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There was a thread discovering high value information last night. We also got a release date for staking V0.1. They are absolutely seething and upset trying to make anons sell or not stake. Do not fall for it newfags, listen to the way they write, it all sounds the same and like it was off of a script.
This was the thread. Don’t give up when we’ve waited this long. BTC was a scam until it wasn’t.

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2 more years

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These people are literally paid to make you sell your LINK. That should be all you need to know.

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it all sounds the same because locking rewards for at least another year is fucking stupid. Address why they would do that, try logic for a change instead of plugging your ears. Answer it.

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Got a referral code bro? And here I was doing it for free, fuck.

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forget it stinkie
dont even try to defend yourself this time
you will have to lock your stupid tokens up for TWO YEARS
no withdraws
no rewards
no nothing
and that two years can be EXTENDED at any point for any reason

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>we just had confirmation that you won't be able to withdraw shit for 2 years
>instead of talking about this FACT, let's all focus on unhinged bullish speculation based on some unverified wallets movement and shit and be happy!

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My guess would be because they need to test the validity of the system before moving away from a testing phase. If multi-billion dollar contracts with multiple banks was occurring they need the system to work flawlessly. I’m waiting for 10 years anyway so another year to stack more on the side is fine by me. Yea last year kinda sucked, but it was also one of the most fun times of my life discovering the LINK lore and fighting fudders tooth and nail. 1-2 more years is a blessing.

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Good thread CLG, fighting the good fight champ lmao

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how is it "FUD" if Sergey promises staking soon in 2018 then 4 years later releases a shitty version of staking where he locks your funds for 2 years until a real version comes out. 6 years for staking. 6 fucking years. There are 4 man projects that have withdraw-able staking already accessible in under a year. Sergey killed the project, which is baffling considering the funding he had... or he never intended for the project to actually succeed and just wanted to scam.

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At least we can say ”the token is needed" now.

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> the cum suckers are newfags
Well this actually makes a good deal of sense.

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Holy kek they sent you quickly. Your employer is going to lose all his money and you will become homeless. One of you should dox your employers. I’ll literally pay the first one $1,000 if you dox your employer’s

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Don't make these low iq faggots think that much, they will ignore this post.

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Where's the Unstake button?

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Because he’s working with the biggest financial institutions on the planet faggot. This doesn’t get created in a rush to appease holders.

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that cope is hilarious now post a pic of your hand nigger

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I don't hold crypto lol. I couldn't give a shit if BTC went tits up today. (You) made a gay thread, and I came here to laugh at (You). That's all.

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If you don’t hold Atleast 200 LINK, the next 5 years will bring you shock and regret

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>that cope is hilarious
I can do this all day faggot

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>This doesn’t get created in a rush to appease holders
then why be a holder? im here to make money not fund some bankers project (if you can even prove theyre working together in the first place, which you can't)

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Dox your employer. $1,000. Thats more than he pays you a year. You can feed your village lots of curry.

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I know you can because you're a loser that spams this board and twitter with your low iq, sergey simp posts. Eventually you'll have to take a trip to your shitting street and give it a rest.

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theres some guy in there that has been trying to fud that thread for 14 hours
the 5-6 retards that spend their time fudding link 24/7 are truly subhuman

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It's probably best you relegate yourself to fellow line-go-up drooling retards like >>52551280 and save yourself from thinking too hard. Wouldn't want you to risk having independent thoughts now would we.

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2 more years my fellow link marine

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Remember, the LINK cultists were howling about FUD when link was $45

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Wow you seem upset, does it anger you I’m not ESL and also never fucking selling?

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No one cares, linknigger.
It's obvious that you're ESL and can't handle any of these conversations, so turn the screen off and kill yourself.

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Why are you deleting your posts that make it clear that you're a low iq ESL monkey?

Do it linknigger, kill yourself.

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Helo sers I am American man am holding The Chainlink Token sers,, never will be selling, fudders get a rope

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if it's locked up you can't use it, retard

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take your medications you schizophrenic delusional freaks

you're worse than GME bagholders with your cope

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who are those guys?

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This anger and stress can’t be good for your health anon. You should leave it to the next guy to fud, you need to go out for a smoke or something

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Oh marines i have bad news for you, mr sirgay nazurov died yesterday is a massive boat explosion, I’m so sorry marines

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>Apu Id
Oh nonononon

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>dodges again
>deletes another post

You're pathetic lol.

