plebbit is a cancer and a curse and if you use it, you must also carry the normalfag mindset curse and hence you must go back.

>> No.52563901

nonsense. just look at Afghanistan, the single most armed entity in the history of the world repelled by goatherders with AKs. It's all about guts, and the machine runs out of cogs quick if you dispell the illusion of the superior elite mastermind

>> No.52563919

why do non-americans even exist lmfao

>> No.52563923

and it takes 1 glowie infiltrator to sabotage those 100 men

>alphas assemble

>> No.52563950

All jews and shabbos goyim need to hang

>> No.52563961

School system and parents and media and all their relatives 100% told the millenials when they were young that if they get a high education and work hard they will have a decent life. The millenials also expected rightfully that their salary would be enough to buy a house, as has been for years and years before them. The central banks have fucked us all over and stole most of the wealth and given it to their closest friends. Just watch the historical chart of the wealth gap. This is not sustainable at all. One Hitler reincarnate will start a new revolution and most people like the person in OPs image will gladly follow him and do the worst kind of atrocities.

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fuck keynes
fuck keynes
fuck keynes
fuck keynsians

>> No.52563989

weapons being more advanced is not relevant, what's relevant is communication being more advanced, you can't just get on a soap box to reach enough people to start a revolution now, you'll need to use the internet, which is heavily monitored by the ones in power, if you try to organise any sort of uprising you'll get the glowies shoot you instantly, your only chance is having a foreign adversary of your state as your sponsor who can provide you with the power of their intelligence networks, encrypted communication, safe houses etc, but what foreign adversary can you expect help from? the chinese? russians? muslims? cartels maybe? none of those seem like viable options

>> No.52563998

probably didn't work hard enough in school.

>> No.52564012

I'm a single guy, full time job, bank renting my house (mortgage) all bills are paid, food on the table with money to spare at the end of the week. I have a shitty factory job. Budgeting is the key.

>> No.52564046

They probably have debts. Most of the time when people are in the OP situation it's because they're saddled with debt they can't afford to pay off. One of my friends is in that situation right now and it's grim, there's nothing you can do. Except go back in time and not make the stupid decision in the first place.

>> No.52564062

i don't even understand how you jewish leftists know all these supposed rightwing platforms. "bubble vision", like who the fuck has ever heard of that
i get that the basis for being left politically is having no idea of your own, and craving the boot. so it's logical in your worldview any opinion expressed is taken from some higher authority
but it's just not how normal people work
so you should probably cope and seethe and all of that

>> No.52564083

Debt is the surest way to make a slave.

>> No.52564210
File: 199 KB, 724x689, 1632311549851.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

j--just need a little spark
i'm not gonna sabotage what kanye has going

>> No.52564241

holy heckin based black man he's gonna save the white race!

>> No.52564437
File: 1.58 MB, 240x209, Rabbi what u doing.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

LMAO, it's another "liberals complain about the social/economic problems they cause and want to keep voting liberal to make them even worse, because they're all fucking retards" episode.

>> No.52564531

Sorry but no, i went to school too man. You can't just pretend to me that there are classes about life. The classes are science, history, etc. There's fucking no situation where anybody has an opportunity to ask a question or get told/taught, even hear an opinion, about what's going to be the nature of real, practical life. You need to drop this fantasy/false memory, it's weird, okay? It's like why do you need to tell yourself this fake story that there was some class called "what you need to do for a decent life"? lol that is not covered in school, media, fuck all. Wasn't in the 90s when i was a kid, not in the 2000s when I was in high school etc

>> No.52564553

>made idiotic decision
>waaaah why nobody has empathy for meeeeeeee

>> No.52564579
File: 131 KB, 1023x734, 34DB0899-8213-4440-A848-F832B8107064.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There needs to be a reckoning.

>> No.52564583

Welcome to the way the rest of the world has been living. Can't just export inflation forever.

>> No.52564589

Continental Europe here, it's coming.

