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Holy fuck… I might be priced out.

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i'd consider paying for the fat hog's gym membership (only the free trial period of course)

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Damn, I could fuck fifty hookers a month for that

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my wife is happy with skin creams and a haircut every 4 months

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Holy shit I can afford two. Where do I buy them?
Also jannies are colossal niggers that deserve death

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I have to pay for that too?

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This assumes you never see her at her ugliest - every morning. Once you see that it’s zero.

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your wife probably isn't a chimpanzee who dries out and turns ashen grey in normal weather or who needs her fur removed and look like European hair.

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Let's go through this line by line
>Hair: 450
High but not insane. She can pay for that
>Nails: $350
That's obscene. Nails done once per month. Once again she can pay for that
>lashes/waxes: $350
My girlfriend gets her eyelashes done for $25 down the street from our house. What the fuck do you need $350 for
>Makeup skincare: $250
Actually reasonable. My gf and I split skincare stuff and it works well for MUCH less than that, maybe $250/year
>Clothes/shoes: $500
A MONTH? $500-$1000 a year sounds reasonable.
>Eating out: $500
MAYBE if you include drinking too. That one is actually fair, though I spend less.
>Gym membership: $200
My gym membership is $15/mo as is my girlfriend's. Aside from Equinox, what gym is charging $200/mo?
Car note/Gas: $500
This is fair actually, if not low. Especially if car and gas are included in one. This is a basic bill though and she should cover.
>Phone: $200
What modern phone plan for a single person, non-business, is really $200 per line per month? What the fuck? Unless you also financed your phone, which is retarded.
>Medical Insurance: $400
This should be covered or at least subsidized by your employer.
>Going out: $750
Nevermind I thought this was included in eating out. That's just fucking ridiculous.

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Sounds about right. Certainly a reasonable expectation on her part. Protip: Girls know how much they're worth and price themselves accordingly.

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That's very expensive for something barely scratching a 1.

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hahaha no. I have a strong dislike for nigs

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Haha, ya're wasting yar cash on the trash and then cry on 4ch on every topic. Be smarter, kids, check Bspin

> Strong casino with a Bitcoin as the playing currency.
> Coming giveaway with $15K Prize Pool.
> Transparency and Provably Fair

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> phone bill: 200
Nigger, are you a starlink user?

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buy an ad faggot

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lmao. Nigga, FUCK these bitches

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You should have to pay me to be with a negro.

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agreed anon

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youd get oral aids at that price.

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Wow, AI carlos is impressive

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And what do I get for investing $5300 every month?

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>he does it for free

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sex whenever and however you want

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imagine paying $5k/month for a roastie to just stand up and leave you after she drains your financially. id rather pay for hookers lmao.

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>60k/year on mediocre pussy that doesn't even put out and is a complete bitch
Yeah idk why ugly brown people put shit like this up on twitter, maybe I could see it if they were 10/10s but they're ugly.
Also what is it with women and wanting to spend ludicrous amounts of money on clothes/shoes? This girl is talking about 6k per year on that.

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Yeah if she was white or Asian. Niggers are worth much less than that

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That's sombodysdaughtr

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fat women act like this, just in general

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>move to a different country
>date women who aren't retarded

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>sex whenever and however you want
Very optimistic forecast anon

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americans have no concept of saving money, they're the perfect goyim cattle

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>MAYBE if you include drinking too. That one is actually fair, though I spend less.
Restaurant food costs so much where I live now. Used to be a daily burger, now 50% more since 2020.

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I don't even get the sense of entitlement. 60k/year is more than ~60% of Americans make before taxes. Also generally entitlement and the social status of your parents appears to be negatively correlated, girls from upper class families are not this entitled ironically enough.
It's the girls from poor families and who make mid 5 figures who think they deserve to be treated like a princess

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>200 dollar gym membership
>still fat

>5300 dollar sex membership
>still virgin after she says "UM...... NO, PAYPIGGIE"

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Imagine spending thousand of dollars to maintain a barely fuckable appearancea to your girlfriend, just to ear
>Sorry Anon, I have a headache.

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Where this thot think she's going on vacation for $350?

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>Needs to spend $1400/month on cosmetics

That is an ugly woman

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My wife's boyfriend takes care of that crap, I just have to take care of their kid. Take the cuckpill.

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this post is so reddit

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Dinner at Applebee's and a night at motel 6 is an extravagant vacation for niggers.

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>$400, half of which she sends to family for rice

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>Like $2000 in admin fees and plane tickets (one time) to import a hot Russian wife who fits in the picture frame and is grateful that you are not an alcoholic

Worth it. Best investment of my life.

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Flight to Ft Lauderdale on Spirit

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10$ a month worth of date tape and you can bypass all that other nonsense. Picrel

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>groceries $500
>going out $750
40% bf typed this post

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A whore is cheaper and about the same amount of sex per month. LMAO

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The woman I have down in my basement pit doesn't cost anything remotely close to this.

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American women don't appreciate shit

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She cashes in a couple times as a year. You have to match her “contribution”

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Dont forget the rope and shovel

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Who the fuck is paying $200 a month for a gym membership? Mine is like 30 bucks for 24/7 access

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all of that just for some flappy fish market

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LOL. I can't believe the coolest system in this WORLD! So-called Bspin.

>Strong casino with a BTC as the playing currency
>On going giveaway with $15,000 prize pool
>Huge amount of partnerships and funders

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Old. Childless. No eggs.

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opinion discarded

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Your homely bitch isn't some boujie 18 yo bro. This bitch is just fishing for sugar daddies (or more likely joking).

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She's both fat and black though, which automatically means she has herpes and probably smells. Unfortunately, there's a $5300/month herpes tax as well as a $1000 penalty for being a whale. I would therefore like an updated receipt reflecting the proper balance of the $1000/month owed to me.

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the point of 'keeping' a woman is you pay all her expenses, can't expect her to have a job or money

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You incels realize this is a joke right? No woman costs that much.

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>black woman of all things demandibg this tribute
Jesus, no wonder jamal runs out on them.

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Imagine the smell

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Some fat nigger thinks it's worth 50k a year? Kek

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