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Jannies deleted the post faggot and you probably paid them to do it kek. I must have been right over the nose and thanks for helping me get the idea. I will continue to offer you fuckers money until one of you slips up and doxes your employer

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>just lock up your net worth for 2 years minimum while the economy collapses bro

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Your entire subcontinent will be glassed

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It's funny right? Every other token or coin heading into staking has paid posters nigging it up 24/7 baiting people to buy in while their employers wait to cash out. It isn't even coming across as an ironic double bluff.

Don't stake. Sell everything. People are paying astroturfers to protect you from Sergey. Stay the fuck away if you know what's good for you.

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Mother bitch i am have to make promotion for chainlink for providing living for family

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lmao cope harder

>> No.52552005

this coin is just like ETH!

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12-24 months is the start of the next bull run. Sounds like they know what they have to do this time around.

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>Your entire subcontinent will be glassed
t.ESL linknigger bagholder

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I don't have enough link

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>if it needed its locked up for staking
>but if you lock u cant use it
sounds like you are saying "token is needed" and "if i stake i wont be able to use the token for buying and selling and paying for chainlink brand link services".

are you sure the token is not needed lol?

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>Jannies deleted the post faggot and you probably paid them to do it kek. I must have been right over the nose and thanks for helping me get the idea. I will continue to offer you fuckers money until one of you slips up and doxes your employer
>b-b-b-but jannies did it!!
Keep replying, you're a funny linknigger.

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anon the build token rewards which were hyped up arent even coming to v0.1 staking
we were debating them for quite a while and now without explanation they are rugpulled
explain how sergey didnt betray us for real this time

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Have sex.

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You will never breed and that's a good thing.
Now listen low iq linknigger, check your portfolio and tell me more about how mad you are before you shit on your favorite street.

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/biz will declare WAR on Chainlink next week and send globohomo a message.
You heard it here first. The Great Chainlink Short draws near. Linkies will be financially exterminated. Participation is mandatory btw, proof of short will be required to post on /biz. I repeat everybody will have to participate.

Spread the word and prepare your shorts.

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>"stakers in v0.1 may also be eligible to accrue additional incentives, dependent on per-project qualifications, which will be made available through the Chainlink BUILD program in a future version of staking."
This seems to imply that BUILD rewards will come with v0.x such that v0.1 > v0.x < v1.0

>> No.52552293

I can buy more cheapies. It doesn’t bother me, my time scales are longer than 5 minutes and I can plan for the future unlike you, shitskin.

>> No.52552448

all i see is cope cope cope cope copin' USA :^)

>> No.52552704

>I can buy more cheapies with my 300 dollarinos!!
Go back to pmm and i'll laugh at you some more.

>> No.52552716

this year in jan actually was referring to 6 dec
how can you take any timeline they state as anything but worse case from now on
also in none of the released info was there ever any mention of v0.x it was always full staking v1.0 after this thing
dont try to fix this mess when it goes against everything assumed and implied before

>> No.52552746

>v0.1 > v0.x < v1.0
fuck off back to facebook with your emoticons nigger

>> No.52553025

>nooo staking has to be what I say it is
>well there's shitcoins with withdrawable staking right now that don't do anything important why don't they just make a hackjob of it like those projects did?
Sorry faggot but I will be staking 25k (half of my stack) for the entire 2 years. Does this make you upset? How many hours of your life have you spent spamming garbage fud at white people who just laugh at you?

>> No.52553115

GTA V was developed in 3 years
WoW Vanilla was developed in 4-5 years

Chainlink needs 6+ years for a decentralized oracle and staking. Not even graphics, no musical orchestra, no fancy CGI.

A simple command line tool. 6+ years.
A dogshit CLT.
6+ years.

>> No.52553217

Based boat explosion anon. I love your posts

>> No.52553227

global finance will be running on this network. this isn't for burgers eating fucking corndogs playing WoW and GTA at home.

>> No.52553279

Sorry OP.
All the fud for the last 3 years has been useless noise, but this is the real deal. Locking your LINK for 1-2 years minimum, not even getting staking rewards, that's worse than coinmetro. It boggles the mind how anyone can even defend it in good faith.
>I’m waiting for 10 years anyway
That reads like one of the shitty demoralization fudposts we used to have. Except now it's true and trying to spin it as something positive.
Dream's dead.