>> No.52564633

First small incidents then tens, then hundreds. When we have nothing to lose, we might as well sit in a prison with our food paid for by the same state we will overthrow. Our laws are lax anyway. Arson resulting in death sets you back five-ten years at an absolute maximum.
Something needs to be done. These jews are now openly destroying us and our way of life in front of our eyes. I am not an American who has been raised in their traditions (look at your mutilated dick to start), things are much more clear and sharp here.

>> No.52564643

you dolt that's the CIA not the Iranian people

>> No.52564700
File: 224 KB, 628x586, 1665102555470752.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This guy gets it

>> No.52564756

I mean is that even supposed to be a secret? the difference between a low skilled chinese worker and a low skilled american worker is that the american worker costs more, there's no reason to have manufacturing in western countries at all, the only reason is to give something for the peasants to do so they don't have a meltie, they could just ask for a ubi and the elites would agree to it, but the peasants are too retarded and their slave mentality prevents them from imagining a reality where they're not doing manual labour for a factory owner, the peasants could even see ubi as just a fee from the elites for not chimping out, but again they are retarded subhumans

>> No.52565062

I can agree with you

>> No.52565107

your world view sees the jew world order colonize and oppress the rest of the world but in need to pay you off somehow because you'd revolt?

>> No.52565112

so basically this faggot's only point is that he has identified a solution (he should die) but he's too afraid to take action (just hopes for it in his sleep)

if this doesnt sum up these lazy zoomers I dont know what does. in my day you went down to sears roebuck and bought a rope and gave the cashier a firm handshake and just did it yourself. now these kids cant even do that

>> No.52565195

I see, so in theory, the price action of link should be a bit less lethargic correct?

>> No.52565268

yeah because they're oppressing them with "me", not me personally but my people, if my fellow whites didn't join the military then the jew world order would have nothing to oppress the colonies with, you think pudgy jews like bankman and rubashkin could operate aircraft carriers in the south china sea? lmao
if the peasant class of my fellow whites chimped out then the jews would have literally nothing, they exist on the back of the fighting golems and the peasant class is needed to produce the fighting golems, if the peasant class chimped out and said that they don't want to work and they want ubi then the elites would give it to them, but again, they are retarded subhuman animals and they legit think that work "gives meaning to their life" even if it's just some soviet union tier make believe bullshit jobs so they have something to do, they have no creativity for self actualisation or anything, they need a factory manager to tell them when to wake up, when to go to sleep, when to eat, what meaningless menial labour to do all day like the animals they are

>> No.52565336

>it's the landlords that are keeping you down
You started off strong and ended it like a fucking retard.

>> No.52565355

>It's looking a little bleak out there.
join the eu, adhere to the next generation eu initiatives, develop geothermal and nuclear power, in 10 years uk will be back on the top, just put your resources into things that have long term returns, instead of massive giveaways to people, people will survive, struggling is good for people

>> No.52565388

Found the source of your problem.

>> No.52565394

How the fuck did that island conquer the entire world?

>> No.52565411

this gay meme again
britcucks only "conquered" nigger shitholes

>> No.52565436

being early on the market, among the first to realise that naval technology allows the moving of troops and goods over long distances now and you can mow down tribal retards with a few ships worth of soldiers that have rifles and then transport all their valuables back, then snowballing the wealth until moustache man had a tussle with the jews where it fell apart

>> No.52565451

As a brit I can say we have it so much worse in literally every area I can think of lmao.

> wages
lmao, we get paid about half across the board, sometimes much less even

> housing
average house size far, far smaller. US house prices varies a tonne by area obviously but from what I've seen of the people I know buying out there the cost per sq ft is about half

> women
British women are generally very ugly with standards that would make an amerimutt male cry. American women have far more interests and are generally modest and approachable. Americans will whine about that but they're literally the Cuphead videogame journalist when they do.

