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FTX fucked me over, since 2019 I used Blockfolio as a simple tracker without an account as I used to DCA into several coins and it was handy to access on my phone, but now there's no way of seeing past transactions tab as they've presumably wiped and burned their archive server, only the overall profit/loss tab is available for me. So I will have to manually go thru my different exchanges, record them all into a spreadsheet then find another handy app for my phone.

Please tell me what you guys now use as any plebbit forums are full of bot ads selling shite.

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had an account on there, but I mostly used the app for the news feed and it was running shitter and shitter ever since FTX bought them. uninstalled a while back and just use TradingView chartbros for news now. you shouldn't keep your coins on multiple random exchanges bro, did the FTX implosion not scare you straight?

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I use one called Delta. It’s the best alternative I’ve found so far.

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I don't keep my coins on the various exchanges I use either, but they still have the historic trading records I'm after.

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been using Delta for a few years now and it's been pretty good for the most part

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Just use gecko

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Yeah I’m fucked too. I used blockfolio for all my cost and proceeds but now it doesn’t work. I guess I’ll blame them

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After the FTX went bad, I went over to the Coinmarketcap app. Works okay. UI kinda sucks, but it gets the job done desu.

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Don't use such apps!
Your data is being harvested to generate alpha for other people. Why would you tell someone which coins you hold lol?

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Dextools tracker is literally the best for anything you will ever need (that is DeFi, of course)

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Any good open source solutions?
Also can't they see what you hold anyway on the blockchain

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Crypto Prices on F-Droid.

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CoinStats is the best

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Second that motion for CoinGecko.

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delta is stil lfine, coinstats is better i think

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I used to use it since Blockfolio asked that I sign up, turned out to be laggy and often lost connection to my wallet. I end up using Delta, good app...

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Unironically this>>52557167 since CZ controls Coinmarketcap(which Delta and FTX/Blockfolio queried data from) and doesnt list certain coins that he has a bias against.
Go ahead and view the top 200 on CG compared to CMC if you dont believe me

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Can't the Blockfolio team just fucking go back to independent? Use the same fucking UI and flush the FTX fags