>> No.52553299

>Compares building decentralized oracle network infrastructure to making a video game

>> No.52553330


Do not mention 2 years now.
Do not mention staking.
Do not mention the price.

We need biz to be FUD-free.

>> No.52553347

how the fuck can someone even defend this bullshit

>> No.52553353

Yeah jee I wonder how much these "just a video game" were in complexity and how much revenue they brought compared to this horseshit command line tool.

>> No.52553965

>the average fudders understanding of link is that it's just a command line tool
It all makes sense now.

>> No.52554024

The /biz/ link fud is newfags who got fudded out of link on reddit. It's so obvious with their spacing.

>> No.52554031

There's about 8 different premainnet discord trannies and linkshitter marines that spend all their time fighting fud and simping for the fat ass.
The funniest part is that they have low 5 figure stacks and are literally subhumans that will never breed and that's a good thing.

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>We also got a release date for staking V0.1
What's the date?

>> No.52554141

>keeps using the number 8 when trying to claim that link has paid shills
Interesting projection. So basically there's around 8 link fudders in a discord who probably got burned by swinging and shitty lending platforms? I thought it was 5-6 but that's even funnier.

>> No.52554178

>low 5 figure stacklet
>spends all day on here, twitter and discord defending its poor choices
>has literal subhuman genetics and will never breed

lol @ your life

>> No.52554200

The good thing about having 30k LINK is that I can stake 7k and still have the majority of my stack liquid.

>> No.52554214

Muh paid guest speakers who didnt mention link once

>> No.52554220

Its me and I'm literally not fudding LINK. I'm saying that it has the same exact price-action as dead shitcoins like VET and NEO. This makes baggies writing essays of cope seethe, because its not arguable. The facts are right there in your charts of choosing - on both the BTC and USD pairs.
>Do not fall for it newfags, listen to the way they write, it all sounds the same and like it was off of a script.
If anyone writes similar its link baggies. Literally the same cope and deflection techniques to direct questioning in every thread.

>> No.52554227

Literally this kek

>> No.52554259

Why would someone who isn't a link baggie even be in a boring fucking link thread?
I sure as fuck dont spend time out of my day lurking in shitcoin threads for projects im not invested in. Why on earth would I?

>> No.52554278

>spends all day on biz trying to get people to sell an allegedly irrelevant token but all he does is project about how he's a "low 5 figure stacklet" and a subhuman
Are you responding to anyone or are you just using this thread as your diary?

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Sergey betray

>> No.52554375

Because you've shitted up the board for years and were dead wrong - and the desperation of the cope at this point is easily dissected and trashed its funny to dunk you niggers.

>> No.52554389

If you can't handle everyone laughing at you then walk away from the screen, retard lol.

>> No.52554418

Was the board good before LINK? What were some things you liked about /biz/ before LINK threads shitted it up?

>> No.52554423

wtf is this shit lmfao

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wait we are supposed to be getting paid?
token not needed btw

>> No.52554440

>y-you can't handle being laughed at
But you're clearly seething and your behaviour and responses are just bizarre and desperate.
Why do you try so hard but end up being so shit at what it is that you're here to do?

>> No.52554509

LOL keep em coming shitskin
Make sure you refresh your portfolio often too lol

>> No.52554522


who else here knows the code?

>> No.52554638

How many hours a day do you spend trying to do... whatever it is you're trying to do here?

>> No.52554659

just closed my short
another $115k
thanks again for hodling, linknigger kek

>> No.52554701

Great ETH threads, funny meme projects like Bitbeans and ANS. Early LINK threads were fine, as they were high IQ and funny memes, good research, etc. Modern LINK cope threads are a midwit wetdream and nufag GME tier schizo bullshit.

>> No.52554746

Why don't you just make more great ETH threads? And it's not like it's link's fault that ANS and bean aren't discussed here any more.

>> No.52554756

>claims to have made $115k
>but is absolutely assmad and seething at link holders
Oh yeah that definitely happened - I can tell because of how uh, happy you are!

>> No.52554814

Whyd you close? It's got a long way to go.

>> No.52554822

I knew you would cope post once you realized I made more in 3 days than you made in years holding chainshit. Type another cope post or 10, I won't be around to read them but do refresh your folio, your pittance stack is bleeding again KEK.

