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>Cardano... le bad

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Why do chuds always look like this bros?

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but seriously though, why do we care about blockchain for the heckin' niggerinos?

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Hey Charles, where are the dApps?
You said there would be thousands of dApps on the chain by now.
Why are there only 580?

Why does Polygon (a much younger chain) have more than 53,000 dApps? Why are you letting Polygon screw you like that Charles?

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Never take financial advice from a man who looks like this at 29.

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you can ask me about the dapps after you have sex

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I look like that, talk like that and pause like that

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Getting raped by an AIDS ridden nigger in your axewound doesn't count as sex, troon.

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What a beautiful woman

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>Getting raped by an AIDS ridden nigger in your axewound doesn't count as sex, troon.

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I met a cardano holder at a hotdog vending cart who looked exactly like this
I told him I only hold bitcoin and etherum, no way I'm telling normalchuds what I'm holding.

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you fucking IDIOT Cardano is not designed to be used like Ethereum as though it were some gambling den of iniquity, it is by design a specifically broad platform that offers next generation solutions beyond this, it is vastly larger in scope and this has been exemplified through the academic approach to development which is highly rigorous and has more peer reviewed papers than any other blockchain

dont you fucking imbeciles realise that cardano has already demonstrated the following purposes:

1) Providing ID to Zimbabwean farmers to allow them to identify themselves to the Cardano system
2) Send the Cardano token to ANY other address on the network

the use cases and I assure you there are many many more I have not mentioned here are vast, and you are a fucking idiot imbecile if you cannot understand the very simple value proposition presented, I believe this system is still undervalued, the Zimbabwean agricultural industry is worth $260,000 per year alone

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>to Zimbabwean farmers
you meant niggers. just support the niggers bro! wow this is lifesaving tech for the niggers! fuck back off to reddit you niggerkneeling axewound redditfaggot

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Its a copypasta, you retarded newfag

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Cardano is bad, and men don't say "le". That's your thing pupperino.