> weather
Always grey and wet, so we just drink inside all day

> government
CCTV everywhere, authoritarian gayscape

>> No.52565516


You're fucking retarded.

Importing hundreds of thousands of useless africans -> hyper inflation on basic necessities -> natives can't afford to start a family -> import more useless africans

The only ones who win are oligarchs who need cheap labor for their next earning report, and leftist morons who are too retarded to understand they're getting fucked

>> No.52565557

>that image

>> No.52565700
File: 2.36 MB, 480x480, GEVALT.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how new are you? he prob about to call the authorities and try to get someone else sued

>> No.52565723

Try to create a gold backed currency, get smashed by the CIA

>> No.52565735

Ni hao, Chairman Mao.

>> No.52565746

Welcome to the world my newborn babe. You have a lot to learn and see.

>> No.52565754

You guys should expel all the migrants and kill the landlords. Best of both worlds there.

>> No.52565755

>you stink against the wind nigger
top bantz

>> No.52565785 [DELETED] 

Use Bspin BEST crypto online casino

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>> No.52565789

literally all they have to do is 3d print guns and [redacted] their politicians.

>> No.52565816

>complain about the social/economic problems they cause

What part don’t you understand?

>> No.52565828

Need moar guerilla warfare against the cockroaches.

>> No.52565847
File: 2 KB, 125x125, 3DB17E66-0BE5-4110-96FD-D0656F6A643D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.52565855
File: 1.83 MB, 333x358, E46D609C-6336-4B72-B570-A358E8A76A5B.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s called subversion.

>> No.52565858
File: 436 KB, 663x1448, Theflag.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ahhaha bongs getting what they deserve and getting fucked. But come on subhuman islanders, continue voting for gibs, importing people and globohomo

>> No.52565872

She's probably 3/10

>> No.52565882

That’s 15/10 in England

>> No.52566134

I get what you're saying. But that makes you/us a minority within our race. And we're actively being replaced.
I disagree with trying to blackmail the jews into leaving us alone. It's trying to pull a fast one on the Devil, or that folk tale of the village placating the local dragon with a sacrifice of one of their women so that he will leave them alone, only to find themselves without women and offspring years later and still being eaten.
But we're on the same side. I do think though that in Europe we will rise up before our American or any other Anglo cousins will. Part because right now the hegemon USA is tightening the screws on its vassals, us here. And part because of your utterly jewed societies and cultures.

>> No.52566580

touch grass incel freak

>> No.52566585

Dumb bitch should just have kids irresponsibly. The government will pay for it.
If pakis and bengalis are doing it then white people might as well too.

Pakis can afford to raise a family of 6 on an Uber driver salary with the mum staying at home.

The ide that you need to be rich to have kids in a western country is a complete meme when there is so much welfare

>> No.52566919

when I was a kid the breakdown was like
>60% low test future professional tv watchers
>5% daddy's money
>15% future grinders, too dumb for university
>15% future STEM and law students
>5% crazy (either a criminal or fucking something up legally in the future, no in between)
OP falls squarely in the first category, the cattle class

>> No.52567166

Don't you know? The demand for hate crimes far outstrips the supply.

>> No.52567208


Judaism is a supremacist religion. They accuse whites of what jews are doing.

>> No.52567253

People still have a standard of living better than any time in the past 4000 years or so - except for the past 60 years. We had a post-war anomaly which is now returning to mean, but people thought it would last forever. Only extreme violence achieves prosperity people want but no one wants to acknowledge that.

>> No.52567336

>People still have a standard of living better than any time in the past 4000 years or so
then why are birth rates diving below 1?
people might have iphones and other plastic shit but the fundamental needs of most people aren't being met any more

>> No.52567396

t. Ray Epps

>> No.52567541

I don't get it. We don't have it that bad here and I'm from a Europoor country. I'm 41, have a house (inherited though) and married 2nd child on the way. What the fuck are you doing in Western Europe? At least when grandparents die and their house frees up, you should be able to have to move in your inherited house and start your own family.