>> No.52554844

I'll open another one soon and then I'll be back to laugh at coping chainshitters while they wonder why it's so fun to berate them.

>> No.52554872

>17+ pbti ranting and raving

>> No.52554921

>keeps seething
Yeah man you definitely made that $115k and then sat on biz to rage at link holders like anyone else would. Very true and believable lmao.

>> No.52554938

>And it's not like it's link's fault that ANS and bean aren't discussed here any more.
Well nufriend, its probably because ANS doesnt exist as a project anymore. And, you may not recognize it, but board culture has shifted more toward schizophrenic nonsense being seen as high IQ and worthwhile "research". This has happened on more than just /biz/ as well. The only joy actual high IQ people get here anymore is shitting on that culture, as they screech about you being discord trannies and paid shills, as this is their obvious rallying call for an in-group enemy to point at.

>> No.52555020

>Well nufriend, its probably because ANS doesnt
Its under a new name - name it.

>> No.52555024

Member that one retard that skilled ANS with the badly drawn sunglasses? I'm thr one that shooped the imposibru face onto the coin because that fucker annoyed me. I get the same vibes from linkies and now post fay sergeys.

>> No.52555078

Yeah I remember ANS rebranding to NEO and the pump that came with it. I remember Bitbean sprouting beans, Verge and Digibyte and reddcoin on Bittrex. Everything measured in sats.
The difference is I don't see anything else of value on /biz/ that LINK threads are "getting in the way of", nor did I ever get the sense that link discussion was ever stopping anyone from discussing anything else.

>> No.52555180

>what was that
threads were pure cancer. Ruined the board for me for a time. Fat sergeys are punishment for all those threads.

>> No.52555320

They literally wrote in their own blog post that stakers will need to lock up their tokens for ONE TO TWO YEARS.
No access to staked LINK. No access to rewards. What the fuck.
All I wanted was to stake my link, earn my rewards and enjoy a slightly improved life. But no. I've completely wasted my own time bagholding this pathetic turd. I can't believe at one point I though this token could be worth $100, let alone $1k. Who the actual fuck wants to wait two fucking years to claim their staking rewards? Does chainlink labs not understand that people have been bagholding this absolutely pile of shit for nearly six years now? What could they possibly be doing that takes another two years? I'm not staking, and I'm seriously considering selling.

>> No.52555344

good good, I’ll buy your LINK tokens a dollar a piece then

>> No.52555376

>bagholding this absolutely pile of shit

>> No.52555401

I love the shill cope of "please sell so i can buy". Effective all the way down from $50 to $5. Hope it's still fun at 50¢.

>> No.52555405

Dakwon city is right around the corner. GET YOUR %20 APY NOW. Bancor is across the street too with that sweet 8% APY with a %50 haircut to your stack.

>> No.52555447

sounds good, you got any tokens for sale? I’ll buy them from you at .50 cents a piece then

>> No.52555451

Yeah I'm phone posting and seething right now so sorry if I don't proof read my posts.

>> No.52555454

You want Ponzinomics. Chase the higher apy not the safer one. Good luck losing your money.

>> No.52555502

Just sell some of your stack that you haven't staked. Most of us have way more than 7000, but it depends on you, I suppose. If you have less than that then you shouldn't really be selling anyway, and instead trying to grow your pot before the price gets too high to

>> No.52555538

>Yeah I remember ANS rebranding to NEO and the pump that came with it. I remember Bitbean sprouting beans, Verge and Digibyte and reddcoin on Bittrex. Everything measured in sats.
Based. Better times. Like I said though, I'm not fudding LINK. I like LINK, and obviously have been on /biz/ long enough to know the project. LINK threads have become increasingly annoying to read though, with the increasing amounts of schizophrenic cope. To not be able to analyze your position with a clear, and sober analysis and recognize that LINK is currently trading not as an outlier, but at the whim of the general market just irks me, so I have to poke fun.

>> No.52555555

buy chainlink

>> No.52555586

buy GME

>> No.52555587


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based bot post

>> No.52555593

Scripted but ok

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just when I'm almost out, they pull me back in

>> No.52555627


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>> No.52555634

oh fuck

>> No.52555636

Not agaaaaaaaaaain

>> No.52555693

And you FUD it because you have such a good heart? That's why you tell people to cope, right? Not to own them, but because you care, I'm sure.

