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Its fucking over. I am going to kill myself. I'm done. Thanks for the good times.

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stop right now and speak to us. we can help you with the livestream!

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Imagine killing yourself over something as abundant as money when you've only got one life. What a faggot.

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try being homeless in the south first

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post story and/or losses anon
what happened

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what song are you going to play as you go out?

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Oof marine stay strong

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I was homeless at one point

Got lucky jumping from ico to ico in 2017. Blew everything up by holding a shitcoin to the ground. Lesson learned I thought. Started buying nothing but ETH and some small amount of BTC during 2019,2020,2021. Used the little money I made from my two barely minimum wage jobs here in taxrapistan. Hate every fucking second of it. Only thing that keeps me going is the goal of accumulating a stack big enough to make it next bullrun. Even bought some in the covid crash but only a little bit since I still earned money like a fucking failure and was always 100% invested. I live in a tiny cardbox. I have no car and never had one. I don't have a tv, not even a fucking sofa. Everything I make goes into my portfolio. I don't consoomer goods, I want freedom.

Bullrun comes, my portfolio reaches 470k. Set sell orders for everything at 500k. Never happened, it crahes down. Still dumping my money in my portfolio to keep it up. It's like pissing in a bush fire. Try to keep it above 400k. Try to keep it above 300k. Then 200k, then 100k.
I could have changed my life but I didn't. I fucked up and lost all hope of a better future. My life is just not worth living at this point. Existing is agony. It has always been shit but during the bullrun I got a sense of actually being able to escape this hell one day and start a quiet modest life somewhere nice. But no. I fucked it up and it was all for nothing. I'm never going to make it. Fuck this.

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It burns yes. Man the fuck up, failure is required to succeed. If your happiness is dependent on money you will NEVER be happy, because greed is a bottomless pit to feed.

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Everyone on biz has been homeless at one point it seems, every time this discussion comes up either there's a lot of solid LARPS or some anons here have actually seen the other side of society.
Truly, must be a case of hard times either building or breaking a man, and many who turn themselves around seem to find their way here.

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Feeling this too. Let's kill selver together

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jesus man, just be fuckin patient, and you shouldn't have kept trying to keep it up with your own money like that, but now when it goes up again you'll have more than before. look into staking any of your shit if you can and try to be fucking patient some more and just fucking be homeless some more i guess or try to think of something to do ffs

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My happiness depends on not being forced to slave away anon. Money is a synonym for freedom. Life without freedom doesn’t seem worth it anon. Yes I’m a whiny pos, can’t seem to help it

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bruh you still have at least ~50k? that's a fad wad of money, take some time out of your job and go travelling for a few months. enjoy your youth, make friends in hostels, eat some weird food, look at some old buildings and fuck cheap foreign prozzies.

that will probably cost you 5-10k, after that you can use the remaining money to educate yourself in some way, learn a trade or learn to code or whatever.

you have the freedom my friend, carpe diem. the feeling of loss is awful but at the end of the day you have 50-100k and despite the fact it could have been more you still have a fat bag.

t. another anon who could have been rich

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I can definitely feel you there. My portfolio was around 330k, now I'm down to 41k.
You have to pull through like everyone else. We are close to the bottom, if we aren't pass by it already. Accept it as a lesson. We will act smarter next time.

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I can't wait for the bull market after you are gone.

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Just be a truck driver anon. Easy money and you get to listen to podcasts and music while you make money. Easy fix.

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btc >200k in mid 2023. the golden bull is just about to start. what's happening now is incredibly bullish: bad actors are dying and that's exactly what real institutions were waiting for before entering. when entering the space they will move the total mcap to 10T

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You guys are probably right but everything seems so fucked Jesus.
It really does look different this time for me. Literally no hope currently. I do not see a bottom, every time I check it looks worse.

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bottom at 12k. then one of the most insane bull market. there wont be any crypto on exchanges and it will pump extremely fast

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literally the most dangerous job in muttland

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> he put his life savings into magic internet money

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>You guys are probably right but everything seems so fucked Jesus.

Hold on, brother. I've also been feeling rekt and considering checking out. Though in my case there are other factors than money in play. I prayed today for the first time in years for what to do and my mind settled on "you have to live". The only way we can redeem ourselves for everything that brought us here is to keep going and overcome. It seems stupid but somehow true. Also don't kys while sad, sober up and get some distance from it all before making any drastic decisions.

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I'm about to finish an ice cream sandwich and then blow my brains out in my bathroom. I already filled out a note for my family, and all my beneficiaries and my will is in order. Goodluck everyone. Happy Thanksgiving.

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backflip, faggot

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Stop eating for one or two days and your mind will be a bit clearer. Then you can see where you go from there

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Post ice cream sandwich.

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>never taking profit
>not even a small 10%
you're a retard and you deserve it

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Set up a live stream please

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>I'm about to finish an ice cream sandwich and then blow my brains out in my bathroom
Nice. If i could suck myself off i'd never leave the house

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I'm feeling better now...

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Money is not abundant in the right quantities to make your dreams come true.

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You're gonna die one day anyway, there is literally zero chance of not dying. Why rush it? Just have fun and fuck around if nothing else. What a boring and shit decision it is to kill yourself.

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Money is not abundant in the right quantities to make everyone’s dreams come true.

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Post gun. Also don't do it you had half a mil and now you don't. You should know money is pointless by now. Just pretend to kill yourself then live the rest of your life as if you are already dead. Do whatever you want.

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He's just an attention whore.
I lost about 60k then 14k and now restarting my life again.

I sold my guns instead of killing myself, OP is likely just another faggot.

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>sold guns
Ok then you post gun. /k/ is unusable until the Slavic smackdown gets resolved.

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They are actually in the pawn shop as I will probably buy them back but it was a .45 and a rifle.
Some anon even did an art piece when I made a thread like this wanting to kms

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you should have sold at 450k. morale of the story : don't be a useless retard like this guy

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>live somewhere in the eastern europe
>don't make too much money but it's enough for your needs
>a friend tells you to go all-in crypto
>keep it cool
>invest ~50$ just for fun
>lose about 80%
>duuh, not a big deal, it's been fun tho
>mfw your friend is somewhere around -4000$
>all his savings are gone

stay humble anons, stay comfy

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This time is tough. You wil be OK. Maybe not great, but OK.

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>having dreams

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No money, no agency.
Life becomes less valuable with age.
Still, might as well put every paycheck into the lottery ticket for the remote chance of making it.

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1st thank you, your post spoke to me. 2nd, so many people must feel like shit, I really feel we are within a month of THEE bottom

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I'm still homeless. Pull most of what you have out and put it into 6 month treasury bills for a guaranteed 4.6+% to keep it safe and growing while you keep playing a smaller amount and figure out your strategy for when the bottom of the markets hit. Fuck crypto, do stocks...stocks and treasury bills. Always keep what you absolutely cannot lose stored safely but still growing (any growing is better than any loss). With the inverted yields right now, 6 month bills are the sweet spot. 2023 will probably see a significant drop and dip to buy, keep a close eye and be ready, but do not move too soon and keep a calm, steady hand.

Also, learn to walk with God and He will reveal Himself as absolutely real. This is Babylon, be a stranger and pilgrim here, and citizen only of God's kingdom. Seek to do His will rather than constant selfish desires and everything will fall into proper place, even if some of it defies worldly logic and value paradigms. Bless you.

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i will buy some bitcoin in your honour after you stream your suicide live

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necking right before the greatest bull run in history? farewell anon.

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