>> No.52567791

Yes goy, take out your proletariat rage on landlords, and definitely pay no mind to the men behind the curtain running the show

Just make sure you paid your Protestor License fee!

>> No.52567864

well pooosting about it on this childrens cartoon forum is a good start, you smartphone addled zoomer retard

>> No.52567894

>it's the pesky "men behind the curtain" running the show!
>if they weren't holding a gun to my head, i would be paying YOU $1400 a month to live in my apartment complex!

>> No.52567901

lmao. slow day at the office glownigger? dial8.

>> No.52567964
File: 355 KB, 798x455, 52D60633-864F-43EE-863E-25800DA08234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Landlords responsible for 50% taxes, inflation, lack of economic growth, unlimited amount of migrants taking up housing and suppression of wages, exploding energy prices

You are not going to do anything other than kys

>> No.52567997

boomers sell their houses to fund retirement
people dont have anything to inherit

>> No.52568065

A shitload of boomers fell for one flavor or another of the reverse mortgage scheme, where they sell their house to a bank. They get cash now, the bank gets the house when they die.

>> No.52568111

Money is literally just a game. No different than the strategy games I played growing up. It's a system of interconnected rules, and when you understand how it works (and also have high IQ), then you form strategies and succeed.

What people fail to understand is that it's a PVP game. For there to be winners, there have to be losers. It's not a matter of fairness and equality - in most regards the financial ruleset is pretty fair, and anyone with high IQ + a willingness to understand the rules will be successful. People like in the OP pic likely confuse equity (forced equal outcomes) with equality (equal opportunity).

>t. just turned 30 this year with 1.2m self-made networth

>> No.52568130

>bRo juSt puLl yOurSelF uP by yoUr boOtsTrapS!!!11LOL
go fuck yourself

>> No.52568146

Bolshevik, the government and you guys are what's stopping houses from being built and land from being developed. What you need to do is jump off a building.

>> No.52568155

No one is stopping you from making more money and buying a house

>> No.52568161

>80 iq leftypol subhuman jew supremacist using "based"
jump off a tall building

>> No.52568178

You're too dumb for politics, commie retard.

>> No.52568200

>No one is stopping you from making more money

rapid devaluation of fiat by central banks argues otherwise. but yes, i am concentrating on making more money, as foolish as it may be.

>> No.52568201

>people deserve to die for providing us a service with their houses
>no issue with the marxists who prevent house construction
Very obvious leftypol shilling, desu.

>> No.52568215

You don't even understand basic supply and demand, you braindead commie.

>> No.52568237

Then, you're utterly retarded and should consider whether you really have the brainpower for politics.

>> No.52568245

Who's fault is it that their children rely on the government?

>> No.52568261

>gibs is how you become wealthy and how countries flourish
You have the mind of a very pathetic woman.

>> No.52568271

Fentanyl work Betta for leaders

>> No.52568288

Neo-Revolutionary Guerrilla Fighters incoming.

>> No.52568291

This. She fucked up and wants a reward for it? Women voting was a mistake.

>> No.52568316

Some canadians suspect there were UN strongmen suppresing the trucker protest.

>> No.52568329
File: 94 KB, 1024x897, DEFF2033-AD22-4F07-A6BB-712CD2E4D343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You dumb bastard. Think bigger. Go higher up the pyramid you useless Tosser.

>> No.52568339

That’s supposed to be bad? Maybe if 63% were in the streets and starving.

>> No.52568348

You can't Narcan away a traumatic brain injury. Just sayin'.

>> No.52568388

>Early life
I hate them so fucking much

>> No.52568434

1/3rd the rent means 1/3rd the wages usually. And not all jobs are remote jobs.

>> No.52568445

Landlords can either straightness up after that or they're next.

>> No.52568476
File: 686 KB, 666x666, 1664795903547737.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now repeat after me "I WON'T DO SHIT".