>> No.52555740
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Unironically, LINK

>> No.52555771

What's the point of staking 2 years for just 5% APY? Inflation will tank the price anyway.

>> No.52555798
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new to investing. Is this good?

>> No.52555839

oh god fuck me, how can this be happening

>> No.52555846

>You want Ponzinomics. Chase the higher apy not the safer one. Good luck losing your money.
You literally have no argument so you need to pretend I care about the apy.
Please give me a reason why they need to lock your tokens up for 2 fucking years.
>Most of us have way more than 7000
Not true
>If you have less than that then you shouldn't really be selling anyway, and instead trying to grow your pot before the price gets too high
Whether or not you think I should hold for two years or longer, making it impossible for me to access my tokens for the time period is completely wrong. I'm yet to hear why they need to do this or why it would take so long to release later versions of staking. A lot can happen in two years.

>> No.52555867
File: 673 KB, 1440x1244, 7FCC96C3-245C-43AF-909C-0956119A9352.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.52556009

No, no. You don't need to hide it anon. What language do you speak at home? How many times do you switch ip per thread when fudding?

>> No.52556042
File: 156 KB, 1190x770, Screenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this also a buy signal?

>> No.52556045
File: 7 KB, 222x227, based.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.52556091

Bulgarian LINK maxie here.

Yes we exist.


>> No.52556109

The next bullrun is irrelevant if link works.

>> No.52556118
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idk why but this pic and the lyrics to one very special disney movie makes LINK shills seeth lmao

>> No.52556120

Fud fags btfo

>> No.52556121

How did no one check these?

>> No.52556145

Another anon posted a thread that layed out how close to being fucked a few retards are by their shorts and basically said it would be easy to short squeeze
Them and they’re terrified of it now lol. /biz/ really should try to organize a short squeeze on these faggots just for the lulz.

>> No.52556162

>Locking your LINK for 1-2 years minimum, not even getting staking rewards, that's worse than coinmetro. It boggles the mind how anyone can even defend it in good faith.
I wouldn't defend it but 7k is a small amount of what I hold so for me it is fine. But maybe me and my ilk are the target, not 10k stacks that don't want to lock up 70%.

>> No.52556165

based af

>> No.52556196

$555,555.55 when?

>> No.52556220
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>> No.52556278

fuck, man. I have to hear your shit for two more years?

>> No.52556295
File: 370 KB, 2048x1536, 1576792747812.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how is being concerned about tokens being locked up for two years fud?

>> No.52556321


>> No.52556358

Concerned fudfag from bulgaria detected


>> No.52556403

Underwater schizo theorycrafter detected

>> No.52556428


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>Only 2 more years

>> No.52556497

anon listen to me. The human world, it's a mess.
Life under the sea is better than anything they got up there!

The seaweed is always greener
In somebody else's lake.
You dream about going up there,
But that is a big mistake.
Just look at the world around you,
Right here on the ocean floor.
Such wonderful things surround you.
What more is you looking for?

Under the sea,
Under the sea.
Darling, it's better down where it's wetter,
Take it from me!

Up on the shore they work all day,
Out in the sun they slave away.
While we devoting, full-time to floating,
Under the sea!

>> No.52556524


>> No.52556698

>I've completely wasted my own time bagholding this pathetic turd.
This, what the fuck, let me have my rewards!

>> No.52556706

>Chainlinkgod has a gun

>> No.52556750


>> No.52556756
File: 1.07 MB, 1600x1067, oracleproblem.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.52556823

To any and all law enforcement reading this: ChainlinkGod has a gun and he's planning to use it with deadly force.
I do not know when but in less than two weeks big things will happen.
He also recently purchased lots and lots of fertilizer.
Frens are worried about his state of mind.
Rumor has it that being this close to Sergey has warped his fragile mental well being.

>> No.52556896

H-How can this be..?

>> No.52557006

the point that really irks me that there is not a clear ultimatum. not going to stake if the duration is not clearly locked per smartcontract.

>> No.52557162
File: 12 KB, 300x240, inconceivable.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>52555587 >>52555593 >>52555627 >>52556750
seethe, cope, etc.

>> No.52557188

Needed by the contract designed to steal from you yes

>> No.52557218
File: 228 KB, 352x500, 1584067440474.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.52557250


>> No.52557300

see this right here is something the paid fudders could never do. carry on marines

>> No.52557370
File: 220 KB, 2208x1242, 1639025053962.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"Locked for Two Years" confirmed by chainlink blog
>Chainlink devs are the real Bulgarians.

>> No.52557397


>> No.52557844

>buy chainlink
I'm enjoying this shitshow from afar.

>> No.52558186
File: 69 KB, 604x604, 1662816357041866.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.52558292

can you link the people paying for it? i'd like to get in on the action. link is really easy to make fun of. i mean, there is almost no news, but when there ism, it's always way worse than expected. it's a wellspring of topics to pick from, all while the price continues to fall

>> No.52558338

it's a huge conflict of interest forCLL as well. imagine the deadline is getting near. investors are ready to sell, driving the price down. it would be so much better for them to not let that happen and sell their $0 tokens instead while nobody else can sell theirs

>> No.52558496


>> No.52558587

aaaaaaand we're back!

>> No.52558692

Looks like I’ll be staking 7K x 2 = 14k locked for two years

>> No.52558719
File: 247 KB, 1080x1779, kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Token still not needed, and now they will lock it up while the sergey market sells his stash in the name of rewarding the nodes operators

>> No.52558869
File: 264 KB, 512x512, tea.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

witnessed and purchased.

>> No.52558881
File: 247 KB, 880x480, diamond hands.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This. WE need to use our collective effort to squeeze the link token to the moon! Shorts will get liquidated and we all be rich I am BULLISH!!!

>> No.52558975

Chainlink $5 EOY!!!!1!!!

>> No.52559014

'just lock up your stake for about 12-24 months , we don't exactly know how long. just trust us bro.'
Sergey is literally skullfucking you while he is moaning and yelling EXIT SCAAAM.
linkniggers i spit on you in disdain

>> No.52559035

WHAT THE FUCK HE ROLLED A SIXTUPLE. thats it im now definately not buying this niggercoin

>> No.52559138

Well done, I’ll check your other post too. Thinking of buying link now but I’ve seen some convincing FUD.

>> No.52559269
File: 58 KB, 1124x1262, EwKunWIXIAInt-T.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.52559305

Remember how sergey always stated that defi yields are superior to traditional markets and if only more people knew about it they would gladly switch over? Cryptographic guarantees bro
>token casually dumps 90%

>> No.52559329

Can someone answer how staking went from “almost ready” 3 years ago to “we need another two years to research it” in 2022? Isnt this fraud?

>> No.52559362

The sheer and utter cope of marines is pathetic and even they know it.
There are coins that pull a 30x in a day. Link is up 30x in 5 years. Congrats Linkies

>> No.52559447

blah blah blah you are only trying to cope loser and forget the fact that link is under $6 and headed to $3 just like I said 3 months ago

>> No.52559471

Dear God

>> No.52559497

Kek this

>> No.52559609
File: 79 KB, 555x555, 55.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

well played linkies

>> No.52559712
File: 26 KB, 382x382, Sergey believe in yourself.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Believe in the steak who believes in you!

>> No.52559847

>release date for staking V0.1

>> No.52559951


>> No.52560132
File: 49 KB, 700x641, 1613196991548.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For people who unironically upset, what were you expecting?
Are you retarded?

>> No.52560304

It's very good. It's in an obvious accumulation pattern. If you're genuinely new you should begin DCA'ing immediately. Chainlink will make you rich within the next couple of years if you buy lots of it over the next few months. Good luck.

>> No.52560373

>It's very good. It's in an obvious accumulation pattern
If youre genuinely new, baggies have been saying this since $30

>> No.52560888


>> No.52561089

We're back.