>> No.52568497

>my husband is not even a UK citizen
your husband is the main cause the economy is so fucked up

>> No.52568517

Lmao, bongbros are you alright?

>> No.52568524

They set the empire up before the rothschilds bought their way back into the uk

>> No.52568557

Best post, and the faggots complaining in this thread will all accept the UBI because it will be brought to them by a Elon-like new guy who says he hates the system.
They will be the best slaves the world even known.

>> No.52568639

i know this guy in IRL kek

>> No.52568679
File: 177 KB, 1080x1080, fugging.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh fugg

>> No.52568973

>i was taught in school if you work hard
No refunds, ngmi

>> No.52569060
File: 186 KB, 1080x630, 1601007603542.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i think UK needs more african immigrants to solve its problems. ONLY mean and bad """racists""" would be against it

>> No.52569073

Everybody should all dress as rabbis when drawing swastikas.

>> No.52569202

>We REALLY want to relive the Crimean war but with fewer resources and a less competent leadership.
Kekkus maximus friend

>> No.52569285

>There's no reason BTC is going down apart from sentiment.
The rest of your post is agreeable. However, if you think that Gensler/Hinman/SBF/Alameda and every other dying CEX is a coincidence, you need to wake up to the largest pump and dump money laundering scheme in human history.
>All of the order books were front ran and spoofed. All of the capital was stolen. They walk away with free mansions and we lose all of our money.

>> No.52569292

When it comes to low birth rates, you're both wrong. That's mostly caused by letting women have rights, not the economic situation. Western countries have had below replacement birth rates since all the way back in the 60s because of this.
Letting mass migration in makes the situation worse for sure, but the fundamental reason is giving women rights.

>> No.52569306

i'm spending like 4% of my wage on costs of living (food, bills), and i'm in fucking eastern europe.

western cucks have it so good they have to invent problems

>> No.52569456

lower middle class killing upper middle class instead of killing the elite who pulls the strings.

>> No.52569469

define "standard of living". 4000 years ago I could literally walk wherever I wanted in beautiful nature and was surrounded by a community. and cozy farms and dwellings. Even native americans 400 years ago thought the colonists' lifestyle was retarded and evil, they called it the 'envy demon'. But idiots continued to buy in for so long that now we're surrounded by mostly idiots, and psychopaths at the top.

>> No.52569715

Rent seeking is not capitalism, you wannabe kike.

>> No.52569796
File: 1.10 MB, 260x173, 1miUf2G.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just for that, your rent is going up 10 fold, now get out of my face faggot!

>> No.52570090

>My husband and I
Don't care. Fuck them. They probably waste their money on unnecessary things like eating out and Starbucks anyway. And we all know women are spendthrifts who spend everything they earn on dumb cutest shit.
Inb4 I'm an incel.

>> No.52570328

work smarter

>> No.52570484
File: 3 KB, 125x125, 1668106076391165s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Land lords alright

>> No.52570701

Britbong here with a foreign spouse and I'm calling fake on that. If he is not a UK citizen then how is he working full time? What benefits is she not eligible for that she thinks she would be if he was a citizen? Two people co habiting and working full time won't get much from the UK government in the way of handouts. Also, 'basic ass food'? No one talks like that.
None of it adds up.
Also, if you hope you don't wake up again then fucking KYS instead of whining online. Larp.

>> No.52570732

>Looking for one more letter, anon, do you have the answer?

>> No.52571258

>get put on the big brother naughty list
>basically blacklisted from a regular life
>still get raped and robbed by repeat """Asian""" and Africans retconned into british life since medieval times

jesus christ not even orwell could dream of having all the downsides of a police state without the security.

>> No.52571590
File: 49 KB, 498x412, 1643664620419.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What a fucking pussy

>> No.52571845

Imagine believing western lies about Gaddafi. He was the only thing keeping Europe white btw.