>> No.52561096

Honestly its quite surprising they did this, but to ensure the staking is stable and the system is working i can undertand it. Just stake a small piece of yr link 10-25% until unlocking is availible. Then if the price skyrockets you can sell off some of yr unstaked link. Whats the problem

>> No.52561248
File: 3.69 MB, 480x358, 5DD034B0-6210-4BA4-A2A8-F782084B8BA2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.52561504

The problem is how disingenuous Sergey was on the 1st of January saying “staking and CCIP will be released this year” and in reality we ended up getting “staking” (read: oh shit staking isn’t close to being done, let’s throw the retards a bone so they don’t kill themselves) in December and CCIP is nothing more than a ping-pong proof of concept. The thing is I don’t think most of us would mind as much if they were at least somewhat transparent about what’s happening for once. For a company that won’t shut up about “TRUTH > TRUST” we sure need to trust Chainlink a lot and hope they stick with their word. It’s been 5 years of this crap and some people are justifiably starting to get sick of it. Especially in light of some of their poorly handled relationships with Celsius and Bancor where they had a very real role in giving both of those scams a platform and instead of having some accountability for that Chainlink just quietly pretended it never happened and scrubbed videos with the scams. It’s just pretty lame shit. It’s becoming more and
more clear why they’re drip feeding us with the implementation details of staking, because the more they reveal the more disappointed we end up. Locking up your tokens for 2 years (there’s no way anyone seriously expects them to not take at least 2 years) for 5% APY is shit no matter how you spin it. So you’re telling me that the future of finance and the smart contract future is going to yield worse gains than an average index fund for the last 30 years? How underwhelming.

>> No.52562506
File: 59 KB, 800x800, 1600853442628.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.52563250

fudders btfo again

>> No.52563395

>duuuuuuuude just get scammed

>> No.52563412

Hmm, something more after five years of burning through millions and millions of $ funded by dumping on our heads?

>> No.52563422
File: 603 KB, 761x783, poe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

1000 link staked will be approximately 40k usd a year passive income, did I understand this correctly?

>> No.52563438

Well said. Looking forward to seeing the lawsuits for Sergey blatently lying about all theae features being released in ‘22. He purposly misled investors in hopes the price would remain higher so he could sell for more gains. It is sickening see this scam play out.

>> No.52563456

No you didn’t understand it correctly. You won’t be able to unlock your rewards

>> No.52563503

>fudders btfo
Explain how they are wrong. Explain how the staking actually works.

>> No.52563616

>2019: staking is almost ready
>1/1/22: staking is coming out this year
>11/21/22: we need to research how to create staking. Should be out in 2 years or so
>you: duuuuude we crushed le fud


>> No.52564108

Anon, what do you think the point of staking is for Chainlink? What is staking's role in other blockchain projects? This should give you insight into why Chainlink took so long.

>> No.52564271
File: 164 KB, 497x441, SmugLink.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.52564416

how is staking's role accomplished with v0.1 featuring no slashing, no reputation, no DONs, locked stacks and rewards for at least 1 year?
do you have any answer?

>> No.52564426

>took so long

It’s a basic collateral contract retard

>> No.52564445

>duuuude poster
What do you do with the 15 minutes a week that you're not on /biz/?

>> No.52564471

If you don't like it, don't become emotionally or financially invested in it. It's really that simple.

>> No.52564479

how is staking's role accomplished with this iteration? still waiting

>> No.52564857

Did you not see those repeating 5’s, you stupid idiot? You were btfo, just accept it

>> No.52564958

Way to avoid the question. I’ve been patient with Chainlink for years at this point, but even I’m starting to get deeply concerned at what’s going on. It just doesn’t add up to me anymore.
>2019 Sergey said they’re finalizing their staking implementation. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and assume things happened and they shelved this work
>white paper 2.0 announced first half of 2021, details things like super linear staking. Generally lots of excitement at the time
>1st January 2022, Sergey releases ominous “The Future of Chainlink” video where he announces staking and CCIP will be out this year
>first half of 2022 rolls by, radio silence
>days before Concensus Chainlink releases blogpost detailing the roadmap for staking, announcing that staking will be released in 3 key iterations: v0.1, v1 and v2. No release dates for anything.
>SmartCon 2022 rolls by, Sergey has a 45 minute presentation where he mentions “oh btw staking will be out in December”
>anons starting to get a bit concerned, v0.1 seems like a complete bullshit release designed to appease holders because actual staking isn’t even close to being done
>Chainlink announces v0.1 will be live on 6th December 2022, also announcing that your staked tokens will be locked for 12-24 months
I don’t know how anyone could read this and not be extremely skeptical and what Chainlink is doing. It’s just baffling to be honest. They have the funding, they have recruited top talent. What’s the problem? None of this is making any sense. Given the scope of v0.1 there’s no way development time could have taken this long.