>> No.52571922

>he doesn’t know about Biden’s green screens
Decisions aren’t made on location anymore bud. That leaves the microscopic probability of revolution.

>> No.52571954

>Libya magically stopping nigger immigrants because uhhhhhh

>> No.52572140

Are you retarded? Asking seriously.

>> No.52572150
File: 193 KB, 1000x1500, BASED_GADDAFI.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>because uhhhh
Because uhhh they had an incredibly safe, prosperous country with a strong border, strong military and a cohesive society which people didn't want to leave. Gaddafi dying was the worst thing that could have happened to the vast majority of their people and it opened the floodgates into Italy, you ignorant bellend. Pic related. He knew too much. Gaddafi was the great African leader since Hannibal.

>> No.52572199

>strong military
lost to niggers with toyotas

>> No.52572261

His country was in full fledged civil war and the rebels were being supported by NATO with the best possible information. A house divided against itsself cannot stand and the USA have become very, very good at using this principal to destroy countries from within. The West encouraged militant extremists to utterly ravage a safe and peaceful country and have millions die and tens of millions displaced so they could take out one more country that didn't quite go along enough with the jewish world order.
Iran is next.
You have revealed yourself to be clueless on the subject. Please educate yourself. Here is a beginning, it is only short.


>> No.52572325

niggers with toyotas, dude

>> No.52572335

>I have no argument so I'll repeat the same bullshit I said last time in an attempt to ignore the fact that I now look fucking stupid

>> No.52572360

>retarded natsoc headcanon (you)
>objective fact (me)

>> No.52572417
File: 49 KB, 896x896, lookatye.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.52572490
File: 249 KB, 1024x991, Trust the Economists!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.52572562

>my husband
lol faggot

>> No.52572583
File: 44 KB, 438x877, libcivilwar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>niggers with toyotas
I know you're trolling but whatever. Pic related. They were fighting against an overwhelming force with support from nato that went beyond simple intelligence. They weren't fighting some towelheads in technicals. In any case the USA lost to rice farmers in Vietnam and cave-dwelling double-digit IQ opium growers in Afghanistan. Gaddafi never stood a chance.
Regardless none of this is relevant to your confusion about how they could have stopped niggers migrating to Europe. They could, they did, and (((someone))) bombed them into shit to put an end to it.

>> No.52572625


>> No.52572652
File: 3 KB, 150x189, french.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hmm. 1 minute and BTFO. Sad.

>> No.52572712

Why did you crop out the Libyan numbers? :)

>> No.52572794

Welcome in the decline nigger! Calculate your nation's GDP in ounces of Gold and you'll zee the decline startend happening halfway through the 90's.

>> No.52572820

I was focusing on the french to make my point. Libyans had 0 aircraft and no EU members helping them. Aircraft wins wars and White people are the best fighters on the planet.

>> No.52572837


There's a reason why most of the budget hotels in small seaside towns are booked out perpetually and it's not because British people are taking increased holidays.

>> No.52572841

Also, none of this is relevant. You were wrong and have been shown to be wrong. Stop misdirecting. I'm not shitting up this thread with this discussion any longer. Go be a semite somewhere else.

>> No.52572941


>> No.52572985


Unfortunately it's just a sad prospect of living in London. It's not like most other places in the UK are better, I have a friend in Newcastle, he still pays the same rents, but at least has his own place instead of a small room in a converted house. The work up their is also mainly in the service industries. I'd love to live somewhere in Wales and I'm personally over living in big cities, but 90% of the work in my particular industry is in London so it's a catch 20.2
I know loads of people in a similar situation as well, but honestly the poster of this should consider her options, move back to be closer with her family, change jobs if it's at all possible, or at least get a few months living with her parents to get some time to change approaches and look for something else.
We're supposedly in constant need of laborers, or at least that's our governments excuse, so lets see if it holds out.

>> No.52573093

does it scare you?

>> No.52573317

everywhere on this planet fucking sucks, some just